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JC Findley

2 Years Ago

Cactus Flower Id

Anyone know what this is?

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JC Findley

2 Years Ago

Bumping for any cacti aficionados


Mary Bedy

2 Years Ago

Got a book at home, JC, but I'm at work so somebody will answer before I can look. Just wanted to say nice shot....


JC Findley

2 Years Ago

Thanks Mary, I looked through a LOT o images on google, still no clue on my part though.

I can ID a moving snake seeing a flash of scales though the weeds, but I am clueless with plants.


Rose Santuci-Sofranko

2 Years Ago

Wish I could help...I looked through Google too, and my cactus pictures on my hard drive (with the names of some on them) but I can't come up with anything....thought it could be a "Feather Cactus" but it doesn't look 'feathery' enough... sorry


Alfred Ng

2 Years Ago

it could be a Rebutia,( Rebutia pulvinosaf f. albiflora) it will helps if you have another shot showing more of the plant.


Heather Applegate

2 Years Ago

Something in the Mammillaria family?


Jason Politte

2 Years Ago

Very knowledgeable people there who helped me correctly identify a cactus before.


Roy Erickson

2 Years Ago

It helps if it is known where the plant lives - Southwest US - or in a pot on the porch?


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