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Sherri Robinson

Mcminnville, OR - United States








Sherri Robinson

Mcminnville, OR - United States

Sherri Robinson - Fine Artist

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About Sherri Robinson

I have been Horse Crazy, Camera Crazy and Art Crazy ever since I was a little kid. I am at my happiest when I am around horses, exploring the world with my camera and drawing in graphite and colored pencil. These interests have woven in and out of my life for many years and at times they had to be put on the proverbial back burner because 'Life is what happens to you when you're busy making plans!'

Over the years though, I have been able to pursue all these interests in my spare time and ended up with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, two horses of my own, lot's of time at many stables and horse shows, tons of adventures with my cameras and doing a lot of drawing of my favorite subject which is horses. Life in the corporate world kept it a challenge to do these hobbies as much as I wanted to, but I managed to get commissions for both horse show photography and commissioned portraits in pencil, colored pencil and pastels.

I took private art lessons from a wonderful woman in Texas while I was in high school who encouraged me to major in Art in college. I attended the University of North Texas in Denton where I also got an Art Teaching degree with my BFA. But the corporate world lured me into working as a corporate trainer and business manager and that's where I spent many years working too many hours. I still managed to show my horses, give riding lessons, do drawing commissions and photo shoots for customers on the side as much as possible. When I got into management positions that had me working all the time, I was able to keep shooting pictures but the drawing got stalled since it takes so many hours to work in the detailed mode that I do.

Fast Forward to today...I am now married to a wonderful man who owns a small business and I am his one and only helper. I love being self employed because even though we work a lot, I am able to have a very flexible schedule. I recently decided it was time to bring out my photos and start working with my beloved pencil drawings again. So, right now you will see a lot of photography available and soon the drawings I am working on will be uploaded. In addition to what you can order as far as prints and cards on my site, I will also be offering my original drawings for sale. I am blessed to be able to take my own photographs for the images I wish to draw. So, stay tuned as I get back to the three key passions of my life and first and foremost I want to thank my husband for encouraging me to 'Just Do It!!' Thanks for stopping by and viewing my work. Anything that I accomplish is by the Glory I give to God. He gave us all these wonderful images to be in awe of!

Please Note: All images are copyright Sherri Robinson. . All Materials contained here may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or downloaded in any manner or form .All rights are reserved. Any copying, tagging, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of the images without written permission from the Artist is strictly prohibited. Protected by all International Copyright Laws.

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Organic Heirloom Carrots by Sherri Robinson


Farmer's Market by Sherri Robinson


Wine Tasting Stop by Sherri Robinson


That Golden Smile by Sherri Robinson


Summer in Oregon by Sherri Robinson


Lady Bug on a Mission by Sherri Robinson


Man's Best Friend by Sherri Robinson


Blooming Brillance by Sherri Robinson


The Soup Shack by Sherri Robinson


Lucky Charm by Sherri Robinson


Shaggy Cows by Sherri Robinson


Happy to See You by Sherri Robinson


Grand Champion Dressage Friesian by Sherri Robinson


Lakota the Mustang by Sherri Robinson


Follow my Flames by Sherri Robinson


Scottish Highland Cattle by Sherri Robinson


Fancy Pants Tulips by Sherri Robinson


Oregon Tulip Farm by Sherri Robinson


Calla Lily by Sherri Robinson


Beauregard the Basset by Sherri Robinson


Wild Carousel Steed by Sherri Robinson


Purple Petunia Vine by Sherri Robinson


Radical Red by Sherri Robinson


Resting Deer Monochrome by Sherri Robinson


Watchful Deer by Sherri Robinson


Cabbage Patch by Sherri Robinson


Blue Eyes by Sherri Robinson


Blue Devil by Sherri Robinson


Foot Hills Farm by Sherri Robinson


Cinderella Kitty by Sherri Robinson


Oregon Flower Farm by Sherri Robinson


Car Show Ready by Sherri Robinson


Ranch Gate Sign by Sherri Robinson


Yamhill Valley Mules by Sherri Robinson


Purple Fantasy by Sherri Robinson


Music Festival by Sherri Robinson


Goldie by Sherri Robinson


Very Possibly Haunted by Sherri Robinson


Ghost Chevy by Sherri Robinson


Coming Storm by Sherri Robinson


Storm Warning by Sherri Robinson


Pond Partners by Sherri Robinson


Cue for the Canter by Sherri Robinson


Fetching Dinner by Sherri Robinson


Deep in the Garden by Sherri Robinson


Everything is Just Ducky by Sherri Robinson


The Strut by Sherri Robinson


Country Church by Sherri Robinson

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