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Juan Molina

2 Years Ago

Works That Have Been At A Museum

I have had the chance to have 3 of my work at the Bruce Museum, in greenwich Connecticut, years 2010-2011.
Post pictures that you have had at museums?

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Jason Politte

2 Years Ago

A print of this photograph of the sculpture "Homeward Bound" (sculpture by Allan Houser) is currently on display at the Allan Houser Sculpture Gardens.

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Harold Shull

2 Years Ago

Post pictures that you have had at museums!!!!!!?

Juan I don't understand why you used 6 exclamation points to tell us about your art being selected for showing at the Bruce Museum. Is that meant for us to say that we are not on your level? Please explain!!!!!!


Juan Molina

2 Years Ago

Harold, I did not meant to say that, or mean anything about who is on what level, by the exclamation points, im not a native english speaker, for me it really doesn't mean anything, i just like how they look!
Sorry if by that i made you feel uncomfortable.


Harold Shull

2 Years Ago

Thank you Juan for responding and straightening me out, you're a standup guy. I like your art...but coffee? As much as I love coffee, I would never do a painting using it. I hope you preserved your portrait with medium or varnish. Otherwise that painting is going to start to fade and deteriorate. I wish you all the luck in the world Juan with your shows and college.

BTW, I thought your English was just fine and you shouldn't have to apologize to me or anyone else. I can't speak a word of Mexican except Amigo. Keep up the good work Juan and I apologize to you for jumping the wrong way.


Juan Molina

2 Years Ago

Thank you! Your work is amazing too, and yess coffee seems to fade away:(, and im salvadorian, we also speak spanish there.


Juan Molina

2 Years Ago

Dear, Jason, congratulations on the show, i love the photograph a lot, the way is Black & White works out excellent, and the sculpture is unbelievable amazingg!! Love it


Warren Thompson

2 Years Ago

Sell Art Online

Was at the Appleton Museum of Art Ocala Fl.

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Juan Molina

2 Years Ago

Warren, love both paintings, amazing color use, and congratulations on the show!! Love them


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