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Jonathan Benitez

2 Years Ago

My Recent Works

Hello Everyone,

I just changed the content of my gallery, I am showcasing my recent activity-collage using the digital method.
My new series is focused on birds in exploding colors,whimsical and magically living in harmony with its own environment..

good day!

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2 Years Ago

Kabayan, Ka AP(ArtPhil.) Jonathan never knew and just now that your also here on FAA.Your 8months(2011) ahead of me as a member.Paul Hilario and Cyril Maza are also here. Your works my friend are beautiful and specific. Great works kabayan


Jonathan Benitez

2 Years Ago

Hello Otil, nandito ka rin pala, good to hear that you are also one of the artists here in FAA, go global, and create more art..


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