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Black and white



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Ramon Martinez

Stockholm, SE


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This group was started on April 13th, 2013 and currently has:


824 Members


6,857 Images


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Black and white

About This Group

Group for all that love B&W in art. Any medium welcome.


Featured Images

Walt Foegelle - Tree on Bonaire

Tree on Bonaire

Walt Foegelle

Jessica Shelton - Wicked


Jessica Shelton

Marco Oliveira - Engineering


Marco Oliveira

Dawn Currie - Natures Abstract 4...
Alexander Senin - White Blossoms - Black...
Joseph Hollingsworth - Under the Bleachers

Under the Bleachers

Joseph Hollingsworth

Steven Bateson - Annie

Annie's Saddle

Steven Bateson

Menega Sabidussi - Historic French Slate...

Historic French Slate...

Menega Sabidussi

Kathi Mirto - Mad About You

Mad About You

Kathi Mirto

Dario Fabijanic - Rose In Black

Rose In Black

Dario Fabijanic

Stan Halcin - Vatican Spiral staircase
Jerry Fornarotto - Castle Hill Lighthouse bw

Castle Hill Lighthouse bw

Jerry Fornarotto

Pete Hemington - Grand Western Canal

Grand Western Canal

Pete Hemington

Lali Kacharava - Spring birch forest

Spring birch forest

Lali Kacharava

William Dey - BLACK CONTINENTAL Palm...
Miriam Danar - The Old House Down the...
Scott Thorp - Nubble Storm

Nubble Storm

Scott Thorp

Mary Carol Story - Grange City Covered...

Grange City Covered...

Mary Carol Story

Darrell Arnold - Black and white Saturday...
Andy Crawford - Fort Pike in black and...
Amber Stanford - Adoptive Mother

Adoptive Mother

Amber Stanford

Gill Billington - Evening Light at Big Ben...
Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Elephant Seals Napping

Elephant Seals Napping

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

William Fields - Downriver From Pinckney...
Sonya Wilson - Abstract


Sonya Wilson

Robert Riordan - Out of Service

Out of Service

Robert Riordan

Rachel Hauswirth - Centered


Rachel Hauswirth

Larry Helms - Black and White...

Black and White...

Larry Helms

Erik Klein Brinke - Capture the Light

Capture the Light

Erik Klein Brinke

Candida Hernandez - Cheryl


Candida Hernandez

Joseph Hollingsworth - Los Angeles 2nd St....

Los Angeles 2nd St....

Joseph Hollingsworth

Dawn Currie - Natures Abstract 1...
Karol  Livote - Trunked


Karol Livote

Alexander Kunz - West of Guejito

West of Guejito

Alexander Kunz

Wayne Meyer - Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

Wayne Meyer

Michael Schwartzberg - Halifax River 46BW

Halifax River 46BW

Michael Schwartzberg

Robert McCubbin - A Buck At A Time

A Buck At A Time

Robert McCubbin

Dario Fabijanic - Endurance


Dario Fabijanic

Svetlana Nilova - Work of Light 4

Work of Light 4

Svetlana Nilova

Marek Stepan - Oaks in snow

Oaks in snow

Marek Stepan

Brad Brizek - Saint Nicholas Cathedral
Miriam Danar - 10 P M - Black and White
Olahs Photography - Leap of Faith II

Leap of Faith II

Olahs Photography

Luis Castaneda - Broken Feather

Broken Feather

Luis Castaneda

Vivian ANDERSON - Industrial Suite - 8

Industrial Suite - 8


F Leblanc - UNION PACIFIC 844 Ready...
Bob Phillips - The Gardeners 3

The Gardeners 3

Bob Phillips

Selma Glunn - Fantasy Forest

Fantasy Forest

Selma Glunn

Clare Bevan - The Tree at Night

The Tree at Night

Clare Bevan

Colleen Williams - Having Fun

Having Fun

Colleen Williams

Eric Glaser - The Quiet Season

The Quiet Season

Eric Glaser

Vishvesh Tadsare - Madhubala


Vishvesh Tadsare

Martin Howard - Angels or Dragons b/w

Angels or Dragons b/w

Martin Howard

Lesa Fine - 5047 Lillies Charcoal Art
Lyric Lucas - Black Lace Bird

Black Lace Bird

Lyric Lucas

Selma Glunn - Tranquility


Selma Glunn

Menega Sabidussi - Vienna Hermes Villa...

Vienna Hermes Villa...

Menega Sabidussi

Steve Stephenson - Dandelion


Steve Stephenson

Stephen Stookey - Frontier Witness

Frontier Witness

Stephen Stookey

Debra Fedchin - Cutalossa in Winter IV
Michael Schwartzberg - Egret in Flight 6

Egret in Flight 6

Michael Schwartzberg

Colleen Williams - Time for Our Walk

Time for Our Walk

Colleen Williams

Suzanne Oesterling - Touched V2

Touched V2

Suzanne Oesterling

Steve Godleski - Reading


Steve Godleski

Nina Stavlund - Revelation...


Nina Stavlund

Aaron Spong - Star Dune

Star Dune

Aaron Spong

Dario Fabijanic - Lost


Dario Fabijanic

Scott Thorp - The Castle

The Castle

Scott Thorp

Steven Ralser - Maine carirns

Maine carirns

Steven Ralser

Betsy Zimmerli - Winter Wanes

Winter Wanes

Betsy Zimmerli

Marie Kazebee - Monochrome Rose

Monochrome Rose

Marie Kazebee

Mark  Reep - Light Be My Friend
Colleen Williams - Sailboats Clouds...

Sailboats Clouds...

Colleen Williams

Robert McCubbin - To Grand Mother

To Grand Mother's House

Robert McCubbin

Dee Browning - Fog Shrouded St. Johns...
Diana Sainz - Missing String 1 in...
Jessica Shelton - Mad Lipstick Disease

Mad Lipstick Disease

Jessica Shelton

Alexander Senin - Study In Black And White

Study In Black And White

Alexander Senin

Dan Sproul - GE Building In Black And...
Irina Hays - Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta

Irina Hays

Anna Wacker - Living In My Shadow IV
Brad Brizek - Ice Falls

Ice Falls

Brad Brizek

Darrell Arnold - Cluster 5

Cluster 5

Darrell Arnold

Fran Riley - Petal Reflections
Karol  Livote - At The Station

At The Station

Karol Livote

Jennie Marie Schell - Raindrops on Gerber...

Raindrops on Gerber...

Jennie Marie Schell

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - The White Dove Mission

The White Dove Mission

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Chalet Roome-Rigdon - Monochrome Pilings

Monochrome Pilings

Chalet Roome-Rigdon

Medicine Tree Studios - Mystery Of The Playa

Mystery Of The Playa

Medicine Tree Studios

Mary Carol Story - The Blue Umbrella - SC

The Blue Umbrella - SC

Mary Carol Story

Dawna  Moore Photography - The Collanade at the Old...

The Collanade at the Old...

Dawna Moore Photography

John Rizzuto - Boston Rising

Boston Rising

John Rizzuto

Brenda Conrad - Contemplating the...

Contemplating the...

Brenda Conrad

Joseph Hollingsworth - Villa Riv

Villa Riv

Joseph Hollingsworth

Yuri Santin - Winter in Venice

Winter in Venice

Yuri Santin

Brian Carson - Allan Gardens...

Allan Gardens...

Brian Carson

Brad Brizek - All Aboard

All Aboard

Brad Brizek

Dan Sproul - Old Wagon Wheel Black...
J Riley Stewart - Loudoun Stream in Winter

Loudoun Stream in Winter

J Riley Stewart

Robert McCubbin - Up n Over

Up n Over

Robert McCubbin

Svetlana Nilova - Notre Dame in Half-Light

Notre Dame in Half-Light

Svetlana Nilova

Alexander Kunz - Garnet Peak View

Garnet Peak View

Alexander Kunz

Hanny Heim - Skyscrapers


Hanny Heim

Denis Tangney Jr - Foggy Night in Boston

Foggy Night in Boston

Denis Tangney Jr

Cathy Mahnke - Rainfall


Cathy Mahnke

Zeljko Dozet - Following The Fence

Following The Fence

Zeljko Dozet

D Cosmos - Mystical Rhombus No.2
Diana Sainz - Sax and G-tar by Diana...
Ms Judi - Old Water Well Black and...
William Dey - DESERT MODERN BW Palm...
Colleen Williams - Old Tree

Old Tree

Colleen Williams

Aimelle - La Vie en Noir et Blanc
Marco Oliveira - Rock On The Beach

Rock On The Beach

Marco Oliveira

Mary Carol Story - The Color Of Winter - BW

The Color Of Winter - BW

Mary Carol Story

Rachel Hauswirth - Swamp Reflections

Swamp Reflections

Rachel Hauswirth

David s Newsome - Seven Zeebras

Seven Zeebras

David s Newsome

Angelika Kimmig - Found suddenly in the...

Found suddenly in the...

Angelika Kimmig

Kathi Mirto - Storm Watching

Storm Watching

Kathi Mirto

Thomas Woolworth - Decaying Illinois Barn...

Decaying Illinois Barn...

Thomas Woolworth

Ivy Ho - Monastery in the Valley
Joe Quinn - Great Egret No. 1
John Rizzuto - Bridge Slice

Bridge Slice

John Rizzuto

Steve Triplett - Contemplating


Steve Triplett

Jessy Willemse - The Path

The Path

Jessy Willemse

Suzy Piatt - Textures


Suzy Piatt

Yuri Santin - Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Yuri Santin

Dawn Currie - Womens Entrance

Womens Entrance

Dawn Currie

Anna Wacker - Elevator of Glory

Elevator of Glory

Anna Wacker

Dan Carmichael - Snow on Old Wooden Shacks
Michael Schwartzberg - Trees on Little Miami

Trees on Little Miami

Michael Schwartzberg

RicardMN Photography - Buddhist nuns in a...

Buddhist nuns in a...

RicardMN Photography

Larry Helms - Antique Lunch Pail

Antique Lunch Pail

Larry Helms

Saul Granda - Lighthouse 01

Lighthouse 01

Saul Granda

Lyric Lucas - Spot Light

Spot Light

Lyric Lucas

Colleen Williams - Hope


Colleen Williams

Alyaksandr Stzhalkouski - Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline

Alyaksandr Stzhalkouski

Menega Sabidussi - Ornate Wrought-Iron...

Ornate Wrought-Iron...

Menega Sabidussi

Marco Oliveira - Into The Mystic

Into The Mystic

Marco Oliveira

Chalet Roome-Rigdon - The Painted Hills BW

The Painted Hills BW

Chalet Roome-Rigdon

Jessica Shelton - Dysmorphia


Jessica Shelton

Dan Sproul - New York City Skyline At...
Joseph Hollingsworth - Foggy Beach Day

Foggy Beach Day

Joseph Hollingsworth

Brad Brizek - Ajaccio Back Alley

Ajaccio Back Alley

Brad Brizek

Robert McCubbin - Magic Portal

Magic Portal

Robert McCubbin

Ivy Ho - In the rain
Sarah Loft - Synchronized Spinning
James Aiken - Track 41 at Grand Central
Dan Carmichael - Ancient House Fresh Snow...
Vivian ANDERSON - Book Cover

Book Cover


Debra Fedchin - Hidden Waterfall

Hidden Waterfall

Debra Fedchin

Wes and Dotty Weber - Burro D4633

Burro D4633

Wes and Dotty Weber

Miriam Danar - The Ticket

The Ticket

Miriam Danar

Larry Helms - Auto-Lite Miner
Chalet Roome-Rigdon - Special People

Special People

Chalet Roome-Rigdon

Delphimages Photo Creations - City lights in Venice

City lights in Venice

Delphimages Photo Creations

Medicine Tree Studios - Creekside Solitude

Creekside Solitude

Medicine Tree Studios

Robert  Aycock - San Diego Skyline

San Diego Skyline

Robert Aycock

Svetlana Nilova - The Fall Alley

The Fall Alley

Svetlana Nilova

Shawna  Rowe - Infrared Coneflowers
Dawn Currie - Amphitheater Seating
Jenny Rainbow - Walk in Old Margao....
Paul Smith - Splitting Palms

Splitting Palms

Paul Smith

Bob Christopher - Abandoned


Bob Christopher

David T Wilkinson - Church of the Saviour

Church of the Saviour

David T Wilkinson

Theresa Tahara - Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl

Theresa Tahara

John Rizzuto - Going Down in Death...
Scott Thorp - On the Rocks

On the Rocks

Scott Thorp

Diana Sainz - Charlotte Brick Kids by...
John Straton - Stone Girl in Winter HDR...
Anna Wacker - Gypsy Woman - Going Home
George Taylor - Dunes Scape 2

Dunes Scape 2

George Taylor

Hartmut Jager - Father and Son

Father and Son

Hartmut Jager

Sarah Loft - Illusion in Black and...
Kim Bemis - Feather Dance -...
Scott Hill - Gray And White Flowers
Herb Jordan - Meditation 2

Meditation 2

Herb Jordan

Tracy Winter - Silhouette in black and...
Jessica Shelton - Seductive


Jessica Shelton

Michael Cross - Art in the News 36-...
Dan Sproul - Black And White Lobby...
Richard Wambach - Monhegan Dawn Island Inn

Monhegan Dawn Island Inn

Richard Wambach

Steve Stephenson - Impression of a Mum

Impression of a Mum

Steve Stephenson

Alyaksandr Stzhalkouski - Big City

Big City

Alyaksandr Stzhalkouski

Wes and Dotty Weber - Dancing Cranes D4593

Dancing Cranes D4593

Wes and Dotty Weber

Agata Wisniowska - Shadow on the wall

Shadow on the wall

Agata Wisniowska

Brad Brizek - Corsican Church

Corsican Church

Brad Brizek

Walt Foegelle - Wild Grapes In Thicket
Jane Linders - Sad Angel

Sad Angel

Jane Linders

Larry Helms - Rose 4

Rose 4

Larry Helms

John Rizzuto - San Andres Island Beach
Marek Stepan - Prague Crypts

Prague Crypts

Marek Stepan

Medicine Tree Studios - Pierspective


Medicine Tree Studios

Joann Vitali - Marriott Custom House
Debra Fedchin - Footprints in the Sand
Dan Sproul - Nashville Tennessee...
Ilker Goksen - Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table

Ilker Goksen

RicardMN Photography - Saint-Malo from Dinard.

Saint-Malo from Dinard.

RicardMN Photography

Sarah Loft - Auto Headlight 162
Greg and Chrystal Mimbs - Rodeo Hands

Rodeo Hands

Greg and Chrystal Mimbs

John Rizzuto - Tower Details

Tower Details

John Rizzuto

Spencer Polwort - Walk Away

Walk Away

Spencer Polwort

Sotiris Filippou - Soothing sounds

Soothing sounds

Sotiris Filippou

Anna Wacker - Reflections III

Reflections III

Anna Wacker

Odd Jeppesen - Inside


Odd Jeppesen

Lyric Lucas - Beckoning


Lyric Lucas

Bob Christopher - Crucifix Mission San...

Crucifix Mission San...

Bob Christopher

Denise Dube - Repurposed By Denise Dube
Karol  Livote - Mechanism


Karol Livote

Inge Riis McDonald - Young musician

Young musician

Inge Riis McDonald

Debra Fedchin - It

It's Empty Now

Debra Fedchin

Steve Godleski - Restoration


Steve Godleski

Lisa Knechtel - Into the Woods

Into the Woods

Lisa Knechtel

John Rizzuto - Pier Lines

Pier Lines

John Rizzuto

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 336 - Observation

336 - Observation

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Larry Helms - Along the Fence

Along the Fence

Larry Helms

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City - Summer -...
Marcia Lee Jones - A Garden of Rare Beauty

A Garden of Rare Beauty

Marcia Lee Jones

Dan Sproul - Arctic Melt

Arctic Melt

Dan Sproul

David Bowman - Hallgrimskirkja 1

Hallgrimskirkja 1

David Bowman

Diana Sainz - Water Drip in Black and...
Anna Wacker - My Deception In Black
Alexander Senin - The Branch Of...

The Branch Of...

Alexander Senin

Variance Collections - Rondo Floral - s30ct02

Rondo Floral - s30ct02

Variance Collections

Eric Christopher Jackson - Fallen


Eric Christopher Jackson

James Orme - Clermont Palms

Clermont Palms

James Orme

Robert Harmon - In Port

In Port

Robert Harmon

Richard Wambach - Imagination 1993 -...

Imagination 1993 -...

Richard Wambach

Steve Stephenson - Spring Narcissus

Spring Narcissus

Steve Stephenson

Michael Schwartzberg - Azaleas En Mass

Azaleas En Mass

Michael Schwartzberg

Silvio Ligutti - Abandoned Shack in...

Abandoned Shack in...

Silvio Ligutti

Bob Christopher - Sands Of Time

Sands Of Time

Bob Christopher

Medicine Tree Studios - The Pod

The Pod

Medicine Tree Studios

William Beuther - Rainy Day Ride

Rainy Day Ride

William Beuther

Marek Stepan - Oaks In Mist

Oaks In Mist

Marek Stepan

Svetlana Nilova - Mushrooms


Svetlana Nilova

Clare Bevan - Paper Flower Black and...
Sotiris Filippou - Lines of Nature

Lines of Nature

Sotiris Filippou

Angelika Kimmig - Pencil live I

Pencil live I

Angelika Kimmig

Steve Godleski - Sealed


Steve Godleski

Brad Brizek - Cafe in the Sky

Cafe in the Sky

Brad Brizek

Thomas Woolworth - Grand Salon 05 Queen...

Grand Salon 05 Queen...

Thomas Woolworth

Robert Harmon - Black and White Camping
Alyaksandr Stzhalkouski - Manhattan


Alyaksandr Stzhalkouski

John Straton - Union Gun Crew

Union Gun Crew

John Straton

Stephen Stookey - The Alamo

The Alamo

Stephen Stookey

Menega Sabidussi - Zaha Hadid Library...

Zaha Hadid Library...

Menega Sabidussi

John Rizzuto - City on Fire

City on Fire

John Rizzuto

Bob Christopher - Los Angeles Skyline at...
Wendy Brunell - Desert Turtle

Desert Turtle

Wendy Brunell

Debra Fedchin - Belmar Fishing Pier in...
George Taylor - Driftwood


George Taylor

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Cow Skull and Antler...

Cow Skull and Antler...

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

William Dey - INDECISION Palm Springs
Sarah Loft - Leaves


Sarah Loft

Dan Carmichael - Vintage Rural Gas Station
Anna Wacker - Armageddon


Anna Wacker

Priska Wettstein - Dense Woods

Dense Woods

Priska Wettstein

Angelika Kimmig - Are you Believe

Are you Believe

Angelika Kimmig

Luis Castaneda - The Great Wall....

The Great Wall....

Luis Castaneda

Gill Billington - Hurrying For The Train...
Jessica Shelton - Existing


Jessica Shelton

Denise Dube - Carriage House Keeper By...
William Dey - ENTRY BW Charleston SC
Rick Kuperberg Sr - The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven

Rick Kuperberg Sr

Rod Seel - B-17 Engine

B-17 Engine

Rod Seel

Scott  Wyatt - On Track

On Track

Scott Wyatt

Michael Cross - Art in the news 35-Gary...
Yuri Pictures - Midnight Train

Midnight Train

Yuri Pictures

George Taylor - Fronds


George Taylor

Andy Crawford - Hale Boggs Memorial...
Silvio Ligutti - Zabriskie Point - Death...
Mark  Reep - The Bell of Song...
Chalet Roome-Rigdon - Maryhill Tree BW 4a

Maryhill Tree BW 4a

Chalet Roome-Rigdon

Pavel Gospodinov - Stairs


Pavel Gospodinov

Rachel Hauswirth - Black and White

Black and White

Rachel Hauswirth

Suzanne Oesterling - Road Warrior

Road Warrior

Suzanne Oesterling

Jerry Fornarotto - Basilica of Saint Louis...
Allen Beatty - Lady Liberty 2

Lady Liberty 2

Allen Beatty

Anna Wacker - Olive Tree

Olive Tree

Anna Wacker

Marek Stepan - Architecture Detail

Architecture Detail

Marek Stepan

Marcel Huibers - Brantasgracht


Marcel Huibers

Kim Bemis - Antique Victorian Tea...
Anne Lacy - Wind Power

Wind Power

Anne Lacy

April Johnson - Fairy Lithograph

Fairy Lithograph

April Johnson

Lesa Fine - Commercial Vintage...
Brian Carson - No 225 King Street West...
Dan Sproul - The Bird Of Prey

The Bird Of Prey

Dan Sproul

Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Cow skull and Antlers

Cow skull and Antlers

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Ruth Jolly - Southwest staircase
Vivian ANDERSON - Industrial Suite - 5

Industrial Suite - 5


Milan Cernak - Old car

Old car

Milan Cernak

Natalia Chaplin - John Lennon

John Lennon

Natalia Chaplin

Iris Gelbart - Island Vacationland

Island Vacationland

Iris Gelbart

Odd Jeppesen - Trap


Odd Jeppesen

A P - Catwalk
Chalet Roome-Rigdon - Old Goldendale Homestead...

Old Goldendale Homestead...

Chalet Roome-Rigdon

Thomas Woolworth - Before The Gates Open In...
Jessica Shelton - Regretting


Jessica Shelton

F Leblanc - Old Case Gas Tractor - B...
Greg and Chrystal Mimbs - Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot Tub

Greg and Chrystal Mimbs

Steve Stephenson - Vintage Camera Trio

Vintage Camera Trio

Steve Stephenson

David T Wilkinson - Sail Away BW

Sail Away BW

David T Wilkinson

Mike Savad - Eyes - My eyes are up...
Nikolyn McDonald - Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast

Nikolyn McDonald

Vivienne Gucwa - New York City Winter...
Zinvolle Art - Burnt Ridley Hall

Burnt Ridley Hall

Zinvolle Art

Rachel Hauswirth - Lighthouse Glass

Lighthouse Glass

Rachel Hauswirth

Colleen Kammerer - Riverbank


Colleen Kammerer

Jennifer Mecca - Pedal through Time

Pedal through Time

Jennifer Mecca

Jolly Van der Velden - Brugge


Jolly Van der Velden

Alexander Senin - Atmosphere - Featured 3

Atmosphere - Featured 3

Alexander Senin

Brad Brizek - Basilica di Santa Maria...
Suzanne Oesterling - Bells of Santorini

Bells of Santorini

Suzanne Oesterling

Rob  Whitney - Frosted Trees on the...
John Rizzuto - Kraft Mountain

Kraft Mountain

John Rizzuto

Allen Beatty - Jockey
Pavel Gospodinov - Cubism


Pavel Gospodinov

Joseph Hollingsworth - Beach


Joseph Hollingsworth

Dwight Cook - Glady

Glady's Creek Mill

Dwight Cook

Allen Beatty - Sailing the Open Seas
Kim Bemis - High Himalayas - Black...
Marek Stepan - Modern Landscape

Modern Landscape

Marek Stepan

Chowdary V Arikatla - 1063 Abstract Thought

1063 Abstract Thought

Chowdary V Arikatla

James Aiken - Chrysler Building...
Tracy Winter - Old house

Old house

Tracy Winter

Rachel Hauswirth - Frozen Taquamenon

Frozen Taquamenon

Rachel Hauswirth

Dan Sproul - Bryce Canyon In Black...
Pavel Gospodinov - Solitude


Pavel Gospodinov

Martin New - Couple with bikes
Kathi Mirto - Sunning


Kathi Mirto

Shawna  Rowe - Winter Forest

Winter Forest

Shawna Rowe

Joseph Hollingsworth - Ocean Cloud Crown

Ocean Cloud Crown

Joseph Hollingsworth

Jessica Shelton - Daily Grind

Daily Grind

Jessica Shelton

Scott  Wyatt - Williamsburg Bridge
Pennie  McCracken - Ghost of Smuggler

Ghost of Smuggler's Cove

Pennie McCracken

Marlo Horne - Marionette


Marlo Horne

Steve Stephenson - Hand


Steve Stephenson

Natalia Chaplin - Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou

Natalia Chaplin

Pavel Gospodinov - A bridge to the eternity

A bridge to the eternity

Pavel Gospodinov

Ramon Martinez - Pain on cross

Pain on cross

Ramon Martinez

Scott  Wyatt - Philadelphia Parkway
Kerstin Ivarsson - Ink drawing with trees...

Ink drawing with trees...

Kerstin Ivarsson

Martin New - The lost shoe

The lost shoe

Martin New

Robert Harmon - Terminal Tower Black and...
Anne Lacy - A walk down the path in...
Vivian ANDERSON - Industrial Suite - 3

Industrial Suite - 3


Kandy Hurley - Zee Abstract

Zee Abstract

Kandy Hurley

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom - Fractured bubbles at 5...

Fractured bubbles at 5...

LeeAnn McLaneGoetz McLaneGoetzStudioLLCcom

Zeljko Dozet - One Day

One Day

Zeljko Dozet

Miro Gradinscak - Don

Don't panic

Miro Gradinscak

Alicia Hollinger - Marylinesque Black and...

Marylinesque Black and...

Alicia Hollinger

Jessica Shelton - Alone in the dark I cry

Alone in the dark I cry

Jessica Shelton

Dan Sproul - Black And White Dream
Delphimages Photo Creations - Exit


Delphimages Photo Creations

James Aiken - An Unwelcoming Seat
Jody Scheers - Going Home It
Geni Gorani - Man With Cane

Man With Cane

Geni Gorani

Michael Schwartzberg - Abandoned Marina 40

Abandoned Marina 40

Michael Schwartzberg

Eric Tressler - Bixby Bridge At Big Sur
Bob VonDrachek - Twisted Takeoff BW

Twisted Takeoff BW

Bob VonDrachek

Carol Groenen - Eiffel Tower Sillhouette
Robert Harmon - Marina in Black and White
Steve Stephenson - Hands


Steve Stephenson

James Bo Insogna - Twin Peaks Panorama View...
Sarah Loft - Auto Grill 21

Auto Grill 21

Sarah Loft

Inge Riis McDonald - Tiny Mushroom BW

Tiny Mushroom BW

Inge Riis McDonald

Laurie Perry - Daytona Clock Tower 2
Jessica Shelton - Fourfold


Jessica Shelton

RicardMN Photography - Alhambra BW  posterized...

Alhambra BW posterized...

RicardMN Photography

Michael Schwartzberg - Into the Light 8

Into the Light 8

Michael Schwartzberg

J Riley Stewart - White Tablecloth  Rome...

White Tablecloth Rome...

J Riley Stewart

Dan Carmichael - Spring Ferns of the Blue...
Vivian ANDERSON - Industrial Suite - 7

Industrial Suite - 7


Paul Smith - Once Bitten

Once Bitten

Paul Smith

Rona Black - The Raven - Black and...
Andreas M Giesea - Ascot Derby

Ascot Derby

Andreas M Giesea

Robert Harmon - A Cleveland Black and...
Dan Sproul - Shelby Street Bridge At...
Christiane Schulze - Brandenburger Tor -...

Brandenburger Tor -...

Christiane Schulze

Scott Pellegrin - Industrial Gear

Industrial Gear

Scott Pellegrin

Alexander Kunz - Trees in Rain

Trees in Rain

Alexander Kunz

Svetlana Nilova - Mountain Trail

Mountain Trail

Svetlana Nilova

Linsey Williams - Misty Morn

Misty Morn

Linsey Williams

Jenny Rainbow - Ocean Mermaid

Ocean Mermaid

Jenny Rainbow

Marek Stepan - Symmetry of modern...
Luis Castaneda - Monument Valley. Utah

Monument Valley. Utah

Luis Castaneda

J Riley Stewart - Snickersville Pike in...

Snickersville Pike in...

J Riley Stewart

Scott Pellegrin - Laying Down Some Tracks

Laying Down Some Tracks

Scott Pellegrin

Alyaksandr Stzhalkouski - Abandoned Tallinn #1

Abandoned Tallinn #1

Alyaksandr Stzhalkouski

Crystal Fudge - Gothic Peaked Window

Gothic Peaked Window

Crystal Fudge

Ron Grafe - Bygone Memories

Bygone Memories

Ron Grafe

Pavel Gospodinov - Lost in the Forest

Lost in the Forest

Pavel Gospodinov

Steve Stephenson - Buckroe Beach Pier

Buckroe Beach Pier

Steve Stephenson

Ivy Ho - Rose


Ivy Ho

Michael Schwartzberg - Sunrise Under the ...

Sunrise Under the ...

Michael Schwartzberg

Andreas M Giesea - Fly by

Fly by

Andreas M Giesea

Marco Oliveira - Santa Marta Lighthouse...
James Bo Insogna - Electrical Arcing Night...
Lesa Fine - BW HDR Geese on the Pond...
Alexander Kunz - A Sierra Memory

A Sierra Memory

Alexander Kunz

Tracy Winter - Walk in the snow

Walk in the snow

Tracy Winter

Sarah Loft - Day Lily in Black and...
Michelle Meenawong - I can see you

I can see you

Michelle Meenawong

Robert McCubbin - Come On In

Come On In

Robert McCubbin

Pavel Gospodinov - Fishermen and sea

Fishermen and sea

Pavel Gospodinov

Lindsey Grafe - Flamingo Black and White
Sandra Selle Rodriguez - Standing Tall BW

Standing Tall BW

Sandra Selle Rodriguez

Patrick Jacquet - Geneva Water Jet

Geneva Water Jet

Patrick Jacquet

Scott Hill - White Flowers

White Flowers

Scott Hill

Michael Schwartzberg - Spruce Creek 8

Spruce Creek 8

Michael Schwartzberg

Sarah Loft - Bannister and Shadows
Vivian ANDERSON - Industrial Suite - 1

Industrial Suite - 1


Georgia Fowler - Cathedral


Georgia Fowler

Marek Stepan - Brighton West Pier II
Mark Monckton - Black and White Tulips
Clare Bevan - Rope Black and White
Colleen Williams - The Worrier

The Worrier

Colleen Williams

Ben Shields - High Tide

High Tide

Ben Shields

Scott Thorp - Distorted Perception
Michael Schwartzberg - Beach Fence

Beach Fence

Michael Schwartzberg

Susan Serna - Where the Ravens Play
Rachel Hauswirth - Swamp Reflections

Swamp Reflections

Rachel Hauswirth

Sarah Loft - Abstract Reflection 4
Dan Carmichael - Under Stormy Skies -...
Luis Castaneda - Castle Ruins. Montuenga...
Delphimages Photo Creations - Olive grove

Olive grove

Delphimages Photo Creations

Claudio Bacinello - Covered Wagon Wet Plate

Covered Wagon Wet Plate

Claudio Bacinello

Alyaksandr Stzhalkouski - Abstructure


Alyaksandr Stzhalkouski

Amanda Stadther - Minnesota State Capitol

Minnesota State Capitol

Amanda Stadther

Lauren Hunter - Buoy Boy in Black

Buoy Boy in Black

Lauren Hunter

Peter Lessey - A Hidden Place

A Hidden Place

Peter Lessey

Jolly Van der Velden - Veteran


Jolly Van der Velden

Vivian ANDERSON - Industrial Suite - 9

Industrial Suite - 9


Bob Phillips - Cobblestone Lane 3

Cobblestone Lane 3

Bob Phillips

Julio Haro - Black and White Sunrise
Aaron Spong - Girl with Flower

Girl with Flower

Aaron Spong

Marco Oliveira - Mast And Sail I

Mast And Sail I

Marco Oliveira

Vivian ANDERSON - Industrial Suite - 2

Industrial Suite - 2


Jessica Shelton - Silence


Jessica Shelton

Jayant Kerai - Pantheon Ceiling

Pantheon Ceiling

Jayant Kerai

Rachel Hauswirth - Tower of Sand

Tower of Sand

Rachel Hauswirth

AHousewife Asia - Sisters


AHousewife Asia

Luis Castaneda - Sand Dunes. Death...

Sand Dunes. Death...

Luis Castaneda

Zeljko Dozet - Rising Over The River
Clare Bevan - Waiting for Summer

Waiting for Summer

Clare Bevan

Steve Triplett - Foggy Hill

Foggy Hill

Steve Triplett

Dawna  Moore Photography - St. Augustine Lighthouse...

St. Augustine Lighthouse...

Dawna Moore Photography

Stephen Stookey - Bromo Seltzer Tower No 12
Shawna  Rowe - Fragile Beauty Black and...
Marek Stepan - Glass Abstract

Glass Abstract

Marek Stepan

Delphimages Photo Creations - The Huangpu river

The Huangpu river

Delphimages Photo Creations

Michelle Meenawong -  It Was A Hard Day

It Was A Hard Day

Michelle Meenawong

Kandy Hurley - Flirt


Kandy Hurley

Denise Dube - Digital Carnage

Digital Carnage

Denise Dube

Sarah Loft - Glass Abstract 204
Lauren Hunter - Up Front

Up Front

Lauren Hunter

John Rizzuto - Eight Million Stories
Gary Warnimont - Radial Aircraft Engine

Radial Aircraft Engine

Gary Warnimont

Scott Pellegrin - Powhatan


Scott Pellegrin

Colleen Kammerer - Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water

Colleen Kammerer

Brian Carson - Commerce Court West 2
Nathan Cole - Monkey Surprise

Monkey Surprise

Nathan Cole

Esther Newman-Cohen - Cowboys Panel 1

Cowboys Panel 1

Esther Newman-Cohen

Michael Schwartzberg - Second Stories

Second Stories

Michael Schwartzberg

Sarah Loft - Shadow on the Wall 2
Jolly Van der Velden - Seeds


Jolly Van der Velden

Sandra Bronstein - Awakening


Sandra Bronstein

Colleen Williams - Emblem


Colleen Williams

Gill Billington - Buick Hood Ornament

Buick Hood Ornament

Gill Billington

Stephen Stookey - Alamo by Night

Alamo by Night

Stephen Stookey

Nina Stavlund - Past Silence..

Past Silence..

Nina Stavlund

Alex Arig - Stairs


Alex Arig

Karol  Livote - The Life Of The Strings
Thomas Woolworth - Russian Submarine BW

Russian Submarine BW

Thomas Woolworth

Steve Stephenson - Sunrise Seagull

Sunrise Seagull

Steve Stephenson

Denise Dube - Keeper of The Past B...
Vivienne Gucwa - Winter Night - New York...
Rachel Hauswirth - Black and White Mount...

Black and White Mount...

Rachel Hauswirth

Delphimages Photo Creations - The Bund

The Bund

Delphimages Photo Creations

Svetlana Nilova - Old and Worn Out

Old and Worn Out

Svetlana Nilova

F Leblanc - Owl 1 BandW

Owl 1 BandW

F Leblanc

John Straton - Dry Creek Bed HDR B and W
Scott Pellegrin - Swamp Reflections

Swamp Reflections

Scott Pellegrin

Bob VonDrachek - Bridge of Sighs BW

Bridge of Sighs BW

Bob VonDrachek

Pavel Gospodinov - A free mind

A free mind

Pavel Gospodinov

Brad Brizek - Oirase Gorge Stream in...
Pete Edmunds - Walk This Way -...

Walk This Way -...

Pete Edmunds

J Riley Stewart - Lady by the Seine

Lady by the Seine

J Riley Stewart

Suntaree Pham - black and white Eiffel...
Lucinda Walter - Honoring


Lucinda Walter

Dawn Currie - Roman Landmarks

Roman Landmarks

Dawn Currie

Irina Hays - Camellia


Irina Hays

Nikolyn McDonald - Ready to Drop

Ready to Drop

Nikolyn McDonald

Yuri Pictures - Nostalgia


Yuri Pictures

Alexander Kunz - Vistono


Alexander Kunz

Karol  Livote - Light Finds A Way

Light Finds A Way

Karol Livote