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Eric Dillman

2 Years Ago

How Will I Know When Someone Makes A Purchase On One Of My Art Pieces???

The Subject explains itself

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Dave Walton

2 Years Ago

been wondering the same thing


Camille Lopez

2 Years Ago

if you have the notification option selected ,you will get an e-mail ,otherwise, click on the behind the scenes link, next to your profile then go to sales at the bottom o0f the page,click on it and that will tell you if you have had a sale


You'll receive a message via email on the details of the new order. You can also check "Behind the Scenes" ~ "Sales"

Good Luck!


Eric Dillman

2 Years Ago

THANKS A BUNCH FOR THE REPLIES!...Feel free to look at my work just to see if anything catches your eye, and spread the word!


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