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Shortline Railroad Photographs



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Joseph C Hinson Photography

Columbia, SC

United States

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Shortline Railroad Photographs

About This Group

NOTE -- This group is likely going to be deleted very soon. If you would like to take over admin responsibilities, please contact me through FAA messenger. In the meantime, please consider joining the North American Trains and Rails and Stations group if you are not already a member --

Shortline railroads are the often overlooked, always interesting smaller railroads in North America. Let's hear it for the little guys. All photographs welcome!

A Class III railroad, or a short line railroad, is a rail company with an annual operating revenue of less than $20 million (1991 dollars).[12] Class III railroads are typically local short line railroads, either serving a small number of towns and industries or hauling cars for one or more larger railroads. Many Class III railroads were once branch lines of larger railroads that were spun off, or portions of mainlines that had been abandoned. Most Class III railroads are owned by railroad holding companies, such as Genesee & Wyoming and Gulf & Ohio Railways

To better help understand what railroads are accepted in this group, here is a list of railroads NOT accepted as they re considered Class 1s --

BNSF Railway
Canadian National
Canadian Pacific
CSX Transportation
Norfolk Southern
Union Pacific

For the purpose of this group, we also accept Class II photographs such as Florida East Coast.

But if you have any doubt about what Class of railroad it is, feel free to either send me a message through FAA or just post the work for moderator review.

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