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Laura Brightwood

2 Years Ago

Thoughts On Sandy Hook

This post has gone viral. Just wanted to share.

The event of Sandy Hook invaded me deeply. I wrote in a short essay some of my reflections, spurred on by a random act of kindness i recieved on Christmas day in contrast.

check it out...

if you are inspired...share it on...pass on some kindness.


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Laura Brightwood

2 Years Ago

anyone? anyone?


Angelina Vick

2 Years Ago

I think it's kind of hard to give input for this post. Especially without getting political.

You are sharing something that has effected you deeply. And asked people to pass it on. What kind of response are you looking for?'s heartbreaking.

I've actually been thinking about getting my kids backpacks that are bulletproof. Then...I don't know if I am overreacting...or being wise.

This is a hard world for kids to grow up in.

My daughter is thinking about becoming a teacher. She is going to turn 16 soon. I am at a point where I want every member of our family to know how to use a gun.

And...that's sad.


Laura Brightwood

2 Years Ago

if compassion is political...artist are fucked!


David Lane

2 Years Ago

I can't think of any way to say anything about this tragedy without it being political except I feel extreme compassion for the families, and compassion for the shooter who society failed.


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