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Tim Buisman

2 Years Ago

Shameless Promoting

My girlfriend does business cards, carries my pictures around on her phone, I've put a few different printed portfolios together. She was always curious how those transition prints would look on fabric, so that she could wear around something with my art and name on it. I wanted to share with everyone that they actually come out looking pretty amazing. These are totes that we printed them on, but it was higher quality than we expected.

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Camille Lopez

2 Years Ago

very nice,my son was just saying the other day that he wanted to make one of my pieces into a handkerchief


Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

I would say she is a keeper. You are a fortunate man. Nice work.


I would repeat what Janine said.

That kind of support is priceless . . . and rare. Kudos to you both for finding each other. :-)


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