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Susan Townsend

Chicago, IL - United States








Susan Townsend

Chicago, IL - United States

Susan Townsend - Fine Artist

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About Susan Townsend

I am SusanTownsend. I am a crative person and I love taking photos I was trained or I attended college (SIU) for photograph and Art many years ago I also attended columbia college in chicago for a semester in photography. I had to stop my pursuit due to marriage family and work. Now that the Kids are grown and I am now single I wanted to start a business online and one way is though my art. I also have two other blogs but they are for my Marketing and motivation chats with newbi to the internet. They are all about ways I have explored working online Which is a big goal of mine. To work online and quit my day job. I am close to retirement.

My goals and dream are high and long. I have only a can do mental mind set. I just have to learn how, with baby steps. Given that I sitll work my time is limited. But there is not fear. For we creat that bugaboo. Fear is not of my creation or dreams. So that relaity is not mine. I am a leader of sorts, but humble,with a smile to help me and you.

I have to also care for a mother who is thank the good Lord still here but she needs my help. 81 years old that she is.

My hobies are these. sci-fi, gardening, cooking reading, learning,and photograph. Oh and I like gadgets. I love art in all it's mediums so on this journey of mine I will explore most if not all. and that I hope you will see in my art on display here. When I was married and tending to the family I put aside my dreams of art. yes in small ways I introduced art to my children, with crafts and food and gardening. and encouraging them to the world of art in some form or fashion. my son is a chef and a graphic artist, my daughter wants to be an actor and she writes stories. So there now. I owe my desire to my father. and that is part of the history of me. This 57 year old Artist.

When looking at all that I could do to earn a living online and to show the world how I see things. you are told to look at your hobbies or your passions. I never thought of my art at first. but I continued to get distracted doing it. I don't know if anyone will like what I show case but this is my way of putting my foot in the water. I do welcome all comments and you telling others about my work.

In advance I would like to thank you for viewing, buying and commenting and telling others.
My art flows with my moods at times. So see what mood I was in that day. Smile. I also have a love of trees. I hope you don't get tired of them for I don't. Susan Townsend (sueyq)

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