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The Beauty of the Pacific Northwest



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Kylani Arrington

Snohomish, WA

United States

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The Beauty of the Pacific Northwest

About This Group

This group is for art of any medium pertaining to the Pacific Northwest region of the United States (AKA Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska). Images with nudity and anything not pertaining or regarding to the PNW will be deleted. This is a group about sharing the beauty of this region! Enjoy!

Please note that if your images are not correctly titled/ tagged with the words Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and/or Alaska your image will not be accepted into the group. How else will I know your images are actually from the PNW? Please double-check that you are following the rules when submitting your work. Thank you!

Announcement as of 1/26/14: I've been receiving a lot of inquiries about why I'm currently NOT accepting images from British Columbia. I'd like to take a second to explain that choice. Since the PNW is a specific region, I'm only able to accept images from certain places. However, I continue to get images that are from areas such as Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, etc. When I get these images, it takes me a very long time to weed them out from the acceptable images. Once I allow images from BC I'm going to start getting images from all over Canada. In fact, it took me several months after the creation of this group just to allow Alaskan images because the amount of images I was receiving for the 'unacceptable' category were so high. Once that number came down then I started to allow Alaska images as well.

Additionally, the sheer amount of images that are submitted to this group that simply don't have the titles/ tags correct is quite high. The images may be from the right area but they aren't tagged as such. In order for this group to remain as pure to the PNW as possible, I'm very rigid about the images that are accepted.

Thank you for your understanding everyone! Hopefully someday I can allow BC images :)

Featured Images

Mark Kiver - Rays on the Palouse
Marti Green - San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands

Marti Green

Teresa Ascone - Turnagain Swirl II

Turnagain Swirl II

Teresa Ascone

Lidija Kamansky - Flowers and Mountains

Flowers and Mountains

Lidija Kamansky

Mike Penney - Mt.Rainier Sunset 1
Paul Conrad - Supermoon Rising

Supermoon Rising

Paul Conrad