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FineArtAmerica.com has revolutionized the way that artwork is bought and sold around the world.   With a few clicks, artists and photographers can upload their images to FineArtAmerica.com, set their prices, and instantly sell prints to a global audience of art collectors.   Fine Art America fulfills each order on behalf of the artists - taking care of the printing, framing, matting, packaging, shipping, collecting payments from the buyers, and sending profits to the artists.   Each print is manufactured at Fine Art America's production facility and delivered "ready-to-hang" with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In addition to providing an online marketplace and fulfillment service, Fine Art America provides artists and photographers with sales and marketing tools to help simplify and accelerate their careers.   These tools allow artists to set up branded web stores, sell prints on Facebook, create e-newsletters, and much more.

More than 100,000 living artists and photographers currently offer six million images for sale on FineArtAmerica.com - with thousands of new artists and images being added each week.   Each month, more than five million visitors stop by FineArtAmerica.com to purchase prints from this ever-expanding collection and to socialize and network with the artists and other art collectors.

For more information about Fine Art America and our services, you can view our frequently-asked-questions and submit questions to our staff on the following page:


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Professional Online Selling Tools

for Professional and Up-and-Coming Visual Artists

Build Your Online Portfolio

Create a beautifully designed profile page featuring your biography, contact information, images, blog, upcoming events, press releases, and more!

Showcase Your Images

Upload your digital photos and create beautiful webpages which are meticulously designed to encourage sales and attract high search engine rankings.

Sell Prints

Sell your images as canvas prints, framed prints, metal prints, acrylic prints, posters, and more!   Simply upload your images, set your prices, and start selling!

Sell Greeting Cards

Sell your images as greeting cards, and allow buyers to add custom messages to the inside!   Simply upload your images, set your prices, and start selling!

Sell Originals

Sell your original artwork 100% commission free.   Simply upload your images, set your prices, and start selling!

Sell Phone Cases

Sell your images as iPhone cases and Galaxy cases.   Simply upload your images, set your prices, and start selling!

Sell from Your Own Website

Embed our shopping cart system into your own website and sell products directly from your site!   This allows you to keep your visitors focused on YOUR images on YOUR website!

Sell on Facebook

With a few simple clicks, you can add a full-featured FAA shopping cart directly to your personal page and/or fan page.   Your Facebook friends and fans can then browse through your entire portfolio without ever leaving Facebook!

Create Your Own Product Catalog

Have you ever been at an art fair and wished that you could hand an ordering catalog to a prospective buyer?   Something that shows all of your available artwork, sizes, prices, and ordering information... now you can!

License Your Artwork on TV

Have you ever wanted to license your artwork for use on television?

Now you can!

Fine Art America has been selected to provide artwork for ABC's television series, Desperate Housewives, as part of a pilot program that's going to revolutionize the way that artwork is licensed for use on television.

Preview at Full Resolution

Allow visitors to view full-resolution previews of your artwork in order to help them make buying decisions.   Fine Art America's unique preview algorithm allows visitors to see the finest details of your images while still protecting the original files from theft.

Sell Image Licenses

Sell royalty-free and rights-managed licenses to your images.   You get to choose which licenses you want to sell and how much you want to charge for each license - yes, really!

Auto-Promote Your Images

Use the Fine Art America social media apps to automatically post announcements for you on Facebook and Twitter each time you upload new images to Fine Art America!

Create and Send Graphical E-Mails

Create HTML e-mails in seconds, send the e-mails to everyone on your e-mail list, and then track to see who opens the e-mails!   Each e-mail can be customized to include your headshot, samples of your artwork, images from other websites, and more!

Promote Your Events

Advertise your upcoming events and press releases in our weekly newsletter.   Fine Art America has developed a unique algorithm which allows the newsletter to automatically detect the location of the e-mail recipient and then instantly tailor the content of the newsletter to that location (e.g. Chicago).

Create Your Own Website

Premium members get their very own websites with a full-functioning search engine, portfolio manager, and e-commerce system for accepting orders from buyers.   The power of this feature is enormous.   You get the full power of FineArtAmerica.com dedicated specifically to you and your images.

Issue Online Press Releases

Have you been in the news recently?   Post your press releases on Fine Art America for increased exposure and automatic inclusion in our weekly newsletter.

Participate in Groups

Join one of our 1,000+ member-moderated groups or create your own!

Participate in Contests

Join one of our member-moderated image contests or create your own!

Chat Live with Other Members

Chat live with other members or discuss art-related topics in the FAA discussion section.

Create an Art Blog

Post art-related blogs and receive immediate feedback from other members.

Watermark for Added Security

Add watermarks to your low-resolution images for added security.