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Jacqueline Athmann

Chanhassen, MN

United States

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This group was started on September 8th, 2012 and currently has:


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The Art Shoppe Cafe

About This Group

This group is for sharing pieces you may see on the walls of your local diner, cafe, office park, salon or business. The selection is diverse and there is something for everyone!

One image can be added per day. No nudes or questionable pieces will be considered. Family friendly only.

Featured photos will be changed 1-2 times every two weeks.

Please save this group in your favorites on your PC or add it to your watch list. This group is constantly updated and refreshed. It has members that are very talented with varied media from all over the world. Do not stop at just the images in this gallery once you have viewed, take time to click the members tab or the tab of your favorite artist and visit their personal gallery.

Featured Images

Variance Collections - Arbrensens - v61

Arbrensens - v61

Variance Collections

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Dark red dress

Dark red dress

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Andrew Read - Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa

Andrew Read

Paul Meijering - Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Paul Meijering

Ellen Levinson - Momma and Baby Flamingo...
Stanza Widen - Jerrys Garden

Jerrys Garden

Stanza Widen

Fiona Craig - Water Lilies 2

Water Lilies 2

Fiona Craig

Lianne Schneider - Home to the Harbor

Home to the Harbor

Lianne Schneider

Inge Johnsson - Dead Horse Point Dawn

Dead Horse Point Dawn

Inge Johnsson

Vishwanath Bhat - Serenity


Vishwanath Bhat

Wim Lanclus - Colorful Tulips Textured
Paulette B Wright - Hubble - Turbulent...

Hubble - Turbulent...

Paulette B Wright

Inge Johnsson - Twisted Juniper

Twisted Juniper

Inge Johnsson

Jacqueline Athmann - Wet Paint 9

Wet Paint 9

Jacqueline Athmann

Theresa Tahara - Vintage Red Barn

Vintage Red Barn

Theresa Tahara

Paul Meijering - Denzel Washington The...
Karen Butscha - Portal


Karen Butscha

Tracy F - A Study in Oil and Water
Teresa Wegrzyn - Spring In The Garden

Spring In The Garden

Teresa Wegrzyn

Prajakta P - Light and Shadows
Jacqueline Athmann - Wet Paint 20

Wet Paint 20

Jacqueline Athmann

Paul Meijering - Adele Skyfall

Adele Skyfall

Paul Meijering

Darren Fisher - A Stormy Night

A Stormy Night

Darren Fisher

Chris Scroggins - Rehoboth Jetty

Rehoboth Jetty

Chris Scroggins

Priscilla Burgers - Generations in Black and...

Generations in Black and...

Priscilla Burgers

Grant Glendinning - Ladybird


Grant Glendinning

James Peterson - Kirby


James Peterson

Alana Ranney - Star and Moon

Star and Moon

Alana Ranney

Bob Christopher - Sweet Creek Oregon 4

Sweet Creek Oregon 4

Bob Christopher

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Winter...
Paul Meijering - Scrat of Ice Age

Scrat of Ice Age

Paul Meijering

Tracy F - Reaching for the Stars
TeshiaArt - Daybreaker



Tracy  Hall - Purple Iris

Purple Iris

Tracy Hall

Thomas Woolworth - Abstract Chicago Stabile...
 Fli Art - Hubert Sumlin

Hubert Sumlin

Fli Art

Tracy F - Floating


Tracy F

Sandi OReilly - Thirsty Zebras

Thirsty Zebras

Sandi OReilly

David Walker - Working Alone

Working Alone

David Walker

Kim Andelkovic - Budding Beauty

Budding Beauty

Kim Andelkovic

Jacqueline Athmann - Wet Paint 52

Wet Paint 52

Jacqueline Athmann

David Bowman - Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere

David Bowman

Karen Wiles - Abstract Grasshopper
Miriam Danar - Gumball Sours - Vintage...
Alesya Cabral - Miss Butterfly

Miss Butterfly

Alesya Cabral

Paul Meijering - Rush


Paul Meijering

Jessica Jenney - Forest Flight

Forest Flight

Jessica Jenney

Wes Jimerson - Autumn Church

Autumn Church

Wes Jimerson

Ian Mitchell - Magical Fairy Glen

Magical Fairy Glen

Ian Mitchell

Zeana Romanovna - The Ballerina

The Ballerina's Shoes

Zeana Romanovna

Zeana Romanovna - Lost In A Masquerade

Lost In A Masquerade

Zeana Romanovna

Paul Meijering - Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Paul Meijering

Tracy  Hall - Summer Heat

Summer Heat

Tracy Hall

Kasia Dixon - White Slave Hut

White Slave Hut

Kasia Dixon

David Millenheft - Stormy Seas at Sunrise

Stormy Seas at Sunrise

David Millenheft

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City -...

New York City -...

Vivienne Gucwa

Vivienne Gucwa - Paris - The City from...
Stanza Widen - Daisy At Your Feet

Daisy At Your Feet

Stanza Widen

Robin-lee Vieira - The Merry Trotter

The Merry Trotter

Robin-lee Vieira

Paul Meijering - Fleetwood Mac Rumours

Fleetwood Mac Rumours

Paul Meijering

Robert Murray - Poppy Pods

Poppy Pods

Robert Murray

Jiayin Ma - Swan Lake Ballet Dancer
Jessica Jenney - Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata

Jessica Jenney

Bob Christopher - Leaves Of Fancy 2

Leaves Of Fancy 2

Bob Christopher

Vishwanath Bhat - Boise River Sunrise

Boise River Sunrise

Vishwanath Bhat

TeshiaArt - Moody Moose

Moody Moose


TeshiaArt - Bear Dreams

Bear Dreams


Lee Piper - Surprise Visit

Surprise Visit

Lee Piper

Tracy  Hall - Shine Through

Shine Through

Tracy Hall

Alana Ranney - Harvest Pear II

Harvest Pear II

Alana Ranney

Phyllis Beiser - Louisiana Heron

Louisiana Heron

Phyllis Beiser

Amy Weiss - Ava


Amy Weiss

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Still life with apple pie

Still life with apple pie

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Tanja Riedel - Coffee Black and White
Paul  Meijering - Batman The Dark Knight

Batman The Dark Knight

Paul Meijering

Jennie Marie Schell - Magnolia Flower Blossom...

Magnolia Flower Blossom...

Jennie Marie Schell

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Long Journey - the...

Long Journey - the...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Mahmoud FineArt - In Harmony With Nature

In Harmony With Nature

Mahmoud FineArt

Chris Scroggins - Tanzania Zebra Foal

Tanzania Zebra Foal

Chris Scroggins

Tracy F - Pink Sorbet

Pink Sorbet

Tracy F

Stanza Widen - Flowers That Flutter
Juli Scalzi - 10 Lords A Leaping

10 Lords A Leaping

Juli Scalzi

Juli Scalzi - Christmas Moon

Christmas Moon

Juli Scalzi

Theresa Tahara - Red Barn And First Snow
Christina Rollo - Snow White Tufted...

Snow White Tufted...

Christina Rollo

Bob Christopher - Sweet Creek Oregon 1

Sweet Creek Oregon 1

Bob Christopher

Vishwanath Bhat - Teton Autumn

Teton Autumn

Vishwanath Bhat

Jeff Mize - Last Show

Last Show

Jeff Mize

Kathy Barney - Derbyshire Stables...
Paul Meijering - Sean Connery as James...
Andrew Read - Marilyn Hot Lips version
Theresa Tahara - Sunset With Young Seagull
Wim Lanclus - Red Grapes in Glass
Mike Roberts - All American Chocolate...
Kim Andelkovic - River View

River View

Kim Andelkovic

Jessica Jenney - Garden Gazebo

Garden Gazebo

Jessica Jenney

Robin-lee Vieira - As Proud as a Peacock

As Proud as a Peacock

Robin-lee Vieira

Lee Piper - Morning Battle

Morning Battle

Lee Piper

Vishwanath Bhat - Attagar Falls in Western...
Miriam Danar - Waiting for the Light to...
Miriam Danar - The Red Umbrella - New...
Jerry Cowart - Purple Fountain Grass...
Christina Rollo - Spring Bird Square

Spring Bird Square

Christina Rollo

Kasia Dixon - Canadian Tundra

Canadian Tundra

Kasia Dixon

Theresa Tahara - Reflections On Watership...
Stanza Widen - Fire in The Sky

Fire in The Sky

Stanza Widen

Alanna Dumonceaux - Beautiful and Inspired

Beautiful and Inspired

Alanna Dumonceaux

Ian Mitchell - Love Is Called My Old...
Stwayne Keubrick - The swan child

The swan child

Stwayne Keubrick

Mahmoud FineArt - Two Alone

Two Alone

Mahmoud FineArt

Bob Christopher - Sax In The City 2

Sax In The City 2

Bob Christopher

Lance Vaughn -
Jacqueline Athmann - Dahlia #3

Dahlia #3

Jacqueline Athmann

Jacqueline Athmann - Dahlia #2

Dahlia #2

Jacqueline Athmann

Daniel Butler - Labrador Retriever-Just...
Paul  Meijering - Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone

Paul Meijering

Chastity Hoff - Art Wall

Art Wall

Chastity Hoff

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Male skull

Male skull

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Rona Black - Blush Pink Roses

Blush Pink Roses

Rona Black

Tracy  Hall - Maple Fall Leaves
Variance Collections - Trefle en Solo

Trefle en Solo

Variance Collections

Betty Denise - Queen Anne

Queen Anne's Lace

Betty Denise

Kathy Barney - Modern Grain Silos

Modern Grain Silos

Kathy Barney

Jessica Jenney - Woodland Passage

Woodland Passage

Jessica Jenney

Karen Wiles - CORAL of the KEYS


Karen Wiles

Vishwanath Bhat - Cosmos flowers from...

Cosmos flowers from...

Vishwanath Bhat

Karen Wiles - My Hawk Encounter

My Hawk Encounter

Karen Wiles

Lali Kacharava - Asters


Lali Kacharava

Prajakta P - Peacock


Prajakta P

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Marcia Colelli - Bubbles Bubbles And More...
Sandra Foster - I Like My Nasturtiums...
Stanza Widen - Raven Looked Down

Raven Looked Down

Stanza Widen

Charlie Cliques - Walk In The Park

Walk In The Park

Charlie Cliques

John Malone - Rainy Nights Downtown
David Millenheft - Perfect Wave

Perfect Wave

David Millenheft

Tracy F - A Bouquet for You
Lianne Schneider - Welcome Santa - Retro...

Welcome Santa - Retro...

Lianne Schneider

Jeff  Swan - The beauty of a wet Iris
Tracy F - Standing Proud
Ian Mitchell - Deck The Halls

Deck The Halls

Ian Mitchell

Marcia Colelli - Moody Blues

Moody Blues

Marcia Colelli

Chuck  Hicks - Lily Pads On Black Water
Alanna Dumonceaux - Fort McMurray Summer

Fort McMurray Summer

Alanna Dumonceaux

Jacqueline Athmann - Dahlia #1

Dahlia #1

Jacqueline Athmann

Juergen Roth - Lagoon Bridge in the...
Mark Papke - Colorful Reflection
Joseph Levine - Boathouse Row

Boathouse Row

Joseph Levine

Phyllis Beiser - The Itch

The Itch

Phyllis Beiser

Robin-lee Vieira - Monochrome


Robin-lee Vieira

David Bowman - Whalebone


David Bowman

Andrew Read - Wolverine splash effect
Valerie Anne Kelly - Flaxen manes

Flaxen manes

Valerie Anne Kelly

John King - Mount Diablo Between The...
Jeff Mize - Local Yocal

Local Yocal

Jeff Mize

Paul Meijering - Maria Callas

Maria Callas

Paul Meijering

Sandra Foster - Green Spider...

Green Spider...

Sandra Foster

Joy Watson - White Iris Delight
James Shepherd - Evening


James Shepherd

Daniel Butler - Bobwhite Quail Hunting-...
David Bowman - Ardvreck Castle 1

Ardvreck Castle 1

David Bowman

Vishwanath Bhat - Boise River Dramatic...

Boise River Dramatic...

Vishwanath Bhat

Paul  Meijering - Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood

Paul Meijering

Cecily Mitchell - Renee at Two

Renee at Two

Cecily Mitchell

Theresa Tahara - Love Waits

Love Waits

Theresa Tahara

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Blue butterfly

Blue butterfly

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Tracy  Hall - Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Tracy Hall

Michal Kwarciak - Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Michal Kwarciak

Jacqueline Athmann - Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Jacqueline Athmann

Tracy F - Cactus Tears

Cactus Tears

Tracy F

Daniel Butler - Florida Osceola Turkeys...
Mike Roberts - Iwo Gotha

Iwo Gotha

Mike Roberts

Dan Stone - The Unspoken Dream
James Shepherd - Columbia


James Shepherd

Valerie Anne Kelly - Choctaw ridge

Choctaw ridge

Valerie Anne Kelly

Teresa Wegrzyn - My World

My World

Teresa Wegrzyn

Jeff Mize - Better Days

Better Days

Jeff Mize

Joe Jake Pratt - Modern Arcimboldo

Modern Arcimboldo

Joe Jake Pratt

Richard Reeve - Wildwood - Curves I

Wildwood - Curves I

Richard Reeve

Jessica Jenney - Autumn Twilight

Autumn Twilight

Jessica Jenney

Paul Ward - Rare Medical...

Rare Medical...

Paul Ward

Vishwanath Bhat - Lupine bloom

Lupine bloom

Vishwanath Bhat

James Peterson - Wild Winter

Wild Winter

James Peterson

Paul Ward - Wanted Dead or Alive
Mike Roberts - Bayou Proud

Bayou Proud

Mike Roberts

Sandra Foster - White Peonies In White...
Lianne Schneider - We Are Glass

We Are Glass

Lianne Schneider

Vishwanath Bhat - Grand Teton Sunrise

Grand Teton Sunrise

Vishwanath Bhat

Ellen Levinson - Seahorse Family

Seahorse Family

Ellen Levinson

Toni Abdnour - The Wheel of Brisbane
Jacqueline Athmann - The Back Shed

The Back Shed

Jacqueline Athmann

Lee Piper - Bass Harbor Rocks
Juergen Roth - Cityscape Reflection of...
Nina Prommer - Heavenly Light

Heavenly Light

Nina Prommer

James Peterson - Autumn Temperance River
Karen Wiles - Yellow Finch

Yellow Finch

Karen Wiles

Vishwanath Bhat - God Rays through the fog

God Rays through the fog

Vishwanath Bhat

John King - Mystery Shadow 1-3-11
Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Cleveland Lakefront

Cleveland Lakefront

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Jerri Moon Cantone - Pink Coneflower

Pink Coneflower

Jerri Moon Cantone

Rona Black - Great Court Abstract
Jacqueline Athmann - Night Lights

Night Lights

Jacqueline Athmann

Erhan OZBIYIK - Sky Paint

Sky Paint


France  Art - Vieux Bleu

Vieux Bleu

France Art

John Malone - Egytian Souk Khan El...
Tracy  Hall - November Rain

November Rain

Tracy Hall

Alesya Cabral - Madame Rose

Madame Rose

Alesya Cabral

Teresa Wegrzyn - Lonely Poppies

Lonely Poppies

Teresa Wegrzyn

Darren Wilkes - Tree Lake

Tree Lake

Darren Wilkes

AnnaJo Vahle - Bucolic Florida

Bucolic Florida

AnnaJo Vahle

Karyn Robinson - The Red Ice Skates

The Red Ice Skates

Karyn Robinson

Ed Weidman - I Am The Resurrection...
Andrew Read - Early Fall

Early Fall

Andrew Read

James Shepherd - Stonehenge 5

Stonehenge 5

James Shepherd

Teresa Wegrzyn - Wonder


Teresa Wegrzyn

Vishwanath Bhat - Autumn leaves background

Autumn leaves background

Vishwanath Bhat

Zeana Romanovna - Cellist By Night

Cellist By Night

Zeana Romanovna

Joy Watson - Pink Snapdragon Flowers
Zori Minkova - Welcome home

Welcome home

Zori Minkova

Sandra Foster - 100 Year Old Book Macro
Gary Oliver - Rendezvous with the Blues
Paul Meijering - Spider-Man


Paul Meijering

David Millenheft - Lion


David Millenheft

Tracy  Hall - Afternoon Delight
Darren Fisher - Bourbon


Darren Fisher

Christina Rollo - Cardinal


Christina Rollo

Ian Mitchell - Autumn Forest Walk

Autumn Forest Walk

Ian Mitchell

Danielle  Parent - Rust And Aqua Alcohol...

Rust And Aqua Alcohol...

Danielle Parent

Alana Ranney - Two Wreaths

Two Wreaths

Alana Ranney

Stwayne Keubrick - Bright night ferris wheel

Bright night ferris wheel

Stwayne Keubrick

Ian Mitchell - Passing Dreams

Passing Dreams

Ian Mitchell

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Vivienne Gucwa - Winter - Snow -...

Winter - Snow -...

Vivienne Gucwa

Joseph Coulombe - Peace meets Locke

Peace meets Locke

Joseph Coulombe

Paul Meijering - Michael Jordan 2

Michael Jordan 2

Paul Meijering

Donna Proctor - Southern Comfort Flamingo
Jacqueline Athmann - Steel Venom

Steel Venom

Jacqueline Athmann

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Sunday Brewsky

Sunday Brewsky

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Andrew Read - Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Andrew Read

Paul Ward - Under the Pier at Night
Tracy  Hall - Goldfire Bokeh

Goldfire Bokeh

Tracy Hall

Lianne Schneider - Somewhere...beyond the...

Somewhere...beyond the...

Lianne Schneider

James Welch - Prisoner Of War -...
Karen Wiles - Crabapple Ice

Crabapple Ice

Karen Wiles

Joy Watson - Green Orchid Flower
Paul Meijering - Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Paul Meijering

Bruce Bley - The Old Hen House
Paul Ward - NJ Shore Shooting Star
David Millenheft - Autumn Aspens

Autumn Aspens

David Millenheft

Robyn King - When Two Hearts Become...
Jeff Mize - A Place to Hang Your Hat
Prajakta P - Spices Of India

Spices Of India

Prajakta P

Stwayne Keubrick - A very long way to the...

A very long way to the...

Stwayne Keubrick

Amy Weiss - Sunday Afternoon
Aarti Bartake - Colors of the underwater...
Alesya Cabral - Karolena


Alesya Cabral

Debra Forand - Red Door

Red Door

Debra Forand

Paul  Meijering - Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Paul Meijering

Amy Weiss - Dark Days

Dark Days

Amy Weiss

Jacqueline Athmann - Misty Mingle

Misty Mingle

Jacqueline Athmann

Jacqueline Athmann - Graveyard


Jacqueline Athmann

Zeana Romanovna - Sail Into My Dreams...

Sail Into My Dreams...

Zeana Romanovna

Zeana Romanovna - The Ship That Came Home

The Ship That Came Home

Zeana Romanovna

Michal Kwarciak - Rainy Day

Rainy Day

Michal Kwarciak

Paul Meijering - Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Paul Meijering

Phyllis Beiser - Pelican Lift-Off

Pelican Lift-Off

Phyllis Beiser

Jeff Mize - Little Coffee House on...
Teresa Wegrzyn - Great Surf

Great Surf

Teresa Wegrzyn

Janice Rae Pariza - Carved Love and Hate

Carved Love and Hate

Janice Rae Pariza

Teresa Wegrzyn - Serene


Teresa Wegrzyn

Jerri Moon Cantone - Flamingo


Jerri Moon Cantone

Jacqueline Athmann - Urban Bokeh

Urban Bokeh

Jacqueline Athmann

Andrew Read - Time Travel

Time Travel

Andrew Read

Jacqueline Athmann - Foggy Fabulous

Foggy Fabulous

Jacqueline Athmann

Stwayne Keubrick - The wood sun

The wood sun

Stwayne Keubrick

Christina Rollo - Sunset Deluge

Sunset Deluge

Christina Rollo

Phyllis Beiser - White Morph Reddish...

White Morph Reddish...

Phyllis Beiser

Kyle  Brock - Melancholy with Roses
David Millenheft - Tiger on the hunt

Tiger on the hunt

David Millenheft

Jacqueline Athmann - Morning Dew #1

Morning Dew #1

Jacqueline Athmann

Zeana Romanovna - Art Of A Genius

Art Of A Genius

Zeana Romanovna

Sandi OReilly - Mums The Happy Fall...
Thomas Woolworth - Mr Machine

Mr Machine

Thomas Woolworth

David Dehner - Mother and Baby...

Mother and Baby...

David Dehner

Nadya Ost - King


Nadya Ost

Ellen Levinson - Dancing Leaves and Lace
Daniel Butler - Red Fishing Tampa Fl -...
James Ahn - Siberian Husky Art -...
Ausra Paulauskaite - Sitting meditation....

Sitting meditation....

Ausra Paulauskaite

Christina Rollo - Just Looking

Just Looking

Christina Rollo

Pamela Cooper - Path 1

Path 1

Pamela Cooper

Theresa Tahara - Tiny Poppies

Tiny Poppies

Theresa Tahara

June Rollins - Connected To The Source
Grant Glendinning - Milarrochy Bay

Milarrochy Bay

Grant Glendinning

Daniel Butler - Merritt Island National...
Scott Pellegrin - Beach


Scott Pellegrin

Rosalina Bojadschijew - Traditional Bulgarian...

Traditional Bulgarian...

Rosalina Bojadschijew

Karen Harrison - Tall Mushroom

Tall Mushroom

Karen Harrison

Theresa Tahara - The Trees On The Ridge

The Trees On The Ridge

Theresa Tahara

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art - Heart Me

Heart Me

Jean OKeeffe Macro Abundance Art

Janice Rae Pariza - Red Fox

Red Fox

Janice Rae Pariza

Pam  Holdsworth - Fall Apples

Fall Apples

Pam Holdsworth

Mike Roberts - Rattlesnake Willie

Rattlesnake Willie

Mike Roberts

Darren Wilkes - Ogwens Moon.

Ogwens Moon.

Darren Wilkes

Juergen Roth - Another World

Another World

Juergen Roth

Michal Kwarciak - Moon Fun

Moon Fun

Michal Kwarciak

Music of the Heart - Dance Me To The End Of...

Dance Me To The End Of...

Music of the Heart

Jeff Breiman - Portrait of Li

Portrait of Li

Jeff Breiman

Stanza Widen - Coyote Looking at Me
Ed Weidman - Scented Oils

Scented Oils

Ed Weidman

Jerry Cowart - Yellow Eyed Wise Old Owl
Mike Roberts - In His Element

In His Element

Mike Roberts

Bob Christopher - Waiter Serving 3 Dummies

Waiter Serving 3 Dummies

Bob Christopher

Pam  Holdsworth - Cattle Chute

Cattle Chute

Pam Holdsworth

Jacqueline Athmann - Morning Dew #4

Morning Dew #4

Jacqueline Athmann

Karen Wiles - Zinnia Surprise

Zinnia Surprise

Karen Wiles

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Morning impression with...

Morning impression with...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Jacqueline Athmann - Morning Dew #7

Morning Dew #7

Jacqueline Athmann

Bob Christopher - Sheer Magic Mesa Arch...

Sheer Magic Mesa Arch...

Bob Christopher

Juergen Roth - The Dark Side of Boston
Jacqueline Athmann - Morning Dew #8

Morning Dew #8

Jacqueline Athmann

Robyn King - Energy Wave Abstract...
Zeana Romanovna - Oriental Beauty Colorful

Oriental Beauty Colorful

Zeana Romanovna

Mike Roberts - Gethsemane


Mike Roberts

Jeff Breiman - Sanibel Island Clouds
Claire Bull - Baby Birdhouses

Baby Birdhouses

Claire Bull

Variance Collections - Clowning on Umbrellas 02...

Clowning on Umbrellas 02...

Variance Collections

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Still life with bones...

Still life with bones...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Michal Kwarciak - Fall Impressions

Fall Impressions

Michal Kwarciak

Talya Johnson - Come a Little Closer...
Jeff Mize - Hungry?


Jeff Mize

Jacqueline Athmann - On The Prairie #6

On The Prairie #6

Jacqueline Athmann

Paul Ward - Collection - Ink Wells
Christel  Roelandt - Paloma


Christel Roelandt

Mike Roberts - Drew Brees Long Shot
Karen Wiles - Magical Butterfly

Magical Butterfly

Karen Wiles

GabeZ Art - Magic Coffeepot 2
Jenny Rainbow - Postcard Perfection....
Pam  Holdsworth - Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest

Pam Holdsworth

Paul Ward - Vintage Soda Bottles
Darren Wilkes - Don

Don't Come Any Closer

Darren Wilkes

Marcia Colelli - Hot Air

Hot Air

Marcia Colelli

Nadya Ost - Infinity


Nadya Ost

Miriam Danar - Vintage Antique Seltzer...



Sue Jacobi - Funky Baby Tern Hungry...
Richard Reeve - San Juan - San Cristobal...
Paul Ward - Vintage Pepsi-Cola
Yelena Dyumin - Angel on holidays

Angel on holidays

Yelena Dyumin

Darren Wilkes - Chilean flamingo

Chilean flamingo

Darren Wilkes

Michal Kwarciak - Catching a Goldfish

Catching a Goldfish

Michal Kwarciak

Michal Kwarciak - Moon Night

Moon Night

Michal Kwarciak

Ed Weidman - Talking Chucky

Talking Chucky

Ed Weidman

Scott Pellegrin - Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Scott Pellegrin

Jacqueline Athmann - Pale Petals In Pink #4

Pale Petals In Pink #4

Jacqueline Athmann

Tracy  Hall - Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose

Tracy Hall

Jacqueline Athmann - Pale Petals in Pink #5

Pale Petals in Pink #5

Jacqueline Athmann

Inge Johnsson - Green Waterfall

Green Waterfall

Inge Johnsson

Meldra Driscoll - Song of My Heart and Soul
Ruth Jolly - Purple flowers and...
Ruth Jolly - Two by Two

Two by Two

Ruth Jolly

Michal Kwarciak - Waiting in my Dreams

Waiting in my Dreams

Michal Kwarciak

Jacqueline Athmann - Yarn #6

Yarn #6

Jacqueline Athmann

Paul Ward - Vintage Toys on the...
Pam  Holdsworth - Sandhill Crane In Flight
Jacqueline Athmann - Yarn #5

Yarn #5

Jacqueline Athmann

Inge Johnsson - Antelope Drapes

Antelope Drapes

Inge Johnsson

Tracy  Hall - Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet

Tracy Hall

Jacqueline Athmann - Palm Tree Sunset

Palm Tree Sunset

Jacqueline Athmann

Grant Glendinning -   Loch Lomond Misty Pier

Loch Lomond Misty Pier

Grant Glendinning

Zeana Romanovna - Sierra Nevada Ode To...

Sierra Nevada Ode To...

Zeana Romanovna

Andrew Read - Cary Grant

Cary Grant

Andrew Read

Stephen Allen - Colorful Macaroons

Colorful Macaroons

Stephen Allen

Troy Brown - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Troy Brown

Karen Wiles - Caribbean Living

Caribbean Living

Karen Wiles

Janice Rae Pariza - Colorado Rock Marmot

Colorado Rock Marmot

Janice Rae Pariza

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Figs


Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Mike Roberts - Garden Of The Spirit
Vishwanath Bhat - Ripe Plum and peaches

Ripe Plum and peaches

Vishwanath Bhat

Sue Jacobi - Funky Kookaburra...
Kay Novy - Succulent Blackberries
Mike Roberts - Heavenly Blessings

Heavenly Blessings

Mike Roberts

Jacqueline Athmann - Dripping Paint #3

Dripping Paint #3

Jacqueline Athmann

Inge Johnsson - Morning flight

Morning flight

Inge Johnsson

Jacqueline Athmann - Dripping Paint #4

Dripping Paint #4

Jacqueline Athmann

Zeana Romanovna - Audrey Hepburn Vintage

Audrey Hepburn Vintage

Zeana Romanovna

Inge Johnsson - Havasu Paradise

Havasu Paradise

Inge Johnsson

Bruce Bley - Splash of Pink

Splash of Pink

Bruce Bley

Variance Collections - Peace Symbol Design -...

Peace Symbol Design -...

Variance Collections

Phyllis Beiser - I Bid Thee Adieu

I Bid Thee Adieu

Phyllis Beiser

Darren Fisher - Summer Rain

Summer Rain

Darren Fisher

David Millenheft - My Reflection

My Reflection

David Millenheft

Sue Jacobi - Funky Grey Crowned Crane...
Tracy  Hall - Fresh Spring Tulip
Karen Wiles - Dawn

Dawn's Embrace

Karen Wiles

Paul Ward - 1958 Cadillac It
Miriam Danar - Golden Sunset Indigo Sky...
Sue Jacobi - Funky Rooster Art Print
Bob Christopher - Hot Air Balloons 15

Hot Air Balloons 15

Bob Christopher

Bob Christopher - Surfing Jaws 4

Surfing Jaws 4

Bob Christopher

Phyllis Beiser - What Pelicans Do 1

What Pelicans Do 1

Phyllis Beiser

Darren Fisher - Walking the Line

Walking the Line

Darren Fisher

Rona Black - London Skate Park...
Phyllis Beiser - What Pelicans Do 3

What Pelicans Do 3

Phyllis Beiser

Ian Mitchell - Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame

Ian Mitchell

Jacqueline Athmann - Trust In Him

Trust In Him

Jacqueline Athmann

Ann Powell - Taos Window

Taos Window

Ann Powell

Rona Black - Sparkling Dahlia

Sparkling Dahlia

Rona Black

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Seahorse


Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Inge Johnsson - Sunny Seattle

Sunny Seattle

Inge Johnsson

Louise Kumpf - September Harvest Pears...
Tracy  Hall - Golden Dew Drop Rose
Erica Seckinger - Future Dreaming

Future Dreaming

Erica Seckinger

Michal Kwarciak - Little Boy and Kite

Little Boy and Kite

Michal Kwarciak

Ed Weidman - Surf For Peace

Surf For Peace

Ed Weidman

Vishwanath Bhat - Little Redfish Lake...

Little Redfish Lake...

Vishwanath Bhat

Jan Bickerton - Red and Gold Bokeh

Red and Gold Bokeh

Jan Bickerton

Bob Christopher - Red Rock Coulee Sunset 2

Red Rock Coulee Sunset 2

Bob Christopher

Louise Kumpf - Swallowtail Caterpillar...
Paul Ward - Hippies Use Back Door in...
Paul Ward - Vintage Laundry Room in...
Amy Weiss - Abundance


Amy Weiss

Grant Glendinning - Ayrshire Coast Sunset

Ayrshire Coast Sunset

Grant Glendinning

Phyllis Beiser - Marsh Sunset And A Blue...
Gary Oliver - Im In

Im In

Gary Oliver

Joseph Coulombe - Pumpkins


Joseph Coulombe

Sue Jacobi - Funky Cormorant Baby...
Kim Andelkovic - Happiness


Kim Andelkovic

Ian Mitchell - St Trillio

St Trillio

Ian Mitchell

James Welch - The Endangered Wetlands...
Kim Andelkovic - Branching Out

Branching Out

Kim Andelkovic

Paul Ward - 1956 Lancia Appia
Brian Chase - Vancouver
Phyllis Beiser - What Pelicans Do 2

What Pelicans Do 2

Phyllis Beiser

Bob Christopher - Art Of The Bicycle...

Art Of The Bicycle...

Bob Christopher

Bruce Bley - Bees Eye View

Bees Eye View

Bruce Bley

Chastity Hoff -  Cabin Life

Cabin Life

Chastity Hoff

Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Spiral staircase and big...

Spiral staircase and big...

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Stuart Harrison - Scent of a Woman

Scent of a Woman

Stuart Harrison

David Dehner - Beatles Something

Beatles Something

David Dehner

Darren Fisher - Mr Rooster

Mr Rooster

Darren Fisher

Paul Ward - Vintage Baseball Glove...
Jaroslaw Blaminsky - Spirals in the dark

Spirals in the dark

Jaroslaw Blaminsky

Mo T - Don
Michal Kwarciak - Dreaming Laundry Lady

Dreaming Laundry Lady

Michal Kwarciak

Scott Pellegrin - Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Scott Pellegrin

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography - Have a Seat

Have a Seat

Frozen in Time Fine Art Photography

Amanda Stadther - Lake Kaniere New Zealand

Lake Kaniere New Zealand

Amanda Stadther

Tracy  Hall - Pastel Pink

Pastel Pink

Tracy Hall

Alexander Senin - Waiting For The Green...

Waiting For The Green...

Alexander Senin

Michele  Avanti - Tree Of Life With Owl...
Karen Wiles - Angelic Wings

Angelic Wings

Karen Wiles

Darren Wilkes - Smoking Tiger

Smoking Tiger

Darren Wilkes

Grant Glendinning - Misty Mist on Loch Lomond

Misty Mist on Loch Lomond

Grant Glendinning

Mike Roberts - Billy Cannon
Kim Andelkovic - Pink


Kim Andelkovic

Andrew Read - David Gilmour

David Gilmour

Andrew Read

Mo T - Love Me Tender Gold
Zeana Romanovna - Elegant Geisha Girl

Elegant Geisha Girl

Zeana Romanovna

Stormm Bradshaw - Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Stormm Bradshaw

Paul Ward - Vintage Fishing Reel
James Peterson - Crashing Autumn Waves

Crashing Autumn Waves

James Peterson

Brian Kerls - Vintage Locomotives
Brian Kerls - Denver B Cycles

Denver B Cycles

Brian Kerls

Mike Roberts - Pretty Boy Louie and...
Andrew Read - Winter In Twyn Square
Grant Glendinning - Kelvingrove Art Gallery...

Kelvingrove Art Gallery...

Grant Glendinning

Kasia Dixon - Dusk at Port Ellen...
Nadya Ost - On the Watch

On the Watch

Nadya Ost

Stuart Harrison - Dragonfly


Stuart Harrison

Darren Wilkes - Tryfan By Morning

Tryfan By Morning

Darren Wilkes

AnnaJo Vahle - Tranquility


AnnaJo Vahle

Christine Till - La Catrina with purple...
Laurie Search - Caribbean Dreams

Caribbean Dreams

Laurie Search

Bob Christopher - Sheer Magic North Coyote...
Pam  Holdsworth - My Good Side

My Good Side

Pam Holdsworth

Rosalina Bojadschijew - Folk Girl Pattern

Folk Girl Pattern

Rosalina Bojadschijew

Kathy Barney - Top of the Barn Tin...
Sandi OReilly - A Different Colored Rose
Joy Watson - Pink Rose Flower

Pink Rose Flower

Joy Watson

Jennie Marie Schell - White Horse in Lavender...

White Horse in Lavender...

Jennie Marie Schell

RC DeWinter - Bowl Full of Red

Bowl Full of Red

RC DeWinter

Jenny Rainbow - Love. Vintage

Love. Vintage

Jenny Rainbow

Jacqueline Athmann - Consoling Strength

Consoling Strength

Jacqueline Athmann

Iris Gelbart - A beautiful catch

A beautiful catch

Iris Gelbart

Brian Chase - Lion
Bradley R Youngberg - Copper Chopper

Copper Chopper

Bradley R Youngberg

Inge Johnsson - Underneath the Surface
Valerie Anne Kelly - City lights

City lights

Valerie Anne Kelly

James Welch - Kim At Her Dress Rehersal
Colette V Hera  Guggenheim  - Wise Owl 3 Living in...

Wise Owl 3 Living in...

Colette V Hera Guggenheim

Valerie Anne Kelly - Tiger in the mist

Tiger in the mist

Valerie Anne Kelly

David Dehner - New England Harbor Light...
Troy Brown - Small Bottles

Small Bottles

Troy Brown

Paul Ward - Vintage Scuba Gear
Christel  Roelandt - No Woman No Cry

No Woman No Cry

Christel Roelandt

Christel  Roelandt - Bold As Love

Bold As Love

Christel Roelandt

Toni Abdnour - Tennessee Theater

Tennessee Theater

Toni Abdnour

Valerie Anne Kelly - The Appaloosa

The Appaloosa

Valerie Anne Kelly

Bob Christopher - Enchanted Spaces Valley...