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Best Blank Greeting Cards



Group Administrator

Karen Wiles

Hampstead, NC

United States

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This group was started on August 20th, 2013 and currently has:


932 Members


21,441 Images


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Best Blank Greeting Cards

About This Group

Please limit a total of 1 submission per day, so that everyone may have a chance to display their work...... This will keep the group with a new, fresh display...The group will feature all images suitable for the cover of a greeting card, which will remain blank inside the card for now.
Don't forget...Please limit your daily entries to ONE image per day!!! PLEASE~~~
Thank you!
Karen Wiles

Featured Images

Omaste Witkowski - A Rainbow of Chaos...

A Rainbow of Chaos...

Omaste Witkowski

Michael Eingle - Crested Dwarf Iris

Crested Dwarf Iris

Michael Eingle

Darren Fisher - Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

Darren Fisher

Lois Bryan - Crossing Shawnee Creek
Don Schwartz - Raindrop Gathering

Raindrop Gathering

Don Schwartz

Lori Pessin Lafargue - Moon Over Mansfield

Moon Over Mansfield

Lori Pessin Lafargue

Richard Reeve - Steampunk - Brunel Moon...
The Stone Age - Summertime Blues

Summertime Blues

The Stone Age

June Pryor - Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger

June Pryor

Lenore Senior and Bobby Dar - Little Girl with Flowers

Little Girl with Flowers

Lenore Senior and Bobby Dar

Brian Wallace - Storm Brewing Over Rock...
Wes and Dotty Weber - John Deere And A Few...

John Deere And A Few...

Wes and Dotty Weber

Debbie Portwood - A Pair of Cardinals -...

A Pair of Cardinals -...

Debbie Portwood

Kim Bemis - Antique Edison...
Linsey Williams - Sidesaddle and Crop

Sidesaddle and Crop

Linsey Williams

Lois Bryan - Dive Bomber

Dive Bomber

Lois Bryan

HH Photography - Historic Bridge Street
Julie Palencia - White Cattleya Orchids

White Cattleya Orchids

Julie Palencia

Dori Sumter - Nature Camoflages A...
Carolyn Rauh - Pink Pastel Tulips

Pink Pastel Tulips

Carolyn Rauh

Jim Fitzpatrick - Freckle Faced Beauty...

Freckle Faced Beauty...

Jim Fitzpatrick

Janine Riley - Pocono country Chapel
David Bowman - Sun Voyager

Sun Voyager

David Bowman

Donna Kennedy - Testing My Wings

Testing My Wings

Donna Kennedy

Pamela Cooper - Rose 273

Rose 273

Pamela Cooper

Maggie Ullmann - Up close

Up close

Maggie Ullmann

Carolyn Derstine - Colorful Crocus

Colorful Crocus

Carolyn Derstine

Janine Riley - Pink Coneflowers

Pink Coneflowers

Janine Riley

Patti Deters - Squirrel Balancing Act
Sandra Bronstein - Illumination


Sandra Bronstein

Oscar Gutierrez - Time Spiral

Time Spiral

Oscar Gutierrez

Ellen Levinson - Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy

Ellen Levinson

Liane Wright - Rare 1926 Santa Fe...
MTBobbins Photography - Gerbera Pink

Gerbera Pink

MTBobbins Photography

Sandi OReilly - Paper Kite On Frangipani
Lenore Senior - Alien Observations

Alien Observations

Lenore Senior

Sweet Moments Photography                  - Turquoise Flower

Turquoise Flower

Sweet Moments Photography

JC Findley - Shrimp Boats Galore
Sweet Moments Photography                  - Apasionada


Sweet Moments Photography

JC Findley - The Old Shrimper

The Old Shrimper

JC Findley

Juergen Roth - Cape Cod Summer Storm
Julie Palencia - Hot Pink Tulip

Hot Pink Tulip

Julie Palencia

Kaye Menner - Seashell Wall Art 13 -...
Mark Victors - Star Fruit

Star Fruit

Mark Victors

Janice Rae Pariza - Arizona Ladderback...

Arizona Ladderback...

Janice Rae Pariza

Karyn Robinson - Floral Fantasy

Floral Fantasy

Karyn Robinson

Don Schwartz - Tulips Galore

Tulips Galore

Don Schwartz

RC deWinter - Cosmic Rose

Cosmic Rose

RC deWinter

Priscilla Burgers - Bings Burger Station in...

Bings Burger Station in...

Priscilla Burgers

Richard Cummings - Spring Drops

Spring Drops

Richard Cummings

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Trees in the Mist

Trees in the Mist

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Bob Christopher - Zion Sacred Earth

Zion Sacred Earth

Bob Christopher

Andrew Lorimer - The Morning With Spirit
Anne Rodkin - The Outhouse

The Outhouse

Anne Rodkin

Andrew Lorimer - A Way Of Life

A Way Of Life

Andrew Lorimer

Peggy Collins - Hummingbird and Flowers
David Stone - Red door Green building
Bill Barber - Fall Grass and Trees
Barbara D Richards - Pot Wagon

Pot Wagon

Barbara D Richards

David Bowman - Kitchen Corner

Kitchen Corner

David Bowman

Terry Shoemaker - Sunset at the Marina

Sunset at the Marina

Terry Shoemaker

Amazing Jules - Reflection Greys Beach...
Bruce Bley - A Glimmering Star the...
Juergen Roth - French Tulips

French Tulips

Juergen Roth

Barbara D Richards - Bear Lake Farm

Bear Lake Farm

Barbara D Richards

Julie Palencia - Bloody Sharp

Bloody Sharp

Julie Palencia

Diannah Lynch - Cross In The Woods

Cross In The Woods

Diannah Lynch

Rick Kuperberg Sr - The Unforgiven

The Unforgiven

Rick Kuperberg Sr

Gregory Ballos - Opening Up to the World
James Peterson - Rocky Shoreline Abstract
MTBobbins Photography - Cardinal Card

Cardinal Card

MTBobbins Photography

Eva Kaufman - The Lioness is Watching...
Gill Billington - Wisteria Cottages

Wisteria Cottages

Gill Billington

M West - Sand Dollar
Michel Soucy - Female Pine Grosbeak
Robert Weiman -  Blizzard Bear

Blizzard Bear

Robert Weiman

Anne Rodkin - Abandoned


Anne Rodkin

Nava Jo Thompson - Jerusalem Donkey

Jerusalem Donkey

Nava Jo Thompson

Sabrina L Ryan - Amber Dragonfly Dancer

Amber Dragonfly Dancer

Sabrina L Ryan

Lenore Senior - Storm at the Lake

Storm at the Lake

Lenore Senior

John Haldane - Peggys Cove Lighthouse...
Susan Garren - Pink John Deere

Pink John Deere

Susan Garren

Maggie Ullmann - Water lilie

Water lilie

Maggie Ullmann

Peggy Collins - Grunge Vintage Collage -...
Gene Rodman - Elbow Creek Homestead 2
Kandy Hurley - Neon Blue and Quiet Too
Barbara Manis - Gambel

Gambel's Quail

Barbara Manis

Patti Whitten - Patriotism


Patti Whitten

Connie Fox - Buick Roadmaster

Buick Roadmaster

Connie Fox

Christina Rollo - Hummingbirds Ensuing...

Hummingbirds Ensuing...

Christina Rollo

Cj Grant - Early Spring

Early Spring

Cj Grant

Alfred Stringer - Heart Sky Autumn Morning

Heart Sky Autumn Morning

Alfred Stringer

Alexander Senin - Still Life - Active Life

Still Life - Active Life

Alexander Senin

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Workhorse II

Workhorse II

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Amanda Mohler - The Paper Kite or Rice...
Carol Walker - Andalusian Stallion Runs...
Evie Carrier - Revelation 19  6

Revelation 19 6

Evie Carrier

JC Findley - Destin Florida Currency
Juergen Roth - Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Juergen Roth

RC deWinter - Sunset Field

Sunset Field

RC deWinter

Connie Fox - Sailing Under the Golden...
Susan Savad - The Latest Fashion

The Latest Fashion

Susan Savad

Debbie Oppermann - Innocence - Daisy

Innocence - Daisy

Debbie Oppermann

Barbara D Richards - Ancient Mud

Ancient Mud

Barbara D Richards

Kathleen Struckle -  Orange Poppy

Orange Poppy

Kathleen Struckle

Joy Bradley                   DiNardo Designs  - In The Mist Of The Fog

In The Mist Of The Fog

Joy Bradley DiNardo Designs

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Old Fashioned Ice Cream...

Old Fashioned Ice Cream...

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Liane Wright - Tunnel Vision - Abstract
Gregory Ballos - The Saint Louis Arch and...
Dave Bosse - Portrait of a Moth
Lena Wilhite - Here
Robert Bales - Red Bell Pepper

Red Bell Pepper

Robert Bales

Joe JAKE Pratt - Slow Boat To China

Slow Boat To China

Joe JAKE Pratt

Joy Watson - Flower-rose-side...
Sabrina L Ryan - Sweet Magnolia Flower

Sweet Magnolia Flower

Sabrina L Ryan

Shirley Sirois - Breath of Spring

Breath of Spring

Shirley Sirois

Joann Vitali - River Street - Beacon...
Bruce Bley - Beauty in the Garden
Gustave Kurz - Monarch Caterpiller

Monarch Caterpiller

Gustave Kurz

Bruce Bley - Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose

Bruce Bley

Debbie Portwood - Goldfinch in morning...

Goldfinch in morning...

Debbie Portwood

Dawn Gari - Fierce Eagle

Fierce Eagle

Dawn Gari

Eva Kaufman - Friendship door

Friendship door

Eva Kaufman

Jean OKeeffe dba Macro Abundance Art - Christ Arise

Christ Arise

Jean OKeeffe dba Macro Abundance Art

Diane Alexander - Frosted Wonderland 1

Frosted Wonderland 1

Diane Alexander

Kim Pate - Daffodil Double Bubble
Gerald Marella - Shells surf and blue sky
Phyllis Denton - Orange Beauty

Orange Beauty

Phyllis Denton

Julie Palencia - Sunny Amanda African...
Gerald Marella - Bee Line

Bee Line

Gerald Marella

Angela Davies - Mauve In The Morning

Mauve In The Morning

Angela Davies

Ruth Jolly - She

She's a flapper

Ruth Jolly

Brian Wallace - Sundown Fantasy Orange
Diane Schuster - Solar Flare

Solar Flare

Diane Schuster

Joe JAKE Pratt - Marooned


Joe JAKE Pratt

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography - Early Morning Mist

Early Morning Mist

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography

Tracy Winter - Watchful


Tracy Winter

Chris Anderson - Buttered Popcorn

Buttered Popcorn

Chris Anderson

Brian Wallace - Purple Iris - Macro

Purple Iris - Macro

Brian Wallace

Michael Rucker - Guardian of the Gate

Guardian of the Gate

Michael Rucker

Jerry Fornarotto - Roadrunner at Water

Roadrunner at Water

Jerry Fornarotto

Fran Riley - Sunset Spider

Sunset Spider

Fran Riley

Peggy Collins - Stuffed Chipmunk

Stuffed Chipmunk

Peggy Collins

Yulia Kazansky - Yellow tulips

Yellow tulips

Yulia Kazansky

Chris Berry - Pink Splendor

Pink Splendor

Chris Berry

Thomas Levine - Between two Palms

Between two Palms

Thomas Levine

Kendall Kessler - A Memory

A Memory

Kendall Kessler

Michael Rucker - Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands

Michael Rucker

Richard Cummings - Rhododendron Study

Rhododendron Study

Richard Cummings

Joy Bradley                   DiNardo Designs  - Morning Light

Morning Light

Joy Bradley DiNardo Designs

Arlene Sundby - Puppy Wonder

Puppy Wonder

Arlene Sundby

Joy Watson - Happy Bee

Happy Bee

Joy Watson

Wayne Williams - Frosty Trails

Frosty Trails

Wayne Williams

Rose-Maries Pictures - The Moment of wellness

The Moment of wellness

Rose-Maries Pictures

Patrick M Lynch - Cypress Dome

Cypress Dome

Patrick M Lynch

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Inspiration


Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Donna Kennedy - Ring-necked Duck

Ring-necked Duck

Donna Kennedy

RC deWinter - Rapunzel Reeds

Rapunzel Reeds

RC deWinter

Beverly Guilliams - Purple Spring Floral

Purple Spring Floral

Beverly Guilliams

Mr Bennett Kent - Bokehliceous Gulls...

Bokehliceous Gulls...

Mr Bennett Kent

Rose-Maries Pictures - Purity of the soul

Purity of the soul

Rose-Maries Pictures

Bob Christopher - Morning Light Maligne...

Morning Light Maligne...

Bob Christopher

Rona Black - Sunlit Orange Tulips
France  Art - The Wine Cave

The Wine Cave

France Art

Liane Wright - Architecture - Old...
Alexey Stiop - Eagle falls

Eagle falls

Alexey Stiop

Eva Kaufman - Venice Canal and...
Juergen Roth - You Are a Mystery

You Are a Mystery

Juergen Roth

Janine Riley - Old Blue Window

Old Blue Window

Janine Riley

Joy Watson - Flower-yellow...


Joy Watson

Shirley Sirois - At the Seashore

At the Seashore

Shirley Sirois

Sweet Moments Photography                  - Fanciful


Sweet Moments Photography

Julie Brugh Riffey - Blowing Bubbles

Blowing Bubbles

Julie Brugh Riffey

Aimelle  - Zebra on Red

Zebra on Red


Lenore Senior - The Magic of Horse

The Magic of Horse

Lenore Senior

Miguel Winterpacht - Red Reflections

Red Reflections

Miguel Winterpacht

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography - Abandon Pier thru the Fog

Abandon Pier thru the Fog

Tom Gari Gallery-Three-Photography

Julie Palencia - Sharp


Julie Palencia

Kaye Menner - Rain Soaked Daisy

Rain Soaked Daisy

Kaye Menner

Nava Jo Thompson - Cheerful Song

Cheerful Song

Nava Jo Thompson

Jeff  Swan - A Butterfly Sipping...
Angela Davies - Longing For The Sea

Longing For The Sea

Angela Davies

Carol Wisniewski - Tuscany Villa

Tuscany Villa

Carol Wisniewski

Caitlyn  Grasso - Scotties in the Window

Scotties in the Window

Caitlyn Grasso

Ginny Barklow - Me And My Shadow

Me And My Shadow

Ginny Barklow

Bruce Bley - Let the Sun Shine Through
Ian Mitchell - The Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary

Ian Mitchell

Rose-Maries Pictures - Purity In The Eyes

Purity In The Eyes

Rose-Maries Pictures

David Millenheft - Channel Island Fox

Channel Island Fox

David Millenheft

Allen Beatty - Fishing on Lake Louise
Allen Beatty - Jenny Lake Glacier...
Rosemary Colyer - Flamenco


Rosemary Colyer

Connie Fox - Golden Gate Bridge and...
Daphne Sampson - A Warrior At Heart...

A Warrior At Heart...

Daphne Sampson

Nina Bradica - Yellow Tulips

Yellow Tulips

Nina Bradica

Christina Rollo - Conspicuous Bandit

Conspicuous Bandit

Christina Rollo

Tricia Marchlik - Winter Scene

Winter Scene

Tricia Marchlik

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Moonshine


Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Chris Berry - Royal


Chris Berry

Randy Pollard -  Fence Sculpture

Fence Sculpture

Randy Pollard

JC Findley - All About Color

All About Color

JC Findley

Lois Bryan - Straight On For You
Irfan Gillani - Spiritual Dance

Spiritual Dance

Irfan Gillani

MTBobbins Photography - Florida Morning

Florida Morning

MTBobbins Photography

Angela Davies - Sipping Spring

Sipping Spring

Angela Davies

Pravine Chester - St Isaac

St Isaac's Cathedral

Pravine Chester

Anne Rodkin - Swallowtail


Anne Rodkin

Jon Burch Photography - Grand Canyon View from...

Grand Canyon View from...

Jon Burch Photography

Francois Fournier - The Red Raspberry Leaves

The Red Raspberry Leaves

Francois Fournier

Margaret S Sweeny -  Puffins


Margaret S Sweeny

Wild Thing - Buggy


Wild Thing

RC deWinter - Aw Shucks

Aw Shucks

RC deWinter

Nina Stavlund - A World of Ice...

A World of Ice...

Nina Stavlund

Jean Noren - Rumor has it

Rumor has it

Jean Noren

Carol Walker - In the Water at Dawn II
Susan Garren - Candy Shop Delight

Candy Shop Delight

Susan Garren

Liane Wright - TRAIN - MKT 142 - RS3M...
Judy Via-Wolff - Owl


Judy Via-Wolff

Nina Stavlund - Serene Vista...

Serene Vista...

Nina Stavlund

Susan Savad - Yellow House with Snow...
Eva Kaufman - Hound Dog 2

Hound Dog 2

Eva Kaufman

David Letts - Window with Potted...
Brian Wallace - The Old Swing

The Old Swing

Brian Wallace

Teresa Mucha - Mr Bluebird

Mr Bluebird

Teresa Mucha

Sabrina L Ryan - Pink Water Lily in the...
Julie Palencia - Colors of Mahahual

Colors of Mahahual

Julie Palencia

Frank J  Casella - Magnolias


Frank J Casella

Ginny Barklow - Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue

Ginny Barklow

Robert Bales - Little Reparing

Little Reparing

Robert Bales

Fran Riley - Winter Days

Winter Days

Fran Riley

Chris Berry - Pink Charm

Pink Charm

Chris Berry

Rose-Maries Pictures - Dreams of joy and Freedom

Dreams of joy and Freedom

Rose-Maries Pictures

Sweet Moments Photography                  - Timeless Beauty

Timeless Beauty

Sweet Moments Photography

Anne Macdonald - Vintage Open Book With...
Carole-Anne Fooks - Transantarctic Range and...

Transantarctic Range and...

Carole-Anne Fooks

Teresa Mucha - Sunrise January 22 2014
Carla Parris - The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within

Carla Parris

Janette Boyd - Mated Pairs of Cardinals
Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch - Sit For A Spell

Sit For A Spell

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch

Eva Kaufman - Tulips Welcome Spring
Pamela Patch - Single Calla Lily on...
Jeff  Swan - Small Water N The Green
Carol Wisniewski - Resting on the Lanai...

Resting on the Lanai...

Carol Wisniewski

Debbie Portwood - Gold Finch on a Snowy...

Gold Finch on a Snowy...

Debbie Portwood

Peggy  Franz - Sandy Creek Cover Bridge...
Robin Penrose - Must be Snowbirds

Must be Snowbirds

Robin Penrose

Joy Watson - flower-Passionfruit
Lois Colton - Thy Will Be Done

Thy Will Be Done

Lois Colton

Ginny Barklow - At Rest

At Rest

Ginny Barklow

James Shepherd - Pathway


James Shepherd

Ken Johnson - The White Rose

The White Rose

Ken Johnson

Toni Hopper - Crinkled Tulips

Crinkled Tulips

Toni Hopper

Steven Ainsworth - Daybreak On The River

Daybreak On The River

Steven Ainsworth

Brian Carson - Backyard Flowers 28...
Mike Ste Marie - Seagulls


Mike Ste Marie

David Bowman - Lunch


David Bowman

Irfan Gillani - Snow way or no way

Snow way or no way

Irfan Gillani

Beverley Harper Tinsley - The First Bluebird

The First Bluebird

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Donna Kennedy - The Professional

The Professional

Donna Kennedy

Sean Griffin - Mount Rainier Evening
Margaret S Sweeny - Blue tit

Blue tit

Margaret S Sweeny

Rick Kuperberg Sr - Peeking through

Peeking through

Rick Kuperberg Sr

Jerry Fornarotto - Portland Head Lighthouse...
Susan Savad - Organ in Victorian Parlor
Kandy Hurley - More Than a Lawn Ornament
Sabrina L Ryan - A Gift for the Nest

A Gift for the Nest

Sabrina L Ryan

Lori Deiter - Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes

Lori Deiter

David Gehman - Frost and Moon

Frost and Moon

David Gehman

Eva Kaufman - Pink Azaleas in Bloom
Wanda Brandon - The Monarch Rules

The Monarch Rules

Wanda Brandon

Amee Stadler - Light Shining Thru

Light Shining Thru

Amee Stadler

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - The Writer

The Writer's Desk

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Gary Holmes - Suppertime


Gary Holmes

Richard Cummings - Rose Romantica

Rose Romantica

Richard Cummings

Jan Bickerton - Take Me With You When...
Sabrina L Ryan - Teal Long Tailed Skipper...
HH Photography - Little Red Caboose

Little Red Caboose

HH Photography

Ron  McGinnis - Moonlight Run

Moonlight Run

Ron McGinnis

Pamela Briggs-Luther - Not Quite Van...

Not Quite Van...

Pamela Briggs-Luther

Tricia Marchlik - Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth

Tricia Marchlik

Beverly Guilliams - AMAZING  Iris Grace

AMAZING Iris Grace

Beverly Guilliams

Andres Leon - Overcast Miami Night...
EricaMaxine  Price - Savannah GA Spanish...

Savannah GA Spanish...

EricaMaxine Price

Carol Walker - Snow Stallion and the...
Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch - Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch

Sion Shadd - Sunstruck Vanner

Sunstruck Vanner

Sion Shadd

Karen Wiles - On Blueberry Hill

On Blueberry Hill

Karen Wiles

Christina Rollo - Migrating Monarch...

Migrating Monarch...

Christina Rollo

Paul W Faust -  Impressions of Light - Falls and Rainbow

Falls and Rainbow

Paul W Faust - Impressions of Light

Beverley Harper Tinsley - Radiant Orchard

Radiant Orchard

Beverley Harper Tinsley

Jeff  Swan - Three Flowers

Three Flowers

Jeff Swan

Robert Harmon - An Autumnal Rainbow

An Autumnal Rainbow

Robert Harmon

Kaye Menner - Sun-drenched Lily Pond  ...
Rachel Cohen - Muskallonge Lake in the...
Anne Rodkin - Sanibel Lighthouse

Sanibel Lighthouse

Anne Rodkin

Peggy Collins - Caren Mountain Range

Caren Mountain Range

Peggy Collins

Bob Christopher - Iguazu Falls South...

Iguazu Falls South...

Bob Christopher

Gene Sherrill - Grand Canyon Sunset WIM
Chris Berry -  Portrait  Of  A Monarch
EricaMaxine  Price - Equine Fantasy

Equine Fantasy

EricaMaxine Price

Teresa Zieba - Blue Morpho Butterfly
Chris Tarpening - Angels Canvas

Angels Canvas

Chris Tarpening

Bruce Bley - Colors of Bryce Canyon
Darren Fisher - Alone in the Cold

Alone in the Cold

Darren Fisher

Rick Kuperberg Sr - Sleeping Willow

Sleeping Willow

Rick Kuperberg Sr

Sonali Gangane - Blissful white

Blissful white

Sonali Gangane

Teresa Zieba - Hummingbird 1

Hummingbird 1

Teresa Zieba

Kim Andelkovic - Angkor Wat Sunset

Angkor Wat Sunset

Kim Andelkovic

Haren Images- Kriss Haren - Fire Island Sunset

Fire Island Sunset

Haren Images- Kriss Haren

Carla Parris - The Romance of Roses
Carole-Anne Fooks - Ice Berg Up Close and...

Ice Berg Up Close and...

Carole-Anne Fooks

Julie Palencia - Three Pears

Three Pears

Julie Palencia

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Serenity


Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Robert Harmon - The Fire Within

The Fire Within

Robert Harmon

RC deWinter - Stardust and Pearls
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Beach Dreams

Beach Dreams

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Rosanne Jordan - Going Home Sunset

Going Home Sunset

Rosanne Jordan

Mariola Bitner - Festive Panda

Festive Panda

Mariola Bitner

Jane Linders - Fallen Oak

Fallen Oak

Jane Linders

Greg Patzer - Mates


Greg Patzer

Benanne Stiens - Snow on the Shed

Snow on the Shed

Benanne Stiens

James Shepherd - Autumn Mist

Autumn Mist

James Shepherd

Allen Beatty - Red and Yellow Tulips
Donna Kennedy - Love Birds

Love Birds

Donna Kennedy

Juergen Roth - White Iris

White Iris

Juergen Roth

Alexander Senin - Yellow Tulips 1

Yellow Tulips 1

Alexander Senin

Rose-Maries Pictures - Poppy


Rose-Maries Pictures

Nava Jo Thompson - Snowy Bluebird

Snowy Bluebird

Nava Jo Thompson

Rick Kuperberg Sr - Ollie


Rick Kuperberg Sr

James Petersen - Whatcha Looking At

Whatcha Looking At

James Petersen

Marcia Breznay - A Posing Monarch

A Posing Monarch

Marcia Breznay

Romy Galicia - Serenity


Romy Galicia

Thomas Levine - West Thumb

West Thumb

Thomas Levine

Jo Ann Tomaselli - Great Blue Heron in...

Great Blue Heron in...

Jo Ann Tomaselli

Liam Liberty - Rainbow Peacock

Rainbow Peacock

Liam Liberty

Nina Bradica - Catch of the Day-2

Catch of the Day-2

Nina Bradica

Richard Cummings - The Rose

The Rose

Richard Cummings

Shannon Story - A Snowy Day

A Snowy Day

Shannon Story

Lois Bryan - All Rejoicing

All Rejoicing

Lois Bryan

Bruce Bley - A Rainbow of Color
Juergen Roth - Boston Skyline Panorama
Linda Galok - Life is Short Buy the...
Benanne Stiens - Old Red

Old Red

Benanne Stiens

Christy Ricafrente - Sunshine On My Shoulders

Sunshine On My Shoulders

Christy Ricafrente

Judi Bagwell - Autumn Light

Autumn Light

Judi Bagwell

Joshua McCullough - Country Fence

Country Fence

Joshua McCullough

Sandi OReilly - Behold My Beloved Son....
Sandra Bronstein - Summer Storm in the...

Summer Storm in the...

Sandra Bronstein

Rose-Maries Pictures - Magnor Norway

Magnor Norway

Rose-Maries Pictures

Fabian Roessler - Red Flowers

Red Flowers

Fabian Roessler

HH Photography - A New Beginning

A New Beginning

HH Photography

Bob Christopher - Splendor On Quail Creek

Splendor On Quail Creek

Bob Christopher

Donna Kennedy - Gull Lake Just Before...
Patricia Twardzik - Snail in Motion

Snail in Motion

Patricia Twardzik

Rosita Larsson - Advent Stars

Advent Stars

Rosita Larsson

Georgi Dimitrov - Kiss under the rain

Kiss under the rain

Georgi Dimitrov

Dave Bosse - Christmas Bloom

Christmas Bloom

Dave Bosse

Susan Savad - Washing Up After Dinner
Mary Lee Dereske - Japanese Sea Nettle...

Japanese Sea Nettle...

Mary Lee Dereske

Juergen Roth - The Paper Kite

The Paper Kite

Juergen Roth

Mike Martin - Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Mike Martin

Joshua Clark - Brandywine Falls in...
Juergen Roth - Green Bottle Fly

Green Bottle Fly

Juergen Roth

Nava Jo Thompson - Beautiful Together

Beautiful Together

Nava Jo Thompson

Dave Bosse - Orange Reflections
Christina Rollo - Hoot Owl

Hoot Owl

Christina Rollo

Brian Harig - Mesa Arch Sunrise 5 -...
Robert Harmon - Over the River and...

Over the River and...

Robert Harmon

Anne Gilbert - Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

Anne Gilbert

Paul Ward - Deep Sea Diver

Deep Sea Diver

Paul Ward

Joy Watson - Hush


Joy Watson

Arik Baltinester - Full Colour King

Full Colour King

Arik Baltinester

Alex Cassels - Prairie Dog feeding on...
Maj Seda - Yellow and Orange Rose
Juergen Roth - Florida Everglades Wood...
Susan Savad - Mortar and Pestle in...
Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch - Soft As Silk

Soft As Silk

Living Color Photography Lorraine Lynch

Janis Knight - Backlit Leaves

Backlit Leaves

Janis Knight

John Haldane - Douglas DC 3

Douglas DC 3

John Haldane

Evie Carrier - Tahquamenon Starry Skies
Rachel Cohen - Fresh Leaves

Fresh Leaves

Rachel Cohen

Shannon Story - The Christmas Train

The Christmas Train

Shannon Story

Jean Noren - Jewel Tones

Jewel Tones

Jean Noren

Priscilla Burgers - King of Mt. Evans

King of Mt. Evans

Priscilla Burgers

Joy Watson - Grevillea  Superb

Grevillea Superb

Joy Watson

Susan Garren - Fruit Colors Boldness
Chris Anderson - Painterly Remnants

Painterly Remnants

Chris Anderson

Kaye Menner - Petals and a Rose -...
Susan Garren - Simply Rose

Simply Rose

Susan Garren

Christina Rollo - Pearl Crescent Butterfly...
RC deWinter - Autumn Harlequin

Autumn Harlequin

RC deWinter

Darren Fisher - Autumns Gold

Autumns Gold

Darren Fisher

Joyce Dickens - Oh Holy Night

Oh Holy Night

Joyce Dickens

Diane Schuster - Double Delight Rose With...
Susan Garren - Newport Bay Bridge

Newport Bay Bridge

Susan Garren

Donna Kennedy - Season

Season's Greetings

Donna Kennedy

Lori Deiter - Dreamin
Juergen Roth - Red Legged Locust

Red Legged Locust

Juergen Roth

Kathleen Struckle - Pink And White Dahlia

Pink And White Dahlia

Kathleen Struckle

Rosanne Jordan - Christmas Santa

Christmas Santa

Rosanne Jordan

Alec Drake - Fabric Collision

Fabric Collision

Alec Drake

Gregory Ballos - Arching Over St. Louis

Arching Over St. Louis

Gregory Ballos

Kaye Menner - Droplets in Fantasyland
Angie Vogel - Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird

Angie Vogel

James Peterson - Orphaned Raccoon

Orphaned Raccoon

James Peterson

Shannon Story - Autumn Pumpkins

Autumn Pumpkins

Shannon Story

Irma BACKELANT GALLERIES - Electric Warrior

Electric Warrior


John Haldane - Vermont Boathouse

Vermont Boathouse

John Haldane

Nikolyn McDonald - Cordial


Nikolyn McDonald

Robert Harmon - Birth Life Death

Birth Life Death

Robert Harmon

Anne Gilbert - Larch Grove Blurred

Larch Grove Blurred

Anne Gilbert

Susan Garren - Shimmering White Magnolia
Susan Carella - Florida - Vacation -...
Lois Bryan - White Magnolia

White Magnolia

Lois Bryan

Lenore Senior - Cosmic Autumn

Cosmic Autumn

Lenore Senior

Nava Jo Thompson - Tuffy The Titmouse

Tuffy The Titmouse

Nava Jo Thompson

Rose-Maries Pictures - Swan Feathers

Swan Feathers

Rose-Maries Pictures

Lena Wilhite - Life Cycles

Life Cycles

Lena Wilhite

Susan Garren - Valentine Pink Tulip
Sean Griffin - Day is Done

Day is Done

Sean Griffin

Barbara Dudley - A Little More Interesting
Mariola Bitner - Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

Mariola Bitner

Kathleen Struckle - My Painted Face

My Painted Face

Kathleen Struckle

Rosemary Colyer - The Wonder of Light...

The Wonder of Light...

Rosemary Colyer

Richard Cummings - Classical Still Life

Classical Still Life

Richard Cummings

Susan Savad - Farm House With Sewing...
Michele Steffey - Cyclist And Dog

Cyclist And Dog

Michele Steffey

Scott Pellegrin - Swimming at Sunset

Swimming at Sunset

Scott Pellegrin

Nava Jo Thompson - War Eagle Mill

War Eagle Mill

Nava Jo Thompson

Don Schwartz - Shades of Blue

Shades of Blue

Don Schwartz

Paul Ward - Country Grist Mill
Morgan Wright - Sliced Persimmon

Sliced Persimmon

Morgan Wright

Margaret S Sweeny - Chaffinch


Margaret S Sweeny

Cricket Hackmann - Fall Farmstead

Fall Farmstead

Cricket Hackmann

Eve Spring - Folly Beach Fishing Pier
Jean Noren - Scabiosa


Jean Noren

Robert Harmon - Autumn Beach

Autumn Beach

Robert Harmon

Jan Bickerton - Clematis Flowers 1

Clematis Flowers 1

Jan Bickerton

Scott Cunningham - Glade Creek Mill Portrait

Glade Creek Mill Portrait

Scott Cunningham

Doug Norkum - Pinky


Doug Norkum

Richard Cummings - Postcard from Autumn

Postcard from Autumn

Richard Cummings

Georgi Dimitrov - Mountain lake

Mountain lake

Georgi Dimitrov

Diane Schuster - Tuti Fruti Colors and...
Tricia Marchlik - The Boat House

The Boat House

Tricia Marchlik

James Peterson - Mud Turtle

Mud Turtle

James Peterson

Catherine Fenner - Tell Me That I

Tell Me That I'm Pretty

Catherine Fenner

Jo Ann Tomaselli - Fixer Upper Barn

Fixer Upper Barn

Jo Ann Tomaselli

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Sunrise on the Lake

Sunrise on the Lake

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Darren Fisher - Autumns Light

Autumns Light

Darren Fisher

Paul Ward - Nautical - Boat - Block...
Nina Bradica - Whimsy Cherry Blossom...
Paula Tohline Calhoun - Beauty Berry and Euonymus

Beauty Berry and Euonymus

Paula Tohline Calhoun

Susan Savad - Seasons - White House by...
Susan Savad - Seasons - House by Lake...
Robert Carney - Fall Color in Maine

Fall Color in Maine

Robert Carney

Jean Macaluso - White Birch Reflections
Dave Bosse - Red Lily

Red Lily

Dave Bosse

Robert Weiman - Backroads of Autumn

Backroads of Autumn

Robert Weiman

Angela A Stanton - Morning Dew on a Grass

Morning Dew on a Grass

Angela A Stanton

Scott Cunningham - Among the Aloe

Among the Aloe

Scott Cunningham

Nikolyn McDonald - Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise Sunset

Nikolyn McDonald

Chris Berry - 868 se A Bit Of Country ...
Sweet Moments Photography                  - Eternal Love

Eternal Love

Sweet Moments Photography

John Tidball  - A Golden Rose

A Golden Rose

John Tidball

Morgan Wright - Sunset Over Cement Ship
Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - Morning Dance

Morning Dance

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Gregory Ballos - Spring Morning

Spring Morning

Gregory Ballos

Robert Weiman - Tetons Peaks in Autumn
Nava Jo Thompson - Beautiful South Dakota

Beautiful South Dakota

Nava Jo Thompson

Chris Berry -   Silohetted Trees- by...
Gene Walls - October Sprinkle On...
Don Schwartz - Rugged Beauty

Rugged Beauty

Don Schwartz

Angie Vogel - Pumpkin


Angie Vogel

Dave Bosse - Real Red

Real Red

Dave Bosse

Eve Spring - Taking It All In

Taking It All In

Eve Spring

Jo Ann Tomaselli - Palamedes Swallowtail...

Palamedes Swallowtail...

Jo Ann Tomaselli

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan - The Boathouse

The Boathouse

Debra and Dave Vanderlaan

Brian Harig - Horsethief Falls...
Maj Seda - Trees and Fog

Trees and Fog

Maj Seda

Bob Christopher - Sanderling Gulf of Mexico
Cathy Mahnke - Ice Fog at -50

Ice Fog at -50

Cathy Mahnke

Denise Dube - Fluid thoughts

Fluid thoughts

Denise Dube

Michele Steffey - Paratroopers


Michele Steffey

Bill Gallagher - Lake Tahoe Reflection

Lake Tahoe Reflection

Bill Gallagher

Juergen Roth - New England Fall Foliage...
Kathy Baccari - Charlestons Pineapple...
Bob and Nancy Kendrick - View of Fall in the La...

View of Fall in the La...

Bob and Nancy Kendrick

Susan Garren - Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Susan Garren

Mitch Shindelbower - Falling Color

Falling Color

Mitch Shindelbower

Bob Christopher - Bowling Ball Beach...

Bowling Ball Beach...

Bob Christopher

Kathleen Bishop - Sundown on Jeffcoat

Sundown on Jeffcoat

Kathleen Bishop

Steven Ainsworth - Softly Comes The Dawn

Softly Comes The Dawn

Steven Ainsworth

Priscilla Burgers - Fall at Dallas Divide

Fall at Dallas Divide

Priscilla Burgers

Karen Wiles - Cougar Country

Cougar Country

Karen Wiles

Mitch Shindelbower - Time For Tea

Time For Tea

Mitch Shindelbower

RC deWinter - One October Sunday

One October Sunday

RC deWinter

Eti Reid - Misty fall

Misty fall

Eti Reid

Bruce Bley - Purple Oriental Tiger...
Ram Vasudev - Wood Duck

Wood Duck

Ram Vasudev

Gregory Ballos - Sun Setting on El...

Sun Setting on El...

Gregory Ballos