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Roger Hanson

Escondido, CA - United States








Roger Hanson

Escondido, CA - United States

Roger Hanson - Fine Artist

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About Roger Hanson

Roger Hanson is an unconventional, self-taught Visionary Artist and Channeller who connects with energy that is not in embodied form in this reality and brings through their image for all to see. The methodology through which he does this emerged quite by 'accident.' After leaving a high-profile corporate job as Division President for one of the world's largest language services companies, he began to experiment with pastels in his new found free time as a means of simply getting in touch with his feelings, his inner self, and ultimately his intuition. While the very first images were basic broad swipes of colors, very soon Roger began to see the outlines of faces in the subtle textures of the pastels and paper.

As he eventually found the courage to begin outlining the faces, he found more and more details emerging and it felt as though the pictures were creating themselves. Roger considers what he does to be multidimensional in nature - meaning that through his artistic process he is connecting to other levels of consciousness during which he maintains a free flowing, two-way communication to include visuals and words and entire messages. In essence, the other consciousnesses (beings) present their image and then speak - and Roger is a facilitator for this process through his art. Most importantly, each work of art serves as a portal for communication between the being depicted in the art and the one who gazes upon the art. If someone is open to this type of experience, then they can have a powerful and mystical journey of insight, support, and guidance.

Roger frequently broadcasts the creation of his art, so for many of the images that you see here, there is accompanying video footage of the art being created. If the video exists, it will be listed in the description for each image.

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Petraeus Growing with Rocks by Roger Hanson


The Many in the One by Roger Hanson


Hektr by Roger Hanson


NoNo by Roger Hanson


Sri Yukteswar Giri by Roger Hanson


Cosmic Christ by Roger Hanson


The Yoga of Life by Roger Hanson


iGOR by Roger Hanson


Abundant Trininty by Roger Hanson


I Met My Spirit Today - Elyon by Roger Hanson


The Power of the Snake by Roger Hanson


Earth by Roger Hanson


Amos - Portal Master by Roger Hanson


Mabel by Roger Hanson


Watching by Roger Hanson


Joseph by Roger Hanson


Energy Master by Roger Hanson


Peace by Roger Hanson


Power by Roger Hanson


Fifth Dimension by Roger Hanson


Unwrapping Wounds by Roger Hanson


Yogananda by Roger Hanson


Cosmic Feminine by Roger Hanson


Christina by Roger Hanson

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