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Vicki Maheu

1 Year Ago

Help!!! Setting Prices For Commissioned Work?

I have been asked to paint someone's horse from a photograph. She wants the painting on a 30x24 canvas. The largest commissioned piece I've done was an 18x14 imaginative landscape where accuracy really didn't matter since I was making up the scene completely in my mind. it was this painting:

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Anyway, with this request to do a much larger painting where accuracy IS an issue, how much should I charge? I know the canvas alone is going to cost me around $30... I'm not sure how to figure the charges, I was thinking at least $350, but am I going too low? Too high?
Opinions Please!!!!

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Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

i can't tell you the price, but get 50% up front or more for material costs (non refundable). i think the price your asking is a bit low for something that size. imagine how long it would take. make a general drawing of it first then approve it by them. a contract is a good idea. but make sure they see it in stages and get money along the way once they approve the general outline. tell them how long it should take. many people cop out at the end and don't pay any money because they didn't like it. or they take it and never pay you. so money up front and as you go along.

---Mike Savad


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