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Emily Saunders

1 Year Ago

Adding Artist & Artwork Names To Back Of Folded Card

Hello! I'm trying to create folded greeting cards but I am having trouble editing the back to include the artist name and artwork name. In the image I can see a place for them, and the description details mentions it as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

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Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

i don't think it's possible to change anything unless you buy the card. it's not user editable like it is on zazzle.

---Mike Savad


Emily Saunders

1 Year Ago

Thanks! How is the print quality compared to zazzle?


You cannot do that. All you can do is add a text in the middle if purchasing

As an artist account the name of the artist would be on the back, but not by using the create tab at the top of the site


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