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Bob Galka

2 Years Ago

Abbie Help ;o) I Did It Again

I thought I was being careful creating my new contest and copying data from the previous one... but I guess I wasn't careful enough.... So...
PhotoArt Contest 11 needs some admin attention....

It pulled in all the images from the previous contest. I deleted them all. but it still said there were three. It also says that there are 88 votes, but it hasn't gotten to the voting stage yet. So... could you please subtract 3 from the number of images, make the votes 0, and Oh Yea.... the number of members should be 1 less. It currently says 3 but there only 2.

I promise not to let it happen again. ;O)... no really..

Thank you


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Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago can do

bad contests can only be closed

do not open another tab/window when creating or editing.

Delete or leave?


Bob Galka

2 Years Ago

Thanks.. I guess I will just leave it as is.. no real harm... just confusion.. but that is sometimes a good thing.

Thanks for taking the time to look at it.



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