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Chongqing, chongqing - China








Xiaochuan Li

Chongqing, chongqing - China

Xiaochuan Li - Fine Artist

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About Xiaochuan Li

Xiaochuan Li has been fancying the spirit and image of horses from his early childhood, thus using simple brushings in a freehand or spontaneous style to paint horses has become his favorite subject in his artistic career. For many years, he has tried to merge the beauty of ballet and music, and the Chinese calligraphic aesthetics so as to depict the mighty and adorable images of horses with dry ink and water, a technique that is more challenging and demanding for the artist to command his brushings. The artist pursues a unique way of painting horses as if he is writing the souls and characters of horses in a romantic style rather than brushing the figures.
By exposing artistically the striking contrast between white (rice paper) and black (dark ink) by mixing the heavy or light gray ¡°color¡± from the dry and dark ink, subtly or coincidently splitting or mixing the two, either in thick or thin ink, with heavy or flying touches of the brushstrokes, the artist creates spontaneously these 'anthropomorphic horses' by their vigorous shapes as well as expressional faces to appreciate the beauty of harmony and wildlife.
Xiaochuan Li¡¯s horse paintings are telling us that animals like horses are human beings¡¯ good friends forever by nature. That is why viewers are very much attracted by Xiaochuan Li¡¯s art works.

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   |   Images = 43





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