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Svitozar Nenyuk

Brandy Station, VA - United States








Svitozar Nenyuk

Brandy Station, VA - United States

Svitozar Nenyuk - Fine Artist

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About Svitozar Nenyuk

Svitozar Nenyuk is known primarily for his religious paintings depicting angels, saints, and martyrs, and for his portraits.
Svitozar was born in the Carpathian Mountains. Soon after his birth, instead of a toy his father gave him a brush. He began painting and has continued doing art ever since.
When he was eleven, he enrolled at the Kyiv Republican Art School.
There he studied for seven years from 1973 to1980.
After that he studied briefly at the Odessa Art School in 1980- 1981.
He then moved to Lithuania.
He went to Vilnius in 1981 and was shortly admitted to the State Lithuanian Art Academy as a student.
Six years after, in 1987 Svitozar was graduated from the Lithuanian Art Academy.
In 1987- 89 he did work as an art teacher in Jasiunai High School (Lithuania).
1989- 1991 free lance artist in Lithuania and Ukraine.
In 1991 he emigrated to the United States and landed in Lincoln, Nebraska.
In Nebraska he was elected an honorary member of Lincoln Artistic Guild.
He eventually moved to Rockford, Illinois in 1994.
Svitozar had great affection for Rockford and became a naturalized American citizen while living there.
In 2002 Svitozar moved to Washington, DC, where he executed a series of works strongly marked by his craftsmanship.
Since that time Svitozar does painting for his own pleasure.

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Holy Family by Svitozar Nenyuk


The Baptism of Jesus Christ by Svitozar Nenyuk


St. Michael. Der Erzengel Michael - Patron der Kirche und Deutschlands by Svitozar Nenyuk


Annunciation To The Blessed Virgin Mary. Verkundigung by Svitozar Nenyuk


Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro by Svitozar Nenyuk


Bibel. Das Evangelium nach Johannes. Christliche Kunst by Svitozar Nenyuk


Virgen de Guadalupe by Svitozar Nenyuk


Our Lady of the Way. Virgin Hodegetria. by Svitozar Nenyuk


Jesus Christ Pantocrator. Spiritual Art by Svitozar Nenyuk


Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven by Svitozar Nenyuk


Crucifixion of Jesus. Golgotha. New Testament Art by Svitozar Nenyuk


Presentation Of Mary In The Temple. Catholic Marian Art by Svitozar Nenyuk


Saints Cyril and Methodius. Missionaries to the Slavs by Svitozar Nenyuk


Sacred Heart. El Arte Catolico. Religious Art by Svitozar Nenyuk


Immaculate Heart. Niepokalane Serce. Sztuka Katolicka by Svitozar Nenyuk


Divina Misericordia. Divine Mercy. Jesus I Trust in You by Svitozar Nenyuk


Divine Mercy. Catholic Art. Jesus Christ by Svitozar Nenyuk


Mother of God. Katholische Kunst. by Svitozar Nenyuk


Via Dolorosa 1. Stations of the Cross. Via Crucis by Svitozar Nenyuk


Via Dolorosa 2. Via Crucis. Jesus takes up His Cross by Svitozar Nenyuk


Via Dolorosa 3. Way of the Cross. Estaciones de la Cruz by Svitozar Nenyuk


Via Dolorosa 4. Stations of the Cross. Droga Krzyzowa by Svitozar Nenyuk


Via Dolorosa 5. Via Crucis. Way of the Cross. Kreuzweg by Svitozar Nenyuk


Via Dolorosa 6. Saint Veronica. Stations of the Cross by Svitozar Nenyuk

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