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Tom Hubbard

Galloway, OH - United States








Tom Hubbard

Galloway, OH - United States

Tom Hubbard - Fine Artist

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About Tom Hubbard

I’m producing the art I had left in me when they took away my crayons in the second grade. It’s OF the child in me, and FOR the child in you. I call it “Quirky Deep.” “Quirky” is the first impression. You discover “deep” over time.
Reflection is a vital human need, which you must do on your own The needs we generally follow are corporate, social and pop culture imposed needs. You are more than a worker bee or a consumer. You need an individual alternative.
Art by an intuitive individual is a window of opportunity for the reflective and aware individual to escape the bonds of corporate/pop culture dominance.
Look for a humanist artist who expresses support for the individual as the source of solutions and progress. The humanist artist is spiritually outside of pop culture domination. This artist allows you to truly encounter his/her art, and your individual self. Art is more than decoration; it is a key to your soul.
The profoundly silent mind experiencing ambiguity is a fruitful state, promoting the understanding of a deeper reality than is normally available. This is where myth and reality pool to become one. In your reverie, you will bounce between the general and the specific. This opens the mind to all it can be. Ignore the obvious. Ignore causes; look for effects, ignore passing events, look for meaning. My art may help your quest. Be surprised

I was a local television director for ten years in Norfolk, Va. and Atlanta, Ga. before switching to newspaper photojournalism in Atlanta. I moved to the Cincinnati Enquirer for twelve years. While at the Enquirer, from 1966 to 1978, I won 22 Ohio awards for photojournalism and two national awards, including a National Press Photographers Association award for best photo story coverage of the Senate Watergate hearings.
I did freelance photojournalism in Cincinnati from 1978 to 1983, primarily doing work for local hospitals and for Black Star Photo Agency in New York. My Black Star assignments have appeared in many national magazines including Time, People Weekly, TV Guide, US Magazine, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, Fortune, Barrons, Der Spiegel, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, etc.
I now do abstract digital imaging, since 2000. I have had 12 solo digital shows and 12 group shows in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.
I hold Master's degree from the University of Cincinnati. I taught photojournalism at The Ohio State University School of Journalism and Communication from 1983 to 1998. I have been creating and showing digital abstract art since 2000. My digital art can be seen here and at

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