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Cats are Lovable



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Nina Stavlund

Ottawa, ON


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This group was started on March 22nd, 2011 and currently has:

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Cats are Lovable

About This Group

Welcome to ♥♥ Cats are Lovable ♥♥!

This group is all about cats.
Small ones, big ones, domesticated ones, wild ones..
Any medium is welcome, but we will focus on artistically photographed, digitally or traditionally made art works. No harmed, dead or suffering animals will be accepted. Images from the Zoo must be VERY good to qualify for the group pool.
Contests will be run from time to time. Make sure to check out the contest tab.
Also, check out the discussions tab and see if you can participate in any of the already made threads.
Please try to use the discussion threads already made and do not make any new ones.

Have fun & enjoy the featured images on the front page and in the group pool.

Thank You ~


NEW Avatar 2015; 'What' by DejaReve

Photography Prints


Featured Images

DejaReve - What



Christy Cox - Wanna Play 2

Wanna Play 2

Christy Cox

Becca Miller - Koschka


Becca Miller

Ofactor Studio - Three Cats

Three Cats

Ofactor Studio

Chris Scroggins - African Serval Cat 1

African Serval Cat 1

Chris Scroggins

Jean Cormier - Cat in the Window

Cat in the Window

Jean Cormier

Nick Gustafson - Blue Moon Swoon

Blue Moon Swoon

Nick Gustafson

Anne Gifford - Portrait in Pink

Portrait in Pink

Anne Gifford

Julie McDoniel - Blue mice

Blue mice

Julie McDoniel

Elizabeth  Ellis - Billy


Elizabeth Ellis

Debra Hall - Sentry Duty

Sentry Duty

Debra Hall

Cristina-Velina Ion - Hitler of Greece

Hitler of Greece

Cristina-Velina Ion

Joshua McCullough - Great Gray Cat

Great Gray Cat

Joshua McCullough

Milena Gawlik - Sleeping Cats

Sleeping Cats

Milena Gawlik

Kazumi Whitemoon - Garfi


Kazumi Whitemoon

Veronica Coulston - My Cat - Precious

My Cat - Precious

Veronica Coulston

Denise Wood - Podge


Denise Wood