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Junwei Peng

2 Years Ago

When I Lost The Way

If I can\'t see you cos i lost the way

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Jeffery Johnson

2 Years Ago



Lady I F Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

This may help

If you upload that to your profile, larger, we may be able to see it properly :)


Junwei Peng

2 Years Ago



Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

you'll want to add keywords to your image

---Mike Savad



2 Years Ago

or use the GPS apps in your smart phone.


John Ayo

2 Years Ago

"The way" implies there is only one way. There is, in reality, almost never only one way.

Hope this helps. ;)


Alfred Ng

2 Years Ago

Do you know the way to an Jose?


Cynthia Decker

2 Years Ago

Mike, you need to make that your permanent signature line. :)


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