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Arturas Braziunas

2 Years Ago

Do You Like It?

I'm absolutely new on this website, so I'm inviting first to watch my art works on and waiting for the comments about my art works.Thanks a lot!

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Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

Hello and welcome.

We will not visit your WP site probably but instead view what you have here :)

Please read these articles as they relate to your paintings Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions YOUR Print Quality - Please Read

There are some helpful links on the Need Help - Start Here tab, at the top of the main forums

Please take a look as the rules to these discussions are in there also


If you have specific questions please feel free open a new thread for each, clearly stating in the subject line what the question is :) Either JC, our forum Moderator, myself or another member will be pleased to help

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