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Flesh Candy

Posted by: Jerry Browning on 06/13/2013 - 7:21 AM

Hi everybody,
I know I don't pop in here too much anymore. Truth is I've been on the road for work about 45 out of the last 52 weeks and don't have much time like I did. I wrote a new song I need a piece for for Emotionography. For those of you who don't know me, I write poems and lyrics that I put up on a website. It's non-commercial but gets quit a bit of traffic. Many of the artists here have let me use their pieces and I hope it's driven some traffic to their work. I've never made a dime from it and don't care to, but I hope it does help the artist if only in a small way. I'm thinking about a piece of a pretty bikini girl(s) on a beach. I know it kind of racy and I hope you lovely ladies don't think it sexiest...just feel a bit rowdy sometimes.

Flesh Candy

a crowded beach on summer day
chillin' in a lawn chair, pass the time away
bronze skinned beauties prancing all around
giggling and jiggling to that island sound
flesh candy, I canít get enough
flesh candy, got me feelin' tough
flesh candy, filling up my brain
flesh candy, driving me insane
flesh candy

she glances at me with that look in her eye
puts her finger to her lips as she walks by
I raise my sunglasses and give her wink
join her at the bar for a tropical drink
flesh candy, I canít get enough
flesh candy, got me feelin' tough
flesh candy, it's so salty sweet
flesh candy that's what I need
flesh candy

we talk all day and take a moonlit stroll
get to the resort at a quarter past four
tosses back her hair says sheís feeling wild
stretches out on the sofa with a take me smile
flesh candy, I canít get enough
flesh candy leaves me feelin' tough
flesh candy, sprawled on my bed
flesh candy, thatís what I said
flesh candy

a crowded beach on a summer day
side by side on a blanket, pass the time away
holding hands and kissing in the afternoon sun
waiting for the night to have a little more fun
flesh candy, I canít get enough
flesh candy, got me feelin' tough
flesh candy, man I just canít wait
flesh candy, makes me salivate
flesh candy

Jerry Browning © 2013

Link to Flesh Candy you can hear my horrible voice singing it if you need a laugh
Link to Emotionography


Oldest Reply

Posted by: Jerry Browning on 06/13/2013 - 7:23 AM

This is kind of what I had in mind. I really like this piece and asked Laura if I could use it, but she hasn't replied back. I hope the lyrics didn't offend her.

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