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Sculpture And Inspiration

Posted by: Phyllis Wolf on 06/04/2013 - 5:55 PM

This thread will be two-fold since I have only seen one sculptor participating on the forum lately ( Hi, Dan! ). There use to be several who posted their work regularly. Anyway, hopefully some who sculpt will post to this. If you do, it can be sculpture done in any materials you sculpt with. ( ex: wood, metal, clay, etc. ) Or it can be with the new type of 3D software I've seen if anyone happens to have used it. Please post only 3D work, though.

I am posting a couple of my own and the second part of this thread for participation from those who do not sculpt, is about inspiration.
My first free form clay sculpture entitled "Earth Angel" is a piece I did that I was inspired to do when listening to Julian Lennon's song called "Saltwater". I did the face with an American Indian spirit style in mind and there is a forlorn expression and a single tear below her eye. I will post a link to the song under the image of the piece.
If I was inspired to do something when listening to music, I'm sure there must be others who have been as well.
So, if you don't have any sculpture to post, then post a piece of work that you were inspired to do when listening to a song with a brief explanation if you like.

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Julian Lennon ~ Saltwater

This is another nature inspired piece also done in what I call my free form style, in clay. It is a depiction of Mother Nature making waves with her hair representings the waves and two dolphins frolicking upon them. Her face I wanted to look weathered and emerging from the water.
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I sculpt various things in a variety of ways out of various materials. This newborn baby laying on a leaf is just an example of something I've sculpted out of polymer clay.
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Oldest Reply

Posted by: Peter Piatt on 06/04/2013 - 6:03 PM

Lovely little sculpture, It looks as if the baby is wrapped in a blanket also looks like wings. At first I thought it was a plaster or porcine sculpture from a clay carving and then a mold was made for production. But it being a dried clay sculpture gives it uniqueness.

You've inspired me and motivated me to get back into carving plaster. Been looking for something to do.


Posted by: Phyllis Wolf on 06/04/2013 - 6:11 PM

Thank you, Peter! No, I didn't use any type of mold at all. I sculpted it entirely free hand. As I'm sure you know, polymer clay is baked when finished sculpting it...then I painted it and applied a clear coat of varnish.
I'm glad that I have inspired you some how! Please let me know when you've gotten something carved, I would like to see it! : )


Posted by: Carmen Hathaway on 06/04/2013 - 6:12 PM

Mother Nature piece is very appealing Phyllis...great thread topic also -- thanks for the invitation...

I've sculpted balsa wood, clay, glass & metal -- most recent evolution is 3D modeling.

On the monitor in the background are several views of my original CAD design I created for my completed 3D laser printed piece, & there it is with my stylus on the tablet.

Amazing times we live in :)


Posted by: Phyllis Wolf on 06/04/2013 - 6:15 PM

Thanks, Carmen! I've not seen anything done with 3D laser as cool as that! Well done!


Posted by: Carmen Hathaway on 06/04/2013 - 6:20 PM

Thanks Phyllis -- the piece has generated the response I was expecting -- new media modeling is a very exciting premise.

Some of my glass art/sculpture -- enjoy similar response of 'never having seen anything like this' from patrons -- that, for me, is what it's all about ;)

Seduction glass & metal sculpture 34" x 15" x 9"


Posted by: Phyllis Wolf on 06/04/2013 - 6:27 PM

Good work, Carmen! You are very talented to be able to work with so many different media. I'm sure you have as much fun exploring and expanding and continuing to learn new things as much as I do. That is what its all about be creative and unique. : )


Posted by: Carmen Hathaway on 06/04/2013 - 6:29 PM

Thanks again -- multimedia -- anything that won't skitter away on me is fair game ;)

Nice pyrography on your backgammon board in your portfolio...

Some early work -- from '94 -- balsa wood carving
& a bit of whimsy using copper plastic coated wire -- for a summer youth art camp back in 2002


Posted by: Ed Meredith on 06/04/2013 - 6:34 PM

Phyllis, i hope you are amazed as much as i am when the clay takes shape between your fingers, it always feels magical…
Sculpting is one of my loves… i have no favorite material and just work with what's available at the moment of inspiration, which often comes from the material itself… Here are a few:

Coral and Shell
Photography Prints

Art Prints

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Photography Prints

Art Prints


Posted by: Phyllis Wolf on 06/04/2013 - 6:49 PM

@ Carmen

Thank you! Actually there was no wood burning involved. I just didn't see a category listed that fit so I clicked on what was wood related when I uploaded the pic. Haha! No, I did wood inlay work on the field of the backgammon board and cut sheets of exotic wood veneers from a variety of species. I am currently working on another backgammon board right now and have orders for two more after this one so its keeping me pretty busy. I do have a couple painting requests to do too so I am painting at night and doing the wood backgammon boards in the daytime right now in my shop workroom. There are many steps involved and many different materials I use when making the boards. I also make custom dice cups out of leather and I trim them to match the medallion design I inlay into the center of the board. I also line them and the playing piece wells with velvet material and I make all of the playing piece disks as well. It's all custom work and I make each one of a kind by changing up the design, the wood,'s labor intensive but I enjoy working with wood as well.

edited to add pic*

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Posted by: Carmen Hathaway on 06/04/2013 - 6:51 PM

I wondered if you'd done the inlay -- intricate & lovely -- way to go and as you said 'Well done!' :)

Used to work with leather in mask making -- fun ..! Glass beadwork,etc.
and, from my 'big hair/big floral design' days ;)


Posted by: Roger Swezey on 06/04/2013 - 6:59 PM

For the last 40 years, what inspired me was the" Vulture" and what it actually represented and NOT what most accused them to be:

Art Prints

Creating these actual 3D piece, some might call "Sculptures"

Art PrintsSell Art OnlineArt Prints

I've also created Vulture Mobiles:

Photography PrintsSell Art OnlinePhotography Prints

Recently, I've been doing more Framed 3D sculpture wall pieces:

Sell Art OnlineArt PrintsPhotography Prints

I have ventured out to pay homage other maligned creatures (Rats, Bats, Roaches, etc.) Even Old Feral Coots

Sell Art Online


Posted by: Phyllis Wolf on 06/04/2013 - 7:00 PM

Thanks Carmen! I really like your native american leather mask! Very cool!

@ Ed
Great work! I agree. I love working with natural materials too. I especially enjoy getting my hands into cool earthen clays and just letting it become what it will.

@ Roger
Oh yes, I remember your vulture sculptures now! I like the Vulture Quartet the most. Thanks for adding them to the thread! : )


Posted by: Marcio Faustino on 06/04/2013 - 7:14 PM

A lot of my art nude is inspired on sculptures. Specially Gianbologna's and Rodin.
Sculptures are actually my main font of inspiration when I am planing a Art nude photo shoot.


Posted by: Marcio Faustino on 06/04/2013 - 7:21 PM

Ok, I will not post the image because there are people who get offended when see nude in photographs. But here are some links for those who would like to see:

And there are many more here:


Posted by: Tony Murray on 06/04/2013 - 9:56 PM

Art Prints

The inspiration for these was originally sex but it has morphed a bit since then.


Posted by: Roseann Caputo on 06/04/2013 - 10:17 PM

Hi Phyllis - Thank you for considering digital 3D sculptures. This is something that I did a while ago. Using very basic 3d primitives. I love working in abstract because it's all about the feeling and the state of mind, in the moment.

Art Prints

This was inspired by the original Dungeons and Dragons. This is also 3D, with some 2D post work.

Sell Art Online


Posted by: Dan Daugherty on 06/05/2013 - 1:30 AM

LOL...Hi Phyllis...

I have been too busy for my own I will have to change that. And It's good to see so many enjoying a thread on Sculpture, 3-D and Inspiration. Awesome work posted up there.

I will share this one, though not quite finished...I actually started on it about two weeks ago as I was contemplating some things, the Idea just "POPPED" into my head. I drew it up and off I went...I had not quite got to the halfway point when My son and Girlfriend announced their engagement... Two days ago...
Now this piece has double the meaning...

And No...I'm not psychic. Art Prints


Posted by: OTIL ROTCOD on 06/05/2013 - 1:47 AM


Posted by: Tony Murray on 06/05/2013 - 2:11 AM

My inspiration for this was when I was paralyzed.

Photography Prints


Posted by: Peter Piatt on 06/05/2013 - 10:25 AM

I’m currently on this industrial looking table design for a local architect. It started out as a quick sketch, and then did the 3D modeling, now finishing up the final grinding and waiting for the glass to be delivered. It has a multiple function as serving or display table for his lobby and tilts down as a drafting table. Made with aluminum tubing and cast glass.

Art Prints
Sell Art Online

Now that it is nearly completed, he wants one that is longer for a dinning table.

Not sure it fits under sculpture, but more of Functional Art


Posted by: Roseann Caputo on 06/05/2013 - 10:38 AM

And pretty cool too, Peter. Nice work.


Posted by: Dan Daugherty on 06/05/2013 - 10:52 AM

very nice Peter...With all the Sculpture in my house, I should balance things with a Dining room table. I already have a glass top, I can just swap out the bottom...LOL.

Tony...I always enjoy looking at your work.

Roger.... I'm so glad someone has given the Vultures so much thought and consideration. You have enlightened many to their plight.

Most of the inspiration for my sculptures comes from the metal I find to work with, the timing in which I look at it, and what it tells me.

The Truck Axle said: I want to be a Saguaro...Sell Art Online

The Isuzu clutch said I want to be a Campfire...Art Prints

Other sculptures took quite a bit more thought and adaptation... lol...Can you see the double recliner sofa?...Photography Prints

Or the Porch Swing that brought these two to life...LOL...Photography Prints

I just love it when a plan comes together well...


Posted by: Peter Piatt on 06/05/2013 - 12:40 PM

Here is another functional / sculptural work that I am working on as a proposal for a LARGE house in the bay area. (It's been four months in the proposal stage, with 6 different designs)
So far they want just a main gate, but I'm trying to also propose a perimeter fence design and/or railing design for the house.
They really like the designs I've proposed, but they want to go with a less priced design. (I have a feeling they are going to have it done locally instead of paying my price).

Art Prints


Posted by: Dan Daugherty on 06/05/2013 - 12:59 PM

Nice Peter...I Love your software... and your ability to apply it.


Posted by: Tony Murray on 06/05/2013 - 2:01 PM

Thanks Dan. Very few people "Get it".


Posted by: Dan Daugherty on 06/05/2013 - 2:10 PM

I do understand that Tony... At a Local Fine Arts monthly meeting, I had loaded my 8 foot lightning sculpture down town...and with lights and everything going...someone thought it was a Jellyfish.....

At a fair, when some were going through a small photo book, they would flip the photos upside down trying to figure out the lightning images... Hmmmmmm Maybe there's something there???!!


Posted by: Tony Murray on 06/05/2013 - 2:16 PM

They sound like people who were not well "grounded" anyway.


Posted by: Dan Daugherty on 06/05/2013 - 2:18 PM


Posted by: Peter Piatt on 06/05/2013 - 2:54 PM

Good one Tony, for some people the light never goes on unless lightning strikes them with awareness (Oh, I get it now!!).
Dan, sometimes it also might look good to them in a different orientation, especially abstracts.


Posted by: Dan Daugherty on 06/05/2013 - 3:06 PM

Very true Peter...


Posted by: Carmen Hathaway on 06/05/2013 - 3:28 PM

Fun thread -- enjoying everyone's images :) Another to add to the mix...


Posted by: Phyllis Wolf on 06/05/2013 - 11:55 PM

Thanks for continuing the thread, everyone! Great work here! Peter your gate design is awesome and thats some cool software you use to do mock ups with. Good work, Dan, Otil, Roseann, Carmen, Marcio, Tony and Peter. were paralyzed? Oh my...I'm sure it was a struggle as your piece portrays. I'm glad you made it through the tough time and didn't let the challenge defeat you.


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