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Painted Wild West



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Marcus Moller

Morristown, MN

United States

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This group was started on February 28th, 2012 and currently has:


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Painted Wild West

About This Group

For those who have a love or passion for the wild west, cowboys, native american, the western American landscape or western wildlife past and present this is your home to exhibit your art work.

This group is for oil, acylic, watercolor, pastel paintings or mixed media and drawings. Please do NOT submit photography, digitally altered or otherwise. Computer generated images from a blank screen are acceptable.

Images capturing subject matter relevant to western United States, current or past history is what we are looking for. Hopefully this group will be viewed by potential buyers with like interests. Not all images submitted are immediately tagged to the group. Images are randomly selected and are juried for creativity, composition and technique. There are so many very fine pieces of work by single artists that could easily overwhelm the gallery, however I do try to spread out the art work and offer a variety of styles in different mediums.

Featured Images

Joni Beinborn - Ready and Willing

Ready and Willing

Joni Beinborn

Marcus Moller - Rearing Up Out of a...
Mia DeLode - Waiting to Ride Again
Marilyn Smith - Sizzling Heat

Sizzling Heat

Marilyn Smith

Mia DeLode - The Legend Begins
Deborah Strategier - Long Day in the Saddle

Long Day in the Saddle

Deborah Strategier