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Travel Photographers - No Heavy Digital



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Brian Harig

Santa Fe, NM

United States

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This group was started on August 10th, 2011 and currently has:


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Travel Photographers - No Heavy Digital

About This Group

This group is dedicated to travel photographers and their passion to breathe life into their photography of people and places around the world.
Please discuss what you love about travel photography and any tips or pointers to those who would like to further their travel photography careers.
Limited to 1 image a day.
Brian Harig
P.S. I am not a fan of HDR or heavy digital work, so those photos will not be approved.

Featured Images

Ed  Cooper Photography - Three Peaks of Mt. Index

Three Peaks of Mt. Index

Ed Cooper Photography

Brian Harig - Bryce Canyon National...
Shirley Mitchell - Tower Rainbow

Tower Rainbow

Shirley Mitchell

Aaron Spong - Fiery Aspen Landscape
Dan Mihai - Signs of Autumn

Signs of Autumn

Dan Mihai

Suzanne Stout - Shenandoah Autumn

Shenandoah Autumn

Suzanne Stout

Chad Dutson - Comparison


Chad Dutson

Sean Griffin - Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley

Sean Griffin

Aaron Spong - San Juan Green

San Juan Green

Aaron Spong

Bob Christopher - Easter Island 2

Easter Island 2

Bob Christopher

Brian Harig - North Rim Sunrise...
Mike Reid - Rainier Fiery Skies...
David Smith - Santorini Caldera with...
Jim Garrison - The Overlook

The Overlook

Jim Garrison

Sandra Bronstein - Winter Wonderland -...

Winter Wonderland -...

Sandra Bronstein

Bryan Keil - Virgin river in Zion UT
Chad Dutson - Celestial Arch

Celestial Arch

Chad Dutson

Diana Weir - Natural Bridges

Natural Bridges

Diana Weir

Brian Harig - Grand Teton On Jenny...
Chad Dutson - Bridge Below Rainier
Alex Cassels - Lough Corrib in Connemara
Peter Coskun - Horton Creek Autumn

Horton Creek Autumn

Peter Coskun

Scott Rackers - Maramec Spring Park

Maramec Spring Park

Scott Rackers

Stephen  Vecchiotti - Cadillac Mountain Autumn...

Cadillac Mountain Autumn...

Stephen Vecchiotti

Jeff  Swan - The Beauty Of Multnomah...
Sophie Vigneault - Arches National Park

Arches National Park

Sophie Vigneault

Chad Dutson - Rainforest Path

Rainforest Path

Chad Dutson

Karen Wiles - I AM the LIGHT


Karen Wiles

Bruce Bley - Wilderness of Utah
Chad Dutson - Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend

Chad Dutson

Pierre Leclerc Photography - First light in Bryce

First light in Bryce

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Sunlight in Antelope...

Sunlight in Antelope...

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Mike Reid - Tumwater Canyon Fall...
Adam Pender - The Road to Bob Bay
Michael Ver Sprill - Stand Alone 16x9 Crop

Stand Alone 16x9 Crop

Michael Ver Sprill

Shirley Mitchell - Winter Sun

Winter Sun

Shirley Mitchell

Pravine Chester - Black Redstart

Black Redstart

Pravine Chester

Inge Johnsson - Misty Rainier Dawn

Misty Rainier Dawn

Inge Johnsson

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Antelope Canyon Arizona

Antelope Canyon Arizona

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Chad Dutson - Sacred Light

Sacred Light

Chad Dutson

Peter Coskun - Eternal Light

Eternal Light

Peter Coskun

Mike Reid - Orlando Wetlands Park...
Juergen Roth - Vermont Bartlett Falls
Eva Kaufman - Death Valley National...
John Daly - The Orange Glow at...
Scott Pellegrin - Na Pali Coast

Na Pali Coast

Scott Pellegrin

Wildlife Fine Art - Yellowstones Barronette...

Yellowstones Barronette...

Wildlife Fine Art

Inge Johnsson - Hana Beach

Hana Beach

Inge Johnsson

Jim Garrison - Sunflower Field at Sunset
Robert Bales - The Sawtooths

The Sawtooths'

Robert Bales

Brian Harig - Mesa Arch Sunrise 3 -...
Stephen  Vecchiotti - Grand Canyon Afternoon

Grand Canyon Afternoon

Stephen Vecchiotti

James Brunker - Colonial Puno

Colonial Puno

James Brunker

Dan Myers - Twighlight At The...
Bob Christopher - Lencois Maranhenses...

Lencois Maranhenses...

Bob Christopher

Brian Harig - Mesa Arch Sunrise 5 -...
Jim Garrison - Higher and Higher

Higher and Higher

Jim Garrison

Bob Hislop - Connected Lakes...
Barry Goble - Louisiana Sunset

Louisiana Sunset

Barry Goble

Mike Reid - Father Son and the Lake
Alex Cassels - Half Dome in Yosemite
Brian Harig - Behind Spouting Rock...
Megan Lovegren - Sea Stack and Fog

Sea Stack and Fog

Megan Lovegren

Robert Ford - Peaks of the Virgin in...
Bob Hislop - As The Leaves Turn
Brian Harig - Rio Grande River Sunrise...
Mitch Shindelbower - Carson River Autumn

Carson River Autumn

Mitch Shindelbower

Darleen Stry - Snoqualmie River bed
Scott McGuire - Parker Lake California
Donna Kennedy - Autumn At Silver Lake

Autumn At Silver Lake

Donna Kennedy

Jeff  Swan - Sometimes Its Best To...
Mike Reid - Snow Fallen on Autumn
Brian Harig - Horsethief Falls...
Jim Garrison - The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch

Jim Garrison

Jo Ann Tomaselli - Grand Teton Mountain...

Grand Teton Mountain...

Jo Ann Tomaselli

Brian Harig - Balanced Rock At Sunrise...
Karen Wiles - Smokey Mountain High
Dan Myers - Autumn At Ricketts Glen
Jim Vallee - Autumn Sunrise

Autumn Sunrise

Jim Vallee

Dawna  Moore Photography - Sunset Over Tiger Point...

Sunset Over Tiger Point...

Dawna Moore Photography

Robert Bales - Sunrise On Gunsight...
Sophie Vigneault - Monroe Hotsprings

Monroe Hotsprings

Sophie Vigneault

Brian Harig - Autumn On Oxbow Bend -...
John Malone - The Chapel on the Rock
Dan Sproul - Buffalo Herd In...
Brian Harig - Horsethief Creek -...
Oscar Gutierrez - Arc de Triomphe at night...
Stephen  Vecchiotti - Autumn Sunrise From...

Autumn Sunrise From...

Stephen Vecchiotti

Brian Harig - Balanced Rock At Sunrise...
Peter Coskun - Light Through the Valley
Donna Kennedy - Moose


Donna Kennedy

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Amazing sky at sunset

Amazing sky at sunset

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Bruce Bley - Colors of Bryce Canyon
Dan Mihai - Rainier Flowering Meadow
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Watkins Glen Rainbow...

Watkins Glen Rainbow...

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Hans Brakob - Flight


Hans Brakob

Max Waugh - Grand Prismatic Spring
Bruce Bley - Petrified Sand Dunes
Brian Harig - Monument Valley Sunset -...
Paul Cannon - Harlech  Castle  Wales 2
Mike Reid - San Juans Sunset Mood
Brian Kerls - Blue Lake Sunrise

Blue Lake Sunrise

Brian Kerls

Brian Harig - Autumn At Gore Creek -...
Bob Christopher - Bisti/De-Na-Zin...


Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Antelope Canyon Touch Of...
Stuart Deacon - Spring Falls

Spring Falls

Stuart Deacon

Max Waugh - African Acacia Sunrise
Mike Reid - San Juans Sunset
Vickie Emms - Worthington Glacier...
Bruce Bley - Hoodoos


Bruce Bley

Pierre Leclerc Photography - The Fist

The Fist

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Sandra Bronstein - A Peek Into Monument...

A Peek Into Monument...

Sandra Bronstein

Pierre Leclerc Photography - Haleakala volcano on...

Haleakala volcano on...

Pierre Leclerc Photography

Christopher Fridley - O

O'Toole Creek

Christopher Fridley

Brian Harig - Kilauea Volcano Lava...
Brian Harig - Mesa Arch Sunrise 2 -...
Inge Johnsson - Fairy Tale Forest

Fairy Tale Forest

Inge Johnsson

Robert Preston - Prayer flags and novice...
Stuart Deacon - Mornings at Lake McDonald
Dany  Lison - Vernazza - Cinque Terre
Antonio Scarpi - Sardegna - Dune in...

Sardegna - Dune in...

Antonio Scarpi

Jim Vallee - Hot Air Balloon Over The...
Bryan Mullennix - Morning Glory Pool in...

Morning Glory Pool in...

Bryan Mullennix

Michael Ver Sprill - Abandoned History Star...

Abandoned History Star...

Michael Ver Sprill

Brian Harig - Bear Lake - Rocky...
Jola Martysz - Against The Winds

Against The Winds

Jola Martysz

Robert Preston - Svartifoss Waterfall

Svartifoss Waterfall

Robert Preston

Neville Bulsara - A Close Shave

A Close Shave

Neville Bulsara

Brian Harig - Autumn In Glenwood...
Bryan Keil - Oak creek flowing
Radek Hofman - Misty Bridge

Misty Bridge

Radek Hofman

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Sunshine on the Beach

Sunshine on the Beach

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Roupen  Baker - Island Beach

Island Beach

Roupen Baker

Mike Reid - Golden Shilshole Marina...
Radek Hofman - San Francisco

San Francisco

Radek Hofman

Alicia Knust - Sunbathing Caterpillar
Brian Harig - Kihei Sunset 1 - Maui...
Brian Harig - Maui Morning - Kihei...
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Sailboat Sunset

Sailboat Sunset

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Brian Harig - Rio Grande River Sunrise...
Mitch Shindelbower - Beautiful Golden Gate

Beautiful Golden Gate

Mitch Shindelbower

Radek Hofman - Heleakala


Radek Hofman

Bob Hislop - Red Eyed Leaf Frog
Glenn Gordon - Waterfall Bay of Fundy
Brian Harig - The Tetons Reflected On...
Brian Harig - Great Fountain Geyser...
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Central Cascade

Central Cascade

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Radek Hofman - Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Radek Hofman

Bob Hislop - Lift Off

Lift Off

Bob Hislop

Jim Garrison - The Promise

The Promise

Jim Garrison

 Bob and Nadine Johnston - El Capitan Yosemite...

El Capitan Yosemite...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Joan  Minchak - Dubrovnik Guard

Dubrovnik Guard

Joan Minchak

Brian Harig - Foggy Sunrise On The...
Brian Harig - Colorful Changing Aspens...
Lynn Bauer - Color Filled Hills -...
Brian Harig - Horsethief Falls -...
Sandra Bronstein - Sunrise at Mesquite Flat...
Jim Fitzpatrick - Looking Inside the Old...
Stephen  Vecchiotti - Saloman Beach - St. John

Saloman Beach - St. John

Stephen Vecchiotti

Bruce Bley - Morning on the Beach
Brian Harig - Secret Falls 3 - Kauai...
Antonio Scarpi - Small Chapel

Small Chapel

Antonio Scarpi

Robert Preston - Sunrise Over Mountains

Sunrise Over Mountains

Robert Preston

Tony Beck - Love


Tony Beck

Bob Christopher - Painted Hills Oregon 11

Painted Hills Oregon 11

Bob Christopher

Jim Garrison -  A Reflection of Fall
David Bowman - Eilean Donan Castle 1
Inge Johnsson - Bluebonnet Patch

Bluebonnet Patch

Inge Johnsson

Brian Harig - Mesa Arch Sunrise -...
Robert Preston - Sahara Desert Dunes

Sahara Desert Dunes

Robert Preston

Dan Myers - Sunrise Departure
Inge Johnsson - St Helens Caldera

St Helens Caldera

Inge Johnsson

Jim Garrison - The Aquaduct

The Aquaduct

Jim Garrison

Katie Beougher - Aside Horseshoe Falls

Aside Horseshoe Falls

Katie Beougher

Phil Koch - No Rush

No Rush

Phil Koch

Diana Sainz - Jupiter Not Mars By...
Brian Harig - Lanikai Beach Outrigger...
Bob Christopher - The Egg Factory ...

The Egg Factory ...

Bob Christopher

Rick Berk - Evening Arch

Evening Arch

Rick Berk

Jeff  Swan - Flowing Into The Arches
Gary Smith - Swanson Lake

Swanson Lake

Gary Smith

Trevor Middleton - Princes Pier

Princes Pier

Trevor Middleton

Julie Magers Soulen - Autumn at Maroon Bells...

Autumn at Maroon Bells...

Julie Magers Soulen

Diane Lent - Boat in sunset on...
Cheri Randolph - Burano Reflections

Burano Reflections

Cheri Randolph

Kiril Stanchev - Night View of river Arno...
Brian Harig - Hana Arches Sunrise 3 -...
Lynn Bauer - Gem of the Sierras
Inge Johnsson - Emerald City Sunset

Emerald City Sunset

Inge Johnsson

Brian Harig - Foggy Teton Sunrise -...
Brian Harig - Sharks Cove Sunset 2 -...
Brian Harig - Horsethief Creek Beaver...
Jerry Fornarotto - Otter Cliffs

Otter Cliffs

Jerry Fornarotto

Leslie Kirk - Sharks Cove Pupukea Oahu...
Brian Harig - Lipon Point Sunset 3 -...
Raymond Salani III - Autumn III

Autumn III

Raymond Salani III

Micheline Heroux - Sunrise on the Matterhorn

Sunrise on the Matterhorn

Micheline Heroux

Matthias Hauser - Meersburg Castle and...

Meersburg Castle and...

Matthias Hauser

Eva Kato - Looking Through
Brian Harig - Kilauea Volcano 60 Foot...
Raymond Salani III - The Cathedral Group

The Cathedral Group

Raymond Salani III

Jeff  Swan - Bridge Over The...
Bob Christopher - Sonoran Desert Rays Of...
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Autumn Serenity

Autumn Serenity

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Brian Harig - Longs Peak - Rocky...
Jenny Rainbow - Bakers Fall III. Horton...
Brian Harig - Rainbow Falls - The Big...
Laurie Wilcox - Sea of Color

Sea of Color

Laurie Wilcox

Eddie Yerkish - The Palazzo

The Palazzo

Eddie Yerkish

Dora Miller - Denali Aurora 3

Denali Aurora 3

Dora Miller

Bob Hislop - Kona Sunset

Kona Sunset

Bob Hislop

Liudmila Di - Acid lakes of Dallol...
Roupen  Baker - Sunrise Pier

Sunrise Pier

Roupen Baker

Robert Bales - Scenic Marine Sunrise
Alan Toepfer - Jasper Peaks

Jasper Peaks

Alan Toepfer

Brian Harig - Hanalei Bay Pier Sunset...
Jeff  Swan - Mt St Helens

Mt St Helens

Jeff Swan

Stephen  Vecchiotti - Half Dome At Sunset -...

Half Dome At Sunset -...

Stephen Vecchiotti

Terry Johnson - Canyonlands White Rim
Brian Harig - Garden Of The Gods At...
Raymond Salani III - January Sunrise

January Sunrise

Raymond Salani III

Wildlife Fine Art - Lone Mountain Peak

Lone Mountain Peak

Wildlife Fine Art

Shirley Mitchell - Walk through the...

Walk through the...

Shirley Mitchell

Bryan Keil - Canyon rocks in...
Eric Albright - Hatteras Dawn

Hatteras Dawn

Eric Albright

Jenny Rainbow - Fall Reflections. Loch...
Brian Harig - Sharks Cove Sunset 4 -...
Brian Harig - Frozen Nymph Lake -...
Adam Pender - Lunada Mist

Lunada Mist

Adam Pender

Brian Harig - Rocky Mountain National...
Bob Christopher - Arizona Landscape 2

Arizona Landscape 2

Bob Christopher

Christina Klausen - Miravalles Volcano

Miravalles Volcano

Christina Klausen

Brian Harig - Aspens At Sunrise 1 -...
Brian Harig - Garden Of The Gods And...
Brian Harig - Wawamalu Beach Sunrise -...
Dan Myers - A Worms Eye View
Brian Harig - Rocky Mountain National...
Cheri Randolph - Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Cheri Randolph

Brian Harig - Lipon Point Sunset -...
Chuck De La Rosa - Merced River

Merced River

Chuck De La Rosa

Stephen  Vecchiotti - Schwabacher Landing...

Schwabacher Landing...

Stephen Vecchiotti

Rudi Prott - Tsingy de Bemaraha...
Lynn Bawden - Glowing Trees

Glowing Trees

Lynn Bawden

Christina Klausen - Quiet Walk

Quiet Walk

Christina Klausen

Brian Harig - Hanalei Valley Panorama...
Raymond Salani III - Mount Moran in the Fall

Mount Moran in the Fall

Raymond Salani III

Maria Gaellman - Black Mount and Lochan...
Inge Johnsson - Frozen Marymere Falls

Frozen Marymere Falls

Inge Johnsson

Barbara Walsh - Glentenassig


Barbara Walsh

Brian Harig - The Grand Tetons - Grand...
Lynn Bauer - Texas Spring

Texas Spring

Lynn Bauer

Alana Ranney - Portland Head Lighthouse...
Catalin Palosanu - Sunset in Anzio

Sunset in Anzio

Catalin Palosanu

Brian Harig - The Perfect Palm Tree -...
Jim Garrison - Squaw Pass Overlook

Squaw Pass Overlook

Jim Garrison

Jeff  Swan - The Very First Snow In...
Glenn Gordon - Bass Harbor Lighthouse...
Karen Lee Ensley - Perfect Tropical Beach

Perfect Tropical Beach

Karen Lee Ensley

Bob Hislop - Fire Ball Sunset

Fire Ball Sunset

Bob Hislop

Cheri Randolph - Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point

Cheri Randolph

Brian Harig - Lower Yellowstone Canyon...
Lynn Bauer - The Glory of Spring
Raymond Salani III - Autumn in Yellowstone

Autumn in Yellowstone

Raymond Salani III

Derek Sherwin - Stonehenge


Derek Sherwin

Dan Myers - The Rock

The Rock

Dan Myers

Dan Myers - Follow The Light
Raymond Salani III - Cathedral Group from the...

Cathedral Group from the...

Raymond Salani III

Brian Harig - Grand Tetons Over...
Christos Andronis - Defying the elements

Defying the elements

Christos Andronis

Lynn Bauer - Coastal Sunset

Coastal Sunset

Lynn Bauer

 Bob and Nadine Johnston -  Canyon De Chelly Spider...

Canyon De Chelly Spider...

Bob and Nadine Johnston

Teresa Zieba - Following The Athabasca...
Bob Christopher - Canadian Rockies 3

Canadian Rockies 3

Bob Christopher

Mark Smith - Capitol Reef National ...
Mike Reid - Gentle Evening Waves
Brian Harig - Frozen Sprague Lake...
Brian Harig - Mesa Arch Sunrise 8 -...
Brian Harig - Kilauea Volcano Lava...
Allen Beatty - Tulip Field

Tulip Field

Allen Beatty

Bryan Keil - Let the Light Shine
Kim Andelkovic - Champagne Pool - Natures...
Karen Lee Ensley - Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

Karen Lee Ensley

Juergen Weiss - Sunrise over the Lake of...
Eva Kato - Spirit of the Puffing...
Bob Christopher - Desert Beauty White...

Desert Beauty White...

Bob Christopher

Inge Johnsson - Park Butte Fall Color

Park Butte Fall Color

Inge Johnsson

Jenny Rainbow - Mysterious Stone....

Mysterious Stone....

Jenny Rainbow

Jenny Rainbow - Over the Fog. Trossachs...
Brian Harig - Kilauea Volcano Lava...
Scott Rackers - Chain of Rocks Bridge

Chain of Rocks Bridge

Scott Rackers

Mitch Shindelbower - Late Summer Thunder

Late Summer Thunder

Mitch Shindelbower

Brian Harig - Kilauea Volcano Lava...
Brian Harig - Mount Moran On Oxbow...
Eric Glaser - Red White and Blue

Red White and Blue

Eric Glaser

Jim Garrison - Behind the Veil

Behind the Veil

Jim Garrison

Barry Goble - Sunrise Shadows

Sunrise Shadows

Barry Goble

Darleen Stry - Florida Morning Starlight
Roena King - Colorado Natl Monument...
Carole-Anne Fooks - Tabular Iceberg...

Tabular Iceberg...

Carole-Anne Fooks

Robert Bales - Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Robert Bales

Eric Glaser - Chasm Lake

Chasm Lake

Eric Glaser

Rene Triay Photography - Natures Hidden Beauty

Natures Hidden Beauty

Rene Triay Photography

Inge Johnsson - Lime Kiln Sunburst

Lime Kiln Sunburst

Inge Johnsson

Jenny Rainbow - Emerald Purity....

Emerald Purity....

Jenny Rainbow

Brian Harig - Garden Of The Gods At...
Lynn Bauer - Wildflower Jackpot
Max Waugh - Desert Tree

Desert Tree

Max Waugh

Paul Cannon - Beautiful Vermont...
Bill Gallagher - Half Dome Winter

Half Dome Winter

Bill Gallagher

Mario Dandi Romano - Your Life Is An Island

Your Life Is An Island

Mario Dandi Romano

Bob Christopher - Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks

Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks

Bob Christopher

Bill Gallagher - Shasta Storm

Shasta Storm

Bill Gallagher

Jenny Rainbow - Worlds End. Horton...

Worlds End. Horton...

Jenny Rainbow

Brian Harig - White And Yellow...
Jim Garrison - Nightfall


Jim Garrison

Bill Gallagher - El Capitan

El Capitan

Bill Gallagher

Teresa Zieba - Chapel of the...

Chapel of the...

Teresa Zieba

Scotts Scapes - Sunset on Flathead Lake...
Inge Johnsson - Crack in the Rock

Crack in the Rock

Inge Johnsson

John Chatterley - Misty Cliffs

Misty Cliffs

John Chatterley

Catalin Palosanu - Sunrise


Catalin Palosanu

Andy Comber - Thornton Force Waterfall...
Dan Myers - End Of The Season
Anne Rodkin - Reflections On A Lake
John Chatterley - Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor

John Chatterley

Roupen  Baker - Portland Head Lighthouse...
Radoslav Toth - Alone on the field

Alone on the field

Radoslav Toth

Jenny Rainbow - Twilight Guardians....
Matthias Siewert - Blue Iceberg

Blue Iceberg

Matthias Siewert

Brian Harig - Kilauea Light House...
Jim Garrison - Long

Long's Peak Sunset

Jim Garrison

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Berea Falls

Berea Falls

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Jenny Rainbow - The Purple-Faced Langur....
Greg Nyquist - Luminous Crater Lake
Brian Harig - Dead Horse Creek Canyon...
Ben and Raisa Gertsberg - Grand Canyon. Winter...

Grand Canyon. Winter...

Ben and Raisa Gertsberg

Dan Myers - New Baltimore Covered...
Inge Johnsson - Keyhole Light

Keyhole Light

Inge Johnsson

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Seneca Falls

Seneca Falls

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Christine Till - Chicago - One South...

Chicago - One South...

Christine Till

Cassie Marie Photography - Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Cassie Marie Photography

Christina Klausen - All the Colors

All the Colors

Christina Klausen

Bruce Bley - Big Cottonwood Canyon 2
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Ozone Falls

Ozone Falls

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Brian Harig - Grand Teton Sunrise...
Darleen Stry - Java Falls in Autumn
Brian Harig - Sandy Beach Sunrise 11 -...
Dan Mihai - Dreaming of San Juan
Eva Kato - Source of Colorado River
Nadya Ost - Palms at Sunset

Palms at Sunset

Nadya Ost

Corinne Rhode - Palm Paradise

Palm Paradise

Corinne Rhode

Inge Johnsson - Larches at Perfection...
Brian Harig - The Grand Tetons From...
Sean Griffin - Mount Rainier Meadow
Bob Christopher - Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

Bob Christopher

Brian Kerls - Tonahutu Creek

Tonahutu Creek

Brian Kerls

David Waldrop - Garden of the Gods Trail...
Brian Harig - Rabbit Island Sunrise 3...
Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke - American Bald Eagle on...

American Bald Eagle on...

Inspired Nature Photography By Shelley Myke

Brian Harig - The Needles At Haystack...
Syed Aqueel - Above Clouds

Above Clouds

Syed Aqueel

Brian Harig - Autumn At Gore Creek -...
Bob Hislop - Tranquility Base

Tranquility Base

Bob Hislop

Karen Wiles - Reflections of Stillness
Julie Palencia - Santorini Welcome

Santorini Welcome

Julie Palencia

Jeff Rose - A Painted Stream
Johanne Peale - Golden Grand Teton

Golden Grand Teton

Johanne Peale

Roena King - Summer at White Sands...
Stavros Argyropoulos - Vatican at blue hour

Vatican at blue hour

Stavros Argyropoulos

Sandra Bronstein - Schwabacher Landing...

Schwabacher Landing...

Sandra Bronstein

Sandra Bronstein - Dawn at Monument Valley

Dawn at Monument Valley

Sandra Bronstein

Peter Tellone - Purple Majesty No...

Purple Majesty No...

Peter Tellone

Paul Svensen - Swan Bay Sunset

Swan Bay Sunset

Paul Svensen

Radek Hofman - Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch

Radek Hofman

Saija  Lehtonen - West Mitten Butte

West Mitten Butte

Saija Lehtonen

Inge Johnsson - Point of the Arches

Point of the Arches

Inge Johnsson

Pravine Chester - Zebras in the Morning

Zebras in the Morning

Pravine Chester

Sophie Vigneault - Yosemite Grandeur

Yosemite Grandeur

Sophie Vigneault

Jenny Rainbow - Nigh Flight over...

Nigh Flight over...

Jenny Rainbow

Brian Harig - Eucalyptus Tree Tunnel -...
Peter Tellone - Misty Water

Misty Water

Peter Tellone

Greg Matchick - Manarola Houses on the...
Steven  Michael - Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch

Steven Michael

Allen Beatty - Angel Oak

Angel Oak

Allen Beatty

John  Greaves - South Seas Sunset

South Seas Sunset

John Greaves

Rudi Prott - Mount Everest Nepal
Sandra Bronstein - Morning Light in...

Morning Light in...

Sandra Bronstein

Teresa Zieba - Early Morning at Lake...
Sean Griffin - Mount Rainier in Summer
DJ Florek - Perrine
Vickie Emms - Mount Rundle and ...
Brian Harig - First Snow On Mount...
Pravine Chester - Lakes


Pravine Chester

Teresa Zieba - Serenity in Yellowstone
Stavros Argyropoulos - Beyond the sea there is...

Beyond the sea there is...

Stavros Argyropoulos

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Mountain Stream

Mountain Stream

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Inge Johnsson - Giant
Svetlana Sewell - Misty Lake

Misty Lake

Svetlana Sewell

Robert Bales - Teton View

Teton View

Robert Bales

Josephine Johnston - Tulips n

Tulips n' Amsterdam

Josephine Johnston

Heather Applegate - Mt Rainier

Mt Rainier

Heather Applegate

Jim Garrison - A Westerly Wind

A Westerly Wind

Jim Garrison

Bob Christopher - The Narrows A Place To...
Bob Hislop - Water Canyons

Water Canyons

Bob Hislop

Brian Harig - Waimea Beach Sunset -...
Paul Svensen - Garden Of The Gods Rocks
Renata Apanaviciene - Market Colors In...

Market Colors In...

Renata Apanaviciene

Brian Harig - Behind Spouting Rock...
Pandu Adnyana - Serene Dawn

Serene Dawn

Pandu Adnyana

Eddie Yerkish - Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point

Eddie Yerkish

John  Greaves - Hanalei Valley View

Hanalei Valley View

John Greaves

Sean Griffin - Summer Solstice - Mount...
Bob Christopher - The Subway Sacred Light

The Subway Sacred Light

Bob Christopher

Rodney Cammauf - Half Dome at Sunset

Half Dome at Sunset

Rodney Cammauf

Christine Till - Prague - Walking in the...
Inge Johnsson - Space Needle and Wheel
Carla Parris - Laundry Day in Burano
Radoslav Toth - Stevington Windmill

Stevington Windmill

Radoslav Toth

Steven Ainsworth - Pamlico Sound And...

Pamlico Sound And...

Steven Ainsworth

Bob Hislop - Spring at Silver Jack
Jim Garrison - Splendiforous


Jim Garrison

Kristin Elmquist - Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls

Kristin Elmquist

Valerie Rosen - Survival of the Fittest
Isaac Silman - Varona Castel Vecchio...
Brian Harig - Chapel Of The...

Chapel Of The...

Brian Harig

Inge Johnsson - Giant
John Daly - An Intimate Moment with...
Craig Ratcliffe - Thor

Thor's Well

Craig Ratcliffe

Kathleen Struckle - Awesome View

Awesome View

Kathleen Struckle

Brian Harig - Gnarly Tree - Pancake...
Craig Ratcliffe - Star trails over Double...
Craig Ratcliffe - Teton Autumn

Teton Autumn

Craig Ratcliffe

Brian Harig - Na Pali Coast Kauai...
Jeff Grabert - Half Dome

Half Dome

Jeff Grabert

Tom Migot - Good Morrow

Good Morrow

Tom Migot

Jay Seeley - Yosemite


Jay Seeley

Livia Lazar - Meet Me On The Other...
Baywest Imaging - Hitchcock Lakes

Hitchcock Lakes

Baywest Imaging

Brian Harig - Wind Blown Tree 2 -...
Peter Tellone - Oceanside Pier Perfect...
Sophie Vigneault - Splendid Alaska

Splendid Alaska

Sophie Vigneault

Arlene Carmel - Grumpy


Arlene Carmel

Kristin Elmquist - Sunset over Salt Lake...

Sunset over Salt Lake...

Kristin Elmquist

Dan Myers - Sunset At Horseshoe Bend
Chrisann Ellis - Baskets of Feed

Baskets of Feed

Chrisann Ellis

William Rockwell - Amish Fence

Amish Fence

William Rockwell

Sam Amato - Knik Aurora Reflections
Lynn Bawden - Merced River Canyon
Brian Harig - Driftwood


Brian Harig

Valerie Rosen - A Few Lifelines

A Few Lifelines

Valerie Rosen

Christine Till - Dresden Church of Our...
Jim Garrison - The Bells are Ringlng
Lynn Bawden - Half Dome

Half Dome

Lynn Bawden

Sean Griffin - Rainier Country

Rainier Country

Sean Griffin

Sabrina L Ryan - Daddy Alligator and his...
Phyllis Kaltenbach - Sunset in the Black Sea

Sunset in the Black Sea

Phyllis Kaltenbach

Inge Johnsson - The Giant
Brian Harig - Balanced Rock - Arches...
Darcy Michaelchuk - Coalmine Canyon...

Coalmine Canyon...

Darcy Michaelchuk

Brian Kerls - Texas Spring

Texas Spring

Brian Kerls

Yury Bashkin - Churches Russia6

Churches Russia6

Yury Bashkin

Shawn Hughes - Old English Door

Old English Door

Shawn Hughes

Stuart Deacon - Koricancha


Stuart Deacon

Inge Johnsson - Home on the hill

Home on the hill

Inge Johnsson

Dany  Lison - Barn in Grand Teton
Arnaud Fouche - Headless


Arnaud Fouche

Wayne Stabnaw - A Rustic Barn

A Rustic Barn

Wayne Stabnaw

Bob Christopher - Trona Pinnacles...

Trona Pinnacles...

Bob Christopher

Bill Jonscher - St. John sunset

St. John sunset

Bill Jonscher

Brian Harig - Grandview Sunset 2 -...
Paul Cannon - Arches N P The...

Arches N P The...

Paul Cannon

Teresa Zieba - Lake Louise Splendour
Max Waugh - Sunrise in Crete
Martina Fagan - Il lago di notte

Il lago di notte

Martina Fagan

Jenny Rainbow - Light Over Wicklow...

Light Over Wicklow...

Jenny Rainbow

Rick  Monyahan - Alaskan Sunset

Alaskan Sunset

Rick Monyahan

Benjamin Yeager - Around the Bend

Around the Bend

Benjamin Yeager

Brian Harig - Kilauea Volcano Lava...
Michael Warford - Boats in Cochin

Boats in Cochin

Michael Warford

JH Photo Service - Hotel Dream - Mauritius

Hotel Dream - Mauritius

JH Photo Service

Roupen  Baker - Sunrise on the Sea of...
Darlene Chissom - Beneath The Reflection

Beneath The Reflection

Darlene Chissom

Brian Harig - Autumn At Gore Creek -...
Kerri Ligatich - Red Road Drive on Hawaii...
Bill Jonscher - Sunset in the islands

Sunset in the islands

Bill Jonscher

Benjamin Yeager - Window to Bryce

Window to Bryce

Benjamin Yeager

Janeen Wassink Searles - Calliope Village

Calliope Village

Janeen Wassink Searles

Tap  On Photo - Golden Gate Bridge Clouds
Bob Christopher - Pyramids At Giza

Pyramids At Giza

Bob Christopher

Teresa Zieba - Schwabacher Landing...
Richard Leon - Shipwrecked in Inverness
Jenny Rainbow - Crystal Clarity. Maldives
Sue Karski - Chapel in the Valley
Radoslav Toth - Echoes of silence

Echoes of silence

Radoslav Toth

Max Waugh - Aurora Over Lake...
Richard Leon - Bay Area Sunset

Bay Area Sunset

Richard Leon

Brian Harig - Texas Sky

Texas Sky

Brian Harig

Inge Johnsson - Rainier Lupines

Rainier Lupines

Inge Johnsson

Ramona Matei - Romanian Fortified Church
Wayne Stabnaw - Red Rocks

Red Rocks

Wayne Stabnaw