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Ricky Haug

Annandale, MN - United States








Ricky Haug

Annandale, MN - United States

Ricky Haug - Fine Artist

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About Ricky Haug

Hello, I'm Ricky Haug. I started oil painting in 1990, in an intermediate art class I took in High School.
My first art creation was with charcoal pencils. I loved how I could take a thick line and blend it to an almost transparent mist on a sheet of paper. After experimenting with different techniques for shading, and found the one that really worked for me, I drew my first Landscape. I was pretty impressed with the way it turned out.
I kept drawing for a few years, until I took up the intermediate art class in school. I wasn't impressed with the technique that was being taught so I experimented and watched the Bob Ross series and started using the wet on wet technique. I still enjoy drawing at times but my true passion is oil work.
I went to an art instruction school to get further in my career and now I am painting mostly Landscapes, but I am now starting to paint portraits as well.
Recently I started doing digital art as well, which I find to be challenging and relaxing. That is a little bit about myself, I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy doing them.

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