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Greg Mason Burns

2 Years Ago

Building Custom Audience On Fb - Help

One of the ways to advertise on FB is to build a custom audience. To do this, you need to upload that audience into Power Editor and create an ad from that. This uploaded file can have lots of different data in it that can be matched with FB to create that audience such as things like e-mails and FB IDs. I'm not really worried about the uploading aspect of this process.

I'm looking to create ads using FB IDs, which allows me to target specific people. There are manual ways of finding a person's FB ID ( being the most common, but this is a manual process that requires going one person at a time. There are software packages out there that do this in seconds, but they're kind of expensive and I'm honestly not sure which ones to trust since this is a bit of a niche market.

I have two questions:
1) is there a way to collect the IDs quickly without shelling out a ton of cash to a company I'm not completely sure is legit (and if so, please share)?

2) Of the software that is available, anyone have any recommendations?


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Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

I have advertised on FB and find it best to not limit the audience apart from country and age group. But that's just me. You just do not know WHO will buy and I have had the strangest buyers (in a nice way)


Greg Mason Burns

2 Years Ago

Yeah, I'm trying to target more specific people, so using the standard templates that you can use to target populations isn't what I'm looking to do. I've done a bunch of that already, and I'm looking for something more specific.

Again, I know how to do this targeting, I know whom I want to target, and how to create the ad, etc. I'm looking for any ideas on how to best gather the data I need. There are options out there, I'm just hoping to find someone who has used these software packages before to get an idea of which ones work best for the money and can be trusted.


Judy Kay

2 Years Ago

I really dont know how one can expect to "target" the art market...It is too multifaceted and much to broad...Virtually everyone over a certain age is a potential target!

edit...unless, I guess if you are painting dancers or musicians, you can target that group...or if you paint horses, you want to target individuals in the equestrian world etc.


Greg Mason Burns

2 Years Ago

There's definitely a way to target art buyers. I'm not worried about the targeting question, but thanks anyway. (and yes, I do paint Flamenco and do target people interested in that)


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

facebook likes pretty pictures. for me at least, my demographic isn't there. usually i get looks and comments. what their ages are, interests, stuff like that - i don't care much about since often it's a gift for someone else.

---Mike Savad



2 Years Ago

I do not think there is any cheap software to do what you want. If you are going to be paying per click expect to pay a lot in the US....where the majority of art buyers are here. You ad will not show up if it is well below the suggested ppc.


Greg Mason Burns

2 Years Ago

The cheapest I've found thus far is $20, and another for $32. Not sure if they're any good, though.


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