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Dave Bowman

2 Years Ago

Another One - Faa And Facebook Related

The FAA fanpage link on the image u/l screen - does this only work when you first upload an image to FAA? I'm trying to cross-post a recent image upload here by going back into the edit window and selecting Facebook Synchronisation/Fan Page. This page is showing as linked successfully in my FAA settings. Yet submitting this change shows nothing cross-posting to my fanpage wall. Yes, I'm very!

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Cynthia Decker

2 Years Ago

I think you're only offered the opportunity to announce an image on FAA when you first upload it.


Dave Bowman

2 Years Ago

Cynthia, thanks. If that's correct though it's a bit odd because you can still select the corresponding check boxes if you go back into the edit page. Also, if you'd like to link an image retrospectively (say you forgot when you first posted it) then you would have to delete the image completely and start again from scratch to get the FB link to work.

Surely that can't be right. Anyone from the FAA admin side like to chip in on this one?


Fran Riley

2 Years Ago

I've gone in and edited keywords etc. and forgotten to uncheck the social media boxes and had the image repost again. I usually uncheck them when doing an edit if I've already posted it once.


Dave Bowman

2 Years Ago

Thanks Fran. Suggests that there may be a problem with the link to my FB fan page then. I'll try again with a new image tomorrow.


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