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Cats are Lovable



Group Administrator

Nina Stavlund

Ottawa, ON


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Group Overview

This group was started on March 22nd, 2011 and currently has:


974 Members


5,050 Images


14 Discussions

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Cats are Lovable

About This Group

Welcome to ♥♥ Cats are Lovable ♥♥!

This group is all about cats.
Small ones, big ones, domesticated ones, wild ones..
Any medium is welcome, but we will focus on artistically photographed, digitally or hand made art works. No harmed, dead or suffering animals will be accepted. Images from the Zoo must be VERY good to qualify for the group pool.
Contests will be run from time to time. Make sure to check out the contest tab.
Also, check out the discussions tab and see if you can participate in any of the already made threads.
Please try to use the discussion threads already made and do not make any new ones.

Have fun & enjoy the featured images on the front page and in the group pool.

Thank You ~


NEW Avatar Jul-Dec 2014 ~ 'Lucky Bum' by Joshua McCullough

Photography Prints


WINNERS of the NEW Avatar 2014 Contest:

Lucky Bum by Joshua McCullough: July - December:
Photography Prints

Blue Eyed Queen by Priska Wettstein: January - June:
Photography Prints


Congratulations to our many WINNERS in our last contest: STOP and Smell the Flowers!

1st Place with 14 Votes:
Getting To Know You ~ by Sherry Shipley
Sell Art Online


1st Place with 14 Votes:
Honest I Found It Like This ~ by Kenny Francis
Art Prints

2nd Place with 12 Votes:
Rainbow Connection ~ by Sherry Shipley
Sell Art Online


2nd Place with 12 Votes:
Welcome Spring ~ by Veronica Minozzi
Sell Art Online

3rd Place with 10 Votes:
Classy Kitten ~ by David and Carol Kelly
Photography Prints


3rd Place with 10 Votes:
Summer Dream ~ by Veronica Minozzi
Art Prints


It Smells Like Summer ~ by Jutta Maria Pusl
Art Prints

Cat Loves Flower ~ by Gabriella Weninger - David
Photography Prints

Taking Time To Smell The Flowers ~ by Linda Lees
Sell Art Online

Mavis And The Flower ~ by Lori Frostad
Photography Prints

Stop To Smell The Flowers ~ Christy Cox
Art Prints


Featured Images

Joshua McCullough - Lucky Bum

Lucky Bum

Joshua McCullough

Priska Wettstein - Blue Eyed Queen

Blue Eyed Queen

Priska Wettstein

Gun Legler - Blue masked Birman
Barbara Keith - Voyager


Barbara Keith

Kazumi Whitemoon - Cat and Goldfish

Cat and Goldfish

Kazumi Whitemoon

Debra Hall - Lunch Break

Lunch Break

Debra Hall

Maria Kucera - Halloween. Scary...

Halloween. Scary...

Maria Kucera

Matthew Schwartz - Temptation


Matthew Schwartz

Louise Heusinkveld - Scottish Wildcat on an...

Scottish Wildcat on an...

Louise Heusinkveld

Angela A Stanton - Best Friends

Best Friends

Angela A Stanton

Lisa  Phillips - Fragile Mimi

Fragile Mimi

Lisa Phillips

Christopher Mills - Bengal Kitten

Bengal Kitten

Christopher Mills

Louise Heusinkveld - Siberian Forest Kitten II

Siberian Forest Kitten II

Louise Heusinkveld

Katzy Strom - Cat Hat

Cat Hat

Katzy Strom

Lauren Hammack - No One
Alaina Ferguson - Princess


Alaina Ferguson

Barbara McMahon - Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Eyes

Barbara McMahon

Barbara McMahon - Love Me Asian Leopard Cat
Julio Haro - Feline vision

Feline vision

Julio Haro

J Laughlin - Panes Of Calico

Panes Of Calico

J Laughlin

Debra Hall - The Inspection

The Inspection

Debra Hall

Nicole Ann O

Black Cat

Nicole Ann O'Connor

Daliana Pacuraru - Lazy Cat Portrait -...

Lazy Cat Portrait -...

Daliana Pacuraru

Carol Lawson - Tigers In Space

Tigers In Space

Carol Lawson