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Eric Maddix

2 Years Ago

Scams Favienne Kone Doninate Money Google Her Or His Name

I was contacted by Favienne Kone through Fine Art America, stating she wanted to Donate me money. When I goole the name a whole page came up about scams.

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Eric Maddix

2 Years Ago

I know mis spelled on the titled. Sorry just a little upset.


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

report it on the scam thread just like the other 80 they contacted. when something is asking for money or to see your picture, and the grammar is terrible, it's usually a scam.

---Mike Savad


Isabella Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

We have a report thread here. I am afraid all we can do is to delete people who do this if and when they do.

This member has already been removed. Thank you very much for reporting


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