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Mark S. Johnson

Posted by: Rich Franco on 03/27/2013 - 11:08 AM

My good friend and fellow photographer has just released his original "how to" book on flower photography, now also as an "E Book". I have his original soft cover edition and it's amazing! Not only is he a great photographer, but also a talented "Guru/Photoshop" teacher and educator!

People, both professionals and those just beginning to enjoy capturing great images of flowers and nature, will learn tips and techniques on all levels. He's out in Boulder, Colorado and leads workshops and also gives private lessons all over the U.S.

He still has a limited supply of the original soft bound book, if that's what you prefer.

Here's his web site, full of information and tutorials:


For Release on Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Timeless classic, Botanical Dreaming, now available as an eBook
Boulder, Colorado, March 12, 2013 – Mark S. Johnson Photography

Showcasing more than 100 one-of-a-kind flower photographs, the internationally recognized Botanical Dreaming is an art book, a photo seminar, and a self-help book all rolled into one!

Photographer and Photoshop instructor Mark S. Johnson seeks to awaken the creativity inside all of us. Through his optimism and life view, Mark shares his belief that art must come from the heart. In sharing his in-depth knowledge of photography and his Photoshop artistry, he shows how you too can capture close-up images of flowers and turn them into masterpieces.

Mark uses easy-to-follow text and stunning imagery to take you on an inspiring journey through the world of macro flower photography. Photographers and Photoshop users of all levels are sure to experience a creative harvest from Botanical Dreaming.

Download the eBook for $19.95 at .

About Mark S. Johnson Photography

Mark S. Johnson is an Adobe Photoshop luminary, a photographer, an author, and one of the most passionate instructors you will ever encounter. Through the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, The Radiant Vista, and Boulder Digital Arts, Mark has lectured in front of and worked side-by-side with countless individuals, including Adobe’s Chief Executive Officers, Jane Goodall, the U.S. Ambassador to Finland, and Academy Award winning director, Louie Psihoyos. His tutorials appear regularly on the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and Planet Photoshop websites, and his imagery and articles have been featured in Photo Techniques, Nature’s Best, and After Capture magazines. Watch hundreds of Mark's free and entertaining Photoshop tutorials at



Oldest Reply

Posted by: Zeana Romanovna on 03/27/2013 - 12:28 PM

Thank you for sharing, Rich. I bought this book as I feel I need a bit of help with photographing flowers and this looks great!!


Posted by: Patricia Strand on 03/27/2013 - 1:12 PM

Thanks for sharing, Rich!! I don't see any soft-covers on his website, but I may go ahead and order one of the hard covers from him, personally. If you look up this book on Amazon, it goes for over $300 !!!


Posted by: Rich Franco on 03/27/2013 - 1:44 PM


I can get it for you for $150!!! LOL! I think that's a mis-print and mine was around $26 or so. I'll send him an email and see what he says, Last time I spoke with him, a week or so ago, he had about 750 books left from his original printing,



Posted by: Elena Nosyreva on 03/27/2013 - 2:17 PM

Thank you for the link, Rich.
The book is great, and there is so much useful stuff on Mark's site! I'm going back to explore the site.


Posted by: Rich Franco on 03/27/2013 - 7:01 PM

Here's the "real" info on Mark's printed book:

I got the "family" discount!!!



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