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Is There A Limit To The Number Of Groups Who Can Feature Your Image ?

Posted by: Shaun Maclellan on 04/21/2013 - 10:17 PM

I was wondering if there is a limit to how many groups can feature a single image ? For example this image could be able to have more but i just don't know if there is allowed more than three features ? Sell Art Online


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Posted by: Andee Photography on 04/21/2013 - 10:30 PM

It will only show up to 3 under the piece but can be featured by as many groups that want to feature it.


Posted by: Shaun Maclellan on 04/21/2013 - 10:40 PM

Well how do you know if other groups have featured you image because I have seen people making their description of all the groups that image is featured in.


Posted by: Andee Photography on 04/21/2013 - 11:11 PM

You need to keep a check on your activity feed and select the filter 'Members Featuring My Artwork in

Their Groups'. If you keep a checking on that daily you will see if you have been featured in any of your

groups. It only goes back a few days tho so you have to keep looking daily. I make a comment of thanks

to the group for the feature in my comment area under any piece that gets featured. Nice to have that

as a record for when the piece is no longer featured.


Posted by: Shaun Maclellan on 04/21/2013 - 11:23 PM

This is very helpful thanks


Posted by: Margaret Saheed on 04/22/2013 - 2:13 AM

Shaun, Andee's advice is excellent. That's exactly what I do also!!

You can also put your name into the FAA search engine, and on your page, where it says Sort - All, use the drop down menu and click Recently: Featured to get the ones that have been featured.


Posted by: Mike Savad on 04/22/2013 - 7:13 AM

3 will show but you can be featured on all of them.

---Mike Savad


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