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Richard Harpum

Doncaster, South Yorkshire - United Kingdom

Richard Harpum - Fine Artist

Richard Harpum

Member Since: 11/12/2009

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Award-winning artist, Richard Harpum, paints in a realist style. His medium of choice is acrylics on canvas or board but also paints watercolour florals. Because he paints in meticulous detail, his slogan is “High Definition Art”. Richard's primary focus is landscapes and seascapes but he also paints still lifes, portraits and florals. The effective use of light is a key ingredient to all of Richard’s works and he spends a great deal of time before starting a painting in selecting a composition that provides both drama and contrast.

Born in Bromley, England, in 1951, Richard has had a passion for drawing and painting from a very young age. As a youngster, he was always drawing and became a prolific painter after he received an oil painting set for Christmas when he was 12. He has a Master of Arts degree from Cambridge University.

Richard's work was featured in a 10-page article in International Artist Magazine, Issue 73, June 2010. He has also won a number of art competitions and awards, including Professional Artist of the Year 2012 by the (British) Society for all Artists.

He is a strong advocate for using the golden ratio (Phi - 1:1.618) in his paintings. You may note that the position of the sun or some other key feature or length often uses a golden ratio. In some of his works there are several used. Richard believes that this gives his paintings better balance than using the more traditional 'rule of thirds'.

During his life Richard has lived in many parts of England and currently lives in South Yorkshire. He has also travelled extensively for both pleasure and business and has lived abroad in Africa, the USA, Australia and Germany for a total of 20 years. This has given him a very broad perspective of the world, as well as providing him with wonderful sources of inspiration for his paintings.

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Richard Harpum - Dr Peter Hindle MBE

Dr Peter Hindle MBE

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - Great Wall of China...

Great Wall of China...

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - River Dart Fly Fisherman
Richard Harpum - Cadiz Garden

Cadiz Garden

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - Oscar and Me

Oscar and Me

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - Meeting Street Inn...

Meeting Street Inn...

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - Shem Creek Shrimpers...
Richard Harpum - Mont Saint-Michel Soir

Mont Saint-Michel Soir

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - Mont Saint-Michel Morn

Mont Saint-Michel Morn

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - Sabi Sand Siesta

Sabi Sand Siesta

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - Il Fiumi Tevere Roma

Il Fiumi Tevere Roma

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - La Lampareria Albacin...
Richard Harpum - La Lamparareia en la...
Richard Harpum - The Red Boat Polperro...
Richard Harpum - Tommy


Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - Monet

Monet's Garden Giverny

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - Giverny Reflections

Giverny Reflections

Richard Harpum

Richard Harpum - Rowing on the Tiber Rome

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