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Laurette Escobar

2 Years Ago

This Is A Hold Up...your Supplies Or Your Life?

Well I have 6 clients. I'm an art agent for a year. If this experiment works well, I'll make it more permanent. I hope it works. It'll be diffifcult down here especially. I imagine it's difficult in places like NYC where the market is so big and so full that it's hard to maneouver. Down here it's because the buyers are so sparse that it makes the job a little more difficult. Ah well. We'll see what happens. All I can do is my best.

How're y'all doing?

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Dan Daugherty

2 Years Ago

LOL...What are you going to do with a bunch of scrap steel Laurette??

Good Luck with your new experiment... I'm guessing the other deal didn't work out?

MmmmmmmThat Beer sure looks good...I Love a dark Beer!!


Laurette Escobar

2 Years Ago

Guinness is the love of my life and also a durty bastid.


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