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Kaleidoscopes and Mandalas



Group Administrator

Alec Drake

Dallas, TX

United States

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Group Overview

This group was started on February 14th, 2012 and currently has:


258 Members


2,835 Images


64 Discussions

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Kaleidoscopes and Mandalas

About This Group

Welcome! This is a special place for those who enjoy these unique expressions of art and belief.

Group Rules:

1. Paintings, digitally altered images and digital art are all welcome that fit the descriptions below:

Kaleidoscopes for the purpose of this group, represent a symmetrical complex pattern of shapes, materials and colors.

Maṇḍala is a Sanskrit word meaning 'circle.' In the Buddhist and Hindu religious traditions sacred art often takes a mandala form. The basic form of most Hindu and Buddhist mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. Each gate is in the shape of a T. Mandalas often exhibit radial balance.

2. Submission limit of three (3) images per member per day please. This provides balanced exposure for all members in the group.

3. To maintain the true theme of the group...the administrator reserves the right to reject members and submissions at their discretion.

We feature the unexpected when it arrives to reflect the focus of the group.

You are invited to visit all of my art groups 'Life Is what Happens' or 'Kaleidoscopes & Mandalas' or 'How Bold Thou Art' Each group includes wonderful artists from around the world.

Featured Images

Elisabeth Trostli - Blue Geisha Masque

Blue Geisha Masque

Elisabeth Trostli

Binka Kirova - Ohm


Binka Kirova

Anita Lewis - Whimsical Shield

Whimsical Shield

Anita Lewis

Sarah  Niebank Hoffman - Lakshmi Goddess of...

Lakshmi Goddess of...

Sarah Niebank Hoffman

Deborah Smith - Tropic Leaf Pattern...
Beth Sawickie - Ripple Burst Mandala

Ripple Burst Mandala

Beth Sawickie

Nedunseralathan R - Symmetrica 308

Symmetrica 308

Nedunseralathan R

Mario Carini - Mandala Growth

Mandala Growth

Mario Carini

Kathryn Strick - Indradhanu 2014

Indradhanu 2014

Kathryn Strick

Melissa  Adkins  - Journey


Melissa Adkins

Jamie Gaviola - Gateway


Jamie Gaviola

Carol Sawyer - Sunflower


Carol Sawyer

Mario Carini - Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

Mario Carini

Bedros Awak - Mandala Birds

Mandala Birds

Bedros Awak

Walter Neal - Chiwara Mandala 2

Chiwara Mandala 2

Walter Neal

Elisabeth Trostli - Owl Masque

Owl Masque

Elisabeth Trostli

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 244

Sacred Geometry 244

Endre Balogh

Barbara R MacPhail - Paint Glitter

Paint Glitter

Barbara R MacPhail

Jamie Gaviola - Portal


Jamie Gaviola

Brenda Erickson - Queens of the Elements

Queens of the Elements

Brenda Erickson

Judy Palkimas - Divine Warmth

Divine Warmth

Judy Palkimas

Sarah  Niebank Hoffman - Ganesha Yantra

Ganesha Yantra

Sarah Niebank Hoffman

Walter Neal - 3 Cups of Mandala

3 Cups of Mandala

Walter Neal

Barbara R MacPhail - Workings


Barbara R MacPhail

Weston Westmoreland - Dome of the Hall of the...

Dome of the Hall of the...

Weston Westmoreland

Hanza Turgul - Abstract Beauty 15

Abstract Beauty 15

Hanza Turgul

Liane Wright - Awakening - The Fourth...
Judy Palkimas - Forever Thine Dahlia

Forever Thine Dahlia

Judy Palkimas

Walter Neal - Mandala 2a-3

Mandala 2a-3

Walter Neal

Mario Carini - Red Satin

Red Satin

Mario Carini

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 243

Sacred Geometry 243

Endre Balogh

R McLellan - A Daughter of Zion Still...
Aimelle  - So Blue - 04v2 - Mandala
Barbara Griffin - Floral Bouquet and the...
Nedunseralathan R - Symmetrica 300

Symmetrica 300

Nedunseralathan R

R McLellan - Look Up

Look Up

R McLellan

Beth Sawickie - Echinacea Flower Mandala
Deborah Smith - Aqua and Melon Totem...
Liane Wright - Kaleidoscope


Liane Wright

MSB Lane - The old and the new
Beth Sawickie - Blue Leaf Mandala...

Blue Leaf Mandala...

Beth Sawickie

Barbara Griffin - Sweet Cherry Supreme -...
M Rao - Fractal Rangoli Series -...
Pat Follett - Silver Grace

Silver Grace

Pat Follett

Denise Nickey - Sweet Anticipation

Sweet Anticipation

Denise Nickey

Zenya Zenyaris - Abstract Poinsettia 2

Abstract Poinsettia 2

Zenya Zenyaris

Barbara R MacPhail - ScrollArt


Barbara R MacPhail

MSB Lane - Kameelfontein Roots
Shannon Story - Autumn Mandala

Autumn Mandala

Shannon Story

Michael Damiani - Misty blue

Misty blue

Michael Damiani

Judy Palkimas - Floral Kaleidoscope

Floral Kaleidoscope

Judy Palkimas

Kathryn Strick - Circumscribed 2014

Circumscribed 2014

Kathryn Strick

Sarah  Niebank Hoffman - Pisces


Sarah Niebank Hoffman

Walter Neal - Mandala Sampler 2-1-4
iina  Van Lawick - Time Flow

Time Flow

iina Van Lawick

Sarah  Niebank Hoffman - Ganesha Mandala

Ganesha Mandala

Sarah Niebank Hoffman

Mechala  Matthews - K14


Mechala Matthews

Anita Lewis - Royalty Party

Royalty Party

Anita Lewis

Mario Carini - Hooked on Cubes

Hooked on Cubes

Mario Carini

Mike Breau - Power of Ten

Power of Ten

Mike Breau

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 241

Sacred Geometry 241

Endre Balogh

Ludmila Nayvelt - Windmill Mandala

Windmill Mandala

Ludmila Nayvelt

Wernher Krutein - Mandala in Yellow

Mandala in Yellow

Wernher Krutein

M Rao - Fractal Rangoli Series -...
Hanza Turgul - Dreamy Abstract

Dreamy Abstract

Hanza Turgul

Barbara R MacPhail - Wharf Really

Wharf Really

Barbara R MacPhail

Elisabeth Trostli - Oncidium Masque

Oncidium Masque

Elisabeth Trostli

Helena Tiainen - Beauty In Symmetry 4 -...
Michael Anthony - My Effects 12

My Effects 12

Michael Anthony

Mario Carini - Purple Neon Eye Candy
Kristy Jeppson - Purple Morning Glory...
Mary Baka - Flag and Hearts...
Janelle Schneider - Meditation on Renewable...

Meditation on Renewable...

Janelle Schneider

Kathryn Strick - Nilalohita 2014

Nilalohita 2014

Kathryn Strick

Melissa  Adkins  - Mandala 1

Mandala 1

Melissa Adkins

Bill Barber - Wreath Kaleidoscope
Hanza Turgul - Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy

Hanza Turgul

Kathryn Strick - Kamalabhu 2014

Kamalabhu 2014

Kathryn Strick

Helena Tiainen - The Joy of Design...

The Joy of Design...

Helena Tiainen

Ann Horn - Kaleidoscopic Yellow
Manny Lorenzo - Delight


Manny Lorenzo

MSB Lane - Snail Vine

Snail Vine

MSB Lane

Michael Anthony - My Effect 1

My Effect 1

Michael Anthony

Kristy Jeppson - Color


Kristy Jeppson

Vicki Lynn Sodora - The Festival

The Festival

Vicki Lynn Sodora

Hanza Turgul - Fantastic Flower

Fantastic Flower

Hanza Turgul

Mary Baka - Pink Hibiscus Swirl-1
Helena Tiainen - The Joy of Design...

The Joy of Design...

Helena Tiainen

Nedunseralathan R - Geometrca 203

Geometrca 203

Nedunseralathan R

Elisabeth Trostli - Tribal Shell Masque

Tribal Shell Masque

Elisabeth Trostli

Beth Sawickie - Winter Tree Mandala

Winter Tree Mandala

Beth Sawickie

Olga Hamilton - Celebration of Life 2

Celebration of Life 2

Olga Hamilton

Deborah Benoit - Sunrise Kaleidoscope

Sunrise Kaleidoscope

Deborah Benoit

Michael Anthony - Mardi Gras 1

Mardi Gras 1

Michael Anthony

Mario Carini - Mandala in Bloom

Mandala in Bloom

Mario Carini

Helena Tiainen - The Joy of Design...

The Joy of Design...

Helena Tiainen

Roseann Caputo - Pipe Scope 02

Pipe Scope 02

Roseann Caputo

Derek Gedney - Gravity Horizon

Gravity Horizon

Derek Gedney

Alice Van der Sluis - Quiet passion

Quiet passion

Alice Van der Sluis

MSB Lane - Lesotho Highlands
Wendy J St Christopher - Angels


Wendy J St Christopher

Ck Gandhi - Kaleido Lines

Kaleido Lines

Ck Gandhi

Melodye Whitaker - Enlightened Mandala

Enlightened Mandala

Melodye Whitaker

Mario Carini - Mondrian Art0122

Mondrian Art0122

Mario Carini

Alice Van der Sluis - Manifestation


Alice Van der Sluis

Melodye Whitaker - Rainbows


Melodye Whitaker

Debbie Stahre - Lily Kaleidoscope

Lily Kaleidoscope

Debbie Stahre

Kathryn Strick - Abydos 2014

Abydos 2014

Kathryn Strick

Kathryn Strick - Amrita 2014

Amrita 2014

Kathryn Strick

Michele Kaiser - Ripples of Gold

Ripples of Gold

Michele Kaiser

Barbara R MacPhail - ColorTex Kaleidoscope

ColorTex Kaleidoscope

Barbara R MacPhail

Michael Anthony - Purple Garden

Purple Garden

Michael Anthony

Sarah  Niebank Hoffman - Valentine

Valentine's Day Healing...

Sarah Niebank Hoffman

Variance Collections - Florissimo Mandakal...

Florissimo Mandakal...

Variance Collections

Brian Johnson - 1100 01

1100 01

Brian Johnson

Denise Nickey - The Moment IS Creation
Irmgard Schoendorf Welch -   491 - Lucid Mandala

491 - Lucid Mandala

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Aimelle - Tendresse 19

Tendresse 19


Amy Hassan - Calming Balance

Calming Balance

Amy Hassan

Jordan Blackstone - The Circle Of Life...

The Circle Of Life...

Jordan Blackstone

Helena Tiainen - The Joy of Design...

The Joy of Design...

Helena Tiainen

Debbie Stahre - Cardinal Kaleidoscope

Cardinal Kaleidoscope

Debbie Stahre

Wendy J St Christopher - Natural Attributes 15...

Natural Attributes 15...

Wendy J St Christopher

Svetlana Nikolova - Valentine

Valentine's Premonition

Svetlana Nikolova

Kingsley Ngenda - Zodiac Mandala Original...
Ludek Sagi Lukac - Morning colored dream

Morning colored dream

Ludek Sagi Lukac

Dragica  Micki Fortuna - Valentine

Valentine's Day

Dragica Micki Fortuna

Debbie Stahre - Lance


Debbie Stahre

Pat Follett - Copper Delight

Copper Delight

Pat Follett

Lyle Hatch - Criss Cross

Criss Cross

Lyle Hatch

Michael Damiani - Sunflare


Michael Damiani

Hanza Turgul - Time Gate

Time Gate

Hanza Turgul

Mechala  Matthews - Kaleidoscope of Soldier...
Helena Tiainen - Belonging - The Joy of...
Sarah  Niebank Hoffman - ABUNDANCE Mandala


Sarah Niebank Hoffman

Patricia Januszkiewicz - Junonia Mandala

Junonia Mandala

Patricia Januszkiewicz

Mario Carini - A Mandala Abstract

A Mandala Abstract

Mario Carini

Denise Nickey - Eternal Being

Eternal Being

Denise Nickey

Kingsley Ngenda - 8

8'' x 8'' Hand Drawn...

Kingsley Ngenda

Wendy J St Christopher - Natural Attributes 02...

Natural Attributes 02...

Wendy J St Christopher

Kristy Jeppson - Salsa Jars

Salsa Jars

Kristy Jeppson

Bedros Awak - Mandala Moon Phases
Michael Damiani - A Thin Red Line

A Thin Red Line

Michael Damiani

Beth Sawickie - Sphere of Life Mandala
Klara Acel - Prince of Sunrise Mandala
Peggy Collins - Colorful Mandala 1

Colorful Mandala 1

Peggy Collins

Stuart Turnbull - Mk 2027

Mk 2027

Stuart Turnbull

Nedunseralathan R - Symmetrica 280

Symmetrica 280

Nedunseralathan R

Sarah  Niebank Hoffman - Capricorn Mandala

Capricorn Mandala

Sarah Niebank Hoffman

Denise Nickey - Humility


Denise Nickey

Mario Carini - Mandala Rainbow

Mandala Rainbow

Mario Carini

Derek Gedney - Painted Lotus VIII

Painted Lotus VIII

Derek Gedney

Jim Finch - For Your Space

For Your Space

Jim Finch

Hanza Turgul - North Star

North Star

Hanza Turgul

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 233

Sacred Geometry 233

Endre Balogh

Sarah  Niebank Hoffman - Om Shanti Mandala

Om Shanti Mandala

Sarah Niebank Hoffman

Kathryn Strick - Nashira 2013

Nashira 2013

Kathryn Strick

Helena Tiainen - The Joy of Design...

The Joy of Design...

Helena Tiainen

Pat Follett - Aqua Star

Aqua Star

Pat Follett

Hanza Turgul - Abstract Gerbera

Abstract Gerbera

Hanza Turgul

iina  Van Lawick - Hot 2

Hot 2

iina Van Lawick

Ck Gandhi - Kaleido Flower in the Fog
Artwork Studio - Shining 7

Shining 7

Artwork Studio

Artwork Studio - Shining 5

Shining 5

Artwork Studio

Debbie Stahre - Yellowlegs Kaleidoscope
Klara Acel - Rose Lace

Rose Lace

Klara Acel

Mario Carini - Summer Wine

Summer Wine

Mario Carini

Artwork Studio - Shining 2

Shining 2

Artwork Studio

Hanza Turgul - Green Serenity

Green Serenity

Hanza Turgul

Derek Gedney - Legend of Light

Legend of Light

Derek Gedney

WB Johnston - Mardi Gras Flag

Mardi Gras Flag

WB Johnston

Mario Carini - Holiday Fortunes

Holiday Fortunes

Mario Carini

Michael Damiani - Star Gazer

Star Gazer

Michael Damiani

Jim Finch - Paddlewheel Kaleidoscope
Debbie Stahre - Osprey Fledgeling

Osprey Fledgeling

Debbie Stahre

Ron Grafe - Kaleido 2

Kaleido 2

Ron Grafe

Hanza Turgul - Mystical Point

Mystical Point

Hanza Turgul

Amy Hassan - Inspiring Energy

Inspiring Energy

Amy Hassan

Sarah  Niebank Hoffman - Healing Mandala ...

Healing Mandala ...

Sarah Niebank Hoffman

Michelle Elaine Smith - Intricate Mandala Star

Intricate Mandala Star

Michelle Elaine Smith

iina  Van Lawick - Estuary Sunrise Mandala

Estuary Sunrise Mandala

iina Van Lawick

Clare Goodwin - Sagittarius New Moon -...
Michelle Elaine Smith - Blue Fractal

Blue Fractal

Michelle Elaine Smith

Michael Damiani - Temple Point

Temple Point

Michael Damiani

Mario Carini - Esoterica


Mario Carini

Stuart Turnbull - Mk 1725

Mk 1725

Stuart Turnbull

Amy Hassan - Sunburst


Amy Hassan

Ron Grafe - Kaleidoscopic Leaves
Amy Hassan - Blossoming


Amy Hassan

Denise Nickey - State of Grace

State of Grace

Denise Nickey

Pat Follett - The Red Flower

The Red Flower

Pat Follett

Shawna  Rowe - Retro Plaid Kaleidoscope
Ck Gandhi - Kaleido flower vibrations
Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 231

Sacred Geometry 231

Endre Balogh

Klara Acel - Iris


Klara Acel

Hanza Turgul - Blue Space Flower

Blue Space Flower

Hanza Turgul

Derek Gedney - Emerald Key

Emerald Key

Derek Gedney

Stuart Turnbull - Mk 1628

Mk 1628

Stuart Turnbull

Barbara R MacPhail - Remember


Barbara R MacPhail

Denise Nickey - Magic


Denise Nickey

Pat Follett - Metalic Circle in a...
Mario Carini - Serenity Moods

Serenity Moods

Mario Carini

Pat Follett - Wood Mandala

Wood Mandala

Pat Follett

Barbara R MacPhail - Redart 8

Redart 8

Barbara R MacPhail

Sarah  Niebank Hoffman - Sri Yantra Healing...

Sri Yantra Healing...

Sarah Niebank Hoffman

Niels Vaillant - F5


Niels Vaillant

Helena Tiainen - The Joy of Design...

The Joy of Design...

Helena Tiainen

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 229

Sacred Geometry 229

Endre Balogh

Pat Follett - Christmas Charm

Christmas Charm

Pat Follett

Stuart Turnbull - Mk 1752

Mk 1752

Stuart Turnbull

Mario Carini - Mandala Expressions

Mandala Expressions

Mario Carini

Barbara R MacPhail - BarnWild to Kaleidoscope

BarnWild to Kaleidoscope

Barbara R MacPhail

Stuart Turnbull - Mk 1456

Mk 1456

Stuart Turnbull

iina  Van Lawick - Captive Star

Captive Star

iina Van Lawick

Beth Sawickie - Powerful Creator - Square
Derek Gedney - Earth Angels

Earth Angels

Derek Gedney

Charmaine Zoe - Orangina


Charmaine Zoe

Amy Hassan - Pursuance of Peace
Hanza Turgul - Red Star Magic

Red Star Magic

Hanza Turgul

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch - 960 - The light inside

960 - The light inside

Irmgard Schoendorf Welch

Diane Carlson - Window Into Fall

Window Into Fall

Diane Carlson

Denise Nickey - Synchronicity


Denise Nickey

Peggy Collins - Red and Blue Mandala

Red and Blue Mandala

Peggy Collins

Klara Acel - Lotus Mandala

Lotus Mandala

Klara Acel

Alan Look - Block and Iron

Block and Iron

Alan Look

Shannon Story - AzTech


Shannon Story

Mary Winters-Meyer - Across the Universe

Across the Universe

Mary Winters-Meyer

Michael Damiani - Black Hawk

Black Hawk

Michael Damiani

Michele Caporaso - Unfolding


Michele Caporaso

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 224

Sacred Geometry 224

Endre Balogh

Wendy J St Christopher - Zelda


Wendy J St Christopher

Clare Goodwin - Scorpio New Moon - 2013
Charmaine Zoe - Fractal Flames No 1

Fractal Flames No 1

Charmaine Zoe

WB Johnston - Velocity


WB Johnston

Mary Winters-Meyer - Meditations on Serenity

Meditations on Serenity

Mary Winters-Meyer

Mario Carini - Autumn Solstice

Autumn Solstice

Mario Carini

Pat Follett - Mandala #115

Mandala #115

Pat Follett

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 223...
Barbara R MacPhail - Kaleidoscope Porcelain

Kaleidoscope Porcelain

Barbara R MacPhail

Hanza Turgul - Mystic Flower

Mystic Flower

Hanza Turgul

Ck Gandhi - Kaleido Orange Exotic
Denise Nickey - Be Here Now

Be Here Now

Denise Nickey

Mario Carini - Mandala Mystery

Mandala Mystery

Mario Carini

Anita Lewis - Echo


Anita Lewis

Hanza Turgul - Cosmic Flower

Cosmic Flower

Hanza Turgul

Ck Gandhi - Kaleido Green Coconut...
Brian Johnson - Meeting 10

Meeting 10

Brian Johnson

Kandy Hurley - Lightwaves Mandala

Lightwaves Mandala

Kandy Hurley

Saribelle Rodriguez - Purple Crown

Purple Crown

Saribelle Rodriguez

Donna Brown - The Mask

The Mask

Donna Brown

Klara Acel - Mandala


Klara Acel

Denise Nickey - Perception


Denise Nickey

Kathryn Strick - Samba 2013

Samba 2013

Kathryn Strick

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 221

Sacred Geometry 221

Endre Balogh

Denise Nickey - The Power of Intention
Liz Mackney - Color Circles...

Color Circles...

Liz Mackney

Hanza Turgul - Naturel Star

Naturel Star

Hanza Turgul

Mario Carini - In the Flow

In the Flow

Mario Carini

Michael Damiani - The Temple Of Doom

The Temple Of Doom

Michael Damiani

Barbara MacPhail - RibbonHeart


Barbara MacPhail

Pat Follett - I
Denise Nickey - Awakened Mind

Awakened Mind

Denise Nickey

Edward Anderson - Mandala for the Heart

Mandala for the Heart

Edward Anderson

Anita Lewis - Liquid Purple Kiwi

Liquid Purple Kiwi

Anita Lewis

Roseann Caputo - Mercury Mandala

Mercury Mandala

Roseann Caputo

Liz Mackney - California Poppy Pizzazz
Derek Gedney - Fluid Transformation
Wendy Wilton - Twirlly


Wendy Wilton

Mario Carini - Spinner Wheel

Spinner Wheel

Mario Carini

Pat Follett - The Queen
Liz Mackney - African Daisy 2

African Daisy 2

Liz Mackney

Carol F Austin - Valentine
Klara Acel - Mandala 6

Mandala 6

Klara Acel

Ck Gandhi - Kaleido Cactus Thorns
Carol F Austin - Zinnia Summer Sun...

Zinnia Summer Sun...

Carol F Austin

Derek Gedney - Mandala Wormhole 101
Shannon Story - Peacock Beauty

Peacock Beauty

Shannon Story

Terry Reynoldson - Mandala 125

Mandala 125

Terry Reynoldson

Ginger Lee - Mandala of Flower
Klara Acel - Wisdom - mandala

Wisdom - mandala

Klara Acel

Alice Van der Sluis - Passion


Alice Van der Sluis

Pat Follett - Mandala #109

Mandala #109

Pat Follett

Carol Groenen - Rainy Flowers...

Rainy Flowers...

Carol Groenen

Ck Gandhi - Kaleido Progressive
MM Anderson - Marbleized Snowflake...
iina  Van Lawick - Light


iina Van Lawick

Amy Hassan - Solar Surge

Solar Surge

Amy Hassan

Peter Barreda - Yin Yang Woodcut Mandala
Peggy Collins - Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue

Peggy Collins

Shannon Story - Bouquets of Gerberas

Bouquets of Gerberas

Shannon Story

Barbara Chichester - All About Sunflowers

All About Sunflowers

Barbara Chichester

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 213

Sacred Geometry 213

Endre Balogh

Mario Carini - Variation on a Theme
TJ Art - Metallization  2
Klara Acel - Mandala


Klara Acel

Christy Ricafrente - Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Christy Ricafrente

Dawn Puliafico - Painted Tongue...

Painted Tongue...

Dawn Puliafico

Barbara R MacPhail - Gold and Color

Gold and Color

Barbara R MacPhail

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 211

Sacred Geometry 211

Endre Balogh

Derek Gedney - The Road To Source K1
Ck Gandhi - Kaleido Gas Burner
Alan Look - Chains


Alan Look

Beth Sawickie - Burst of Fall Mandala

Burst of Fall Mandala

Beth Sawickie

Christy Ricafrente - Abstract- Black Lace

Abstract- Black Lace

Christy Ricafrente

Jim Finch - Wedding Cake Abstract
Peter Barreda - lianai Hearts mandala

lianai Hearts mandala

Peter Barreda

Michele Caporaso - Spider Star

Spider Star

Michele Caporaso

Derek Gedney - Tribal Magnetism

Tribal Magnetism

Derek Gedney

Ck Gandhi - Abstract-3D


Ck Gandhi

Betty Denise - Just Breathe

Just Breathe

Betty Denise

Pete Trenholm - Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Pete Trenholm

Ann Horn - Kaleidoscopic Daisy Chain
Peter Barreda - osholo Purple mandala

osholo Purple mandala

Peter Barreda

Bedros Awak - Mandala Evergreen

Mandala Evergreen

Bedros Awak

Mario Carini - Spirit Movement

Spirit Movement

Mario Carini

Barbara R MacPhail - White Grid

White Grid

Barbara R MacPhail

Liz Mackney - Artsy Sunflower...

Artsy Sunflower...

Liz Mackney

Jim Finch - Hummingbird Hangout
Bedros Awak - Mandala Green

Mandala Green

Bedros Awak

Mark Waudby - Ibalessi Mandala

Ibalessi Mandala

Mark Waudby

Barbara MacPhail - Color Me Peacock

Color Me Peacock

Barbara MacPhail

Shannon Story - Red Flower Yantra

Red Flower Yantra

Shannon Story

Lida Bruinen - Mandala with butterflies
Bedros Awak - Mandala Armenia Iyp V2
Alan Look - Spire


Alan Look

Pat Follett - Oh So Colorful

Oh So Colorful

Pat Follett

Stuart Turnbull - Mk 1259

Mk 1259

Stuart Turnbull

Jim Finch - Summer Storm Kaleidoscope
Barbara R MacPhail - Brush On

Brush On

Barbara R MacPhail

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 204

Sacred Geometry 204

Endre Balogh

Paul Freitas - Black Hole

Black Hole

Paul Freitas

Raimond Klavins - Sri Yantra for...

Sri Yantra for...

Raimond Klavins

Patricia Januszkiewicz - Being


Patricia Januszkiewicz

Saribelle Rodriguez - Pink Flower by Saribelle...

Pink Flower by Saribelle...

Saribelle Rodriguez

Linda Weinstock - Happy Hands Mandala

Happy Hands Mandala

Linda Weinstock

Derek Gedney - Spiral Compassion

Spiral Compassion

Derek Gedney

Mario Carini - Mandala Medallion

Mandala Medallion

Mario Carini

Pat Follett - Love That Green

Love That Green

Pat Follett

Liz Mackney - Autumn Sunflower...
Shawna  Rowe - Radiance


Shawna Rowe

Michelle Elaine Smith - Yellow flower bush...

Yellow flower bush...

Michelle Elaine Smith

Beth Sawickie - Barnegat Lighthouse...
Richard Jones - Return To Blender Mandala
Alan Look - CourtHouse


Alan Look

Janelle Schneider - Healing Meditation

Healing Meditation

Janelle Schneider

Mario Carini - Pudding and Cream

Pudding and Cream

Mario Carini

TJ Art - Chromodynamic
Lilia D - Kaleidoscope - swirl
Kathy Clark - Colorful Hot Air Balloon...
Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 202

Sacred Geometry 202

Endre Balogh

Shannon Story - Wheel of Live

Wheel of Live

Shannon Story


Color Wheel

I'ina Van Lawick

Wendy Wilton - Contours V

Contours V

Wendy Wilton

Richard Jones - Kinnersley Vine Mandala
Barbara MacPhail - Ready to Begin

Ready to Begin

Barbara MacPhail

Pat Follett - Red Garden Mandala

Red Garden Mandala

Pat Follett

Brenda Hackett - Pink Hearts

Pink Hearts

Brenda Hackett

Wendy J St Christopher - Rosabella


Wendy J St Christopher

Lilia D - Soft or Sharp
Stuart Turnbull - Mk 1002

Mk 1002

Stuart Turnbull

Alan Look - Model T Kaleidoscope
Michelle Elaine Smith - Space Tree Mandala

Space Tree Mandala

Michelle Elaine Smith

Felipe Gama - Mandala Smile B

Mandala Smile B

Felipe Gama

Wendy Wilton - Liquid Gold II

Liquid Gold II

Wendy Wilton

Julia Gatti - Serenity Quilt

Serenity Quilt

Julia Gatti

Michele Caporaso - Hibiscus


Michele Caporaso

Mario Carini - The Sunshine Mandala
Roseann Caputo - Warm Tiger Mandala

Warm Tiger Mandala

Roseann Caputo

Wendy J St Christopher - Square Roots

Square Roots

Wendy J St Christopher

Richard Jones - Princess Ripple...

Princess Ripple...

Richard Jones

Barbara MacPhail - Color on Color

Color on Color

Barbara MacPhail

Chris Banigan - Mandala of the Five Jina...
Susanne McGinnis - Celestial Vision

Celestial Vision

Susanne McGinnis


Mylady Guinevere

I'ina Van Lawick

Lilia D - Tribal Temple in Volcano...
Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 195

Sacred Geometry 195

Endre Balogh


Son of Africa

I'ina Van Lawick

Barbara MacPhail - TennieFlower


Barbara MacPhail

Ann Horn - Kaleidoscopic Posies
Digital Me - Sunburn


Digital Me

Pat Follett - Plug In Star

Plug In Star

Pat Follett

Theodore Jones - Aka


Theodore Jones

Ian  Ramsay - Tyre and chain

Tyre and chain

Ian Ramsay

Lilia D - Bright Metallic...
Pat Follett - Daylilys


Pat Follett

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 193

Sacred Geometry 193

Endre Balogh

Saribelle Rodriguez - Disco Digital Art by...

Disco Digital Art by...

Saribelle Rodriguez

Susanne McGinnis - My Night in Persia

My Night in Persia

Susanne McGinnis

Kristy Jeppson - Red Yellow Kaleidoscope
Ian  Ramsay - 32 Fatt

32 Fatt

Ian Ramsay

Faye Giblin - Teal Wheel Mandelbrot
Barbara MacPhail - Metal Celebration

Metal Celebration

Barbara MacPhail

Barbara MacPhail - Bead Pattern

Bead Pattern

Barbara MacPhail


Fire Dragon

I'ina Van Lawick

Mario Carini - Palatial Estates

Palatial Estates

Mario Carini

Susanne McGinnis - Topkapi


Susanne McGinnis

Pete Trenholm - Great Energy

Great Energy

Pete Trenholm

Stuart Turnbull - Mk 672

Mk 672

Stuart Turnbull

Kathryn Strick - Frequency 2013

Frequency 2013

Kathryn Strick

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 192

Sacred Geometry 192

Endre Balogh

Wendy J St Christopher - Carlotta


Wendy J St Christopher

Pat Follett - Blue Fire

Blue Fire

Pat Follett

Kathy Clark - Fractal Red and Yellow...
Stuart Turnbull - Mandala 621

Mandala 621

Stuart Turnbull

Saribelle Rodriguez - In the Ocean digital art...

In the Ocean digital art...

Saribelle Rodriguez

Barbara MacPhail - Hats N Colors

Hats N Colors

Barbara MacPhail

Wendy Wilton - Light On A Tulip II

Light On A Tulip II

Wendy Wilton

Mario Carini - String Art Junction

String Art Junction

Mario Carini

Pat Follett - Grass and Weeds in My...
Deborah Smith - Tidal Pool Mandala

Tidal Pool Mandala

Deborah Smith

Faye Giblin - Kaleidoscope 1 Bright...
Michele Caporaso - Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Michele Caporaso

Stuart Turnbull - Mandala 182

Mandala 182

Stuart Turnbull

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 189

Sacred Geometry 189

Endre Balogh

Wendy Wilton - Liquid Gold IV

Liquid Gold IV

Wendy Wilton

Kathy Clark - Blackberry Sherbert...
Michele Caporaso - Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Michele Caporaso

Pat Follett - Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Pat Follett

Kathy Clark - Coreopsis - Dancing...
Mario Carini - Fear of Taking Risks
Alec Drake - Glass K 84 Kaleidoscope
Mario Carini - Abstract Views

Abstract Views

Mario Carini

Alec Drake - Sunset K 88 Kaleidoscope
Christopher Pringer - ToruSphere Synthesis...

ToruSphere Synthesis...

Christopher Pringer

Terry Reynoldson - Mandala 94

Mandala 94

Terry Reynoldson

Kathy Clark - Colorful Hot Air Balloon...
Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 184

Sacred Geometry 184

Endre Balogh

Barbara MacPhail - Flower Pot Kaleidoscope

Flower Pot Kaleidoscope

Barbara MacPhail

Lyle Hatch - The Psychedelic Days
Manny Lorenzo - The Tox Uthat

The Tox Uthat

Manny Lorenzo

Brenda Hackett - Circles of Blue

Circles of Blue

Brenda Hackett

Kathryn Strick - Sophia 2013

Sophia 2013

Kathryn Strick

Mario Carini - Midwest Desert Sands
Brenda Hackett - Six Points

Six Points

Brenda Hackett

Katrina Slater - Crystal High

Crystal High

Katrina Slater

Carrie Cranwill - White Coneflower Mandala...
Ts - Ashta-mangala
Barbara MacPhail - Orange Orb Kaleidoscope

Orange Orb Kaleidoscope

Barbara MacPhail

Mario Carini - Tibetan Mandala

Tibetan Mandala

Mario Carini



I'ina Van Lawick

Bill Barber - Spring Grasses Mandala
Deborah Benoit - Release of The Heart

Release of The Heart

Deborah Benoit


Fourth of July Mandala

I'ina Van Lawick

Wendy Wilton - Worth The Wait II

Worth The Wait II

Wendy Wilton

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 174

Sacred Geometry 174

Endre Balogh

Dana Haynes - What I Got

What I Got

Dana Haynes


Summer Thoughts

I'ina Van Lawick

Mario Carini - The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun

Mario Carini

Roseann Caputo - Construction Collision 01
Zeana Romanovna - Aztec Influences

Aztec Influences

Zeana Romanovna

Adam Scott Halliburton - Keeping TIme

Keeping TIme

Adam Scott Halliburton

Zeana Romanovna - Blue Ornamental Mandala

Blue Ornamental Mandala

Zeana Romanovna

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 172

Sacred Geometry 172

Endre Balogh

Christopher Pringer - MultiVortex 3D Chalice...

MultiVortex 3D Chalice...

Christopher Pringer

Kathryn Strick - Maia 2013

Maia 2013

Kathryn Strick


Early Summer

I'ina Van Lawick

Maria Terese Angelica Smith - Frequency


Maria Terese Angelica Smith

Brian Johnson - Revelational 5

Revelational 5

Brian Johnson

Michael Damiani - Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

Michael Damiani

Mario Carini - Lovely in Purple

Lovely in Purple

Mario Carini

Alec Drake - The Butterfly Effect
Gene Mark - Blossom Abstract
Wendy Wilton - On The Level

On The Level

Wendy Wilton

Endre Balogh - Sacred Geometry 168

Sacred Geometry 168

Endre Balogh

Manny Lorenzo - Elan Vital

Elan Vital

Manny Lorenzo

Patsy Zedar - Kayak Marmelade

Kayak Marmelade

Patsy Zedar

Kathy Clark - Daisy Daisy Do...

Daisy Daisy Do...

Kathy Clark

Alec Drake - Snowflakes on Venus
Kathryn Strick - Amaterasu 2013

Amaterasu 2013

Kathryn Strick

Bill Barber - Parkside Mandala

Parkside Mandala

Bill Barber

Wendy Wilton - Tie Dyed

Tie Dyed

Wendy Wilton

Brenda Hackett - Frogs


Brenda Hackett

Patsy Zedar - Rocket Kaleidoscope
Brian Johnson - Three Amigos 1

Three Amigos 1

Brian Johnson

Zeana Romanovna - Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid

Zeana Romanovna

Cynthia Guinn - Abstract Tulip Colors

Abstract Tulip Colors

Cynthia Guinn

Denise Nickey - New Focus

New Focus

Denise Nickey

Manny Lorenzo - Unknown Unknowns

Unknown Unknowns

Manny Lorenzo

Mario Carini - Mandala0504


Mario Carini

Michele Kaiser - Coming Home

Coming Home

Michele Kaiser

Alec Drake - Jungle Flower Bloom
Shawna  Rowe - Metamorphosis


Shawna Rowe

Kathryn Strick - Dragonfly 2013

Dragonfly 2013

Kathryn Strick

J-Star Wind - Mandala


J-Star Wind

Andee Photography - Crazy Daises - Spring...

Crazy Daises - Spring...

Andee Photography

Christopher Pringer - Intwined Hearts Chalice...

Intwined Hearts Chalice...

Christopher Pringer

Marie Sharp - Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

Marie Sharp

Mario Carini - Definition of Genius
Brenda Hackett - Egyptian Dance

Egyptian Dance

Brenda Hackett

Manny Lorenzo - Harmonia


Manny Lorenzo

Kathy Clark - Wowza Kaleidoscope

Wowza Kaleidoscope

Kathy Clark

Nick Turner - Daisy 1 130416-1825

Bleeding Heart Mandala

I'ina Van Lawick

Kathryn Strick - Malus Floribunda

Malus Floribunda

Kathryn Strick

Nataliya Kiryukhina - Splash Cross

Splash Cross

Nataliya Kiryukhina

Michele Caporaso - Spring Starflower

Spring Starflower

Michele Caporaso

Victor Montgomery - Headlights


Victor Montgomery

Roseann Caputo - Fractal Acid

Fractal Acid

Roseann Caputo

Barbara MacPhail - Baskets to ART

Baskets to ART

Barbara MacPhail

Kathy Clark - Prairie Grass Fractal...