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QMR Fine Art Consulting

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QMR Fine Art Consulting

Pittsburgh, PA - United States

QMR Fine Art Consulting - Fine Artist

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About QMR Fine Art Consulting

Q.M.R. Fine Art Consulting, (Q.M.R.) is a niche gallery that provides full-scale investment consulting to individuals, families, estates and organizations that share the common interest in Fine American Decorative Arts. We have specialized in providing fine art investments and expertise on Hudson River School and 19th century African American artwork for over 28 years. QMR constantly researches and invests in unique, rare and hard to find artwork that will afford clients appreciation at time of purchase. QMR specializes in 19th Century African American Artists, Hudson River School Artist, and 19th century American master artists. Over the last 20 years our associates have gained extensive expertise around all artwork we sell. All of the art QMR owns have been acquired from private collections, and have not been over circulated so our clients an be assured they are receiving a quality and confirmed asset.

Q.M.R only specializes in master American 19th century Hudson River School artists that will yield the highest investment appreciation for our clients. We have successfully done so collectively for 28 years.


QMR, focuses on three types of collectors/ investors, with three specific types of budgets and needs. Our mission is to make fine art investments affordable for everyone so that they all can take full advantage of acquiring exceptional artist and exceptional artwork.

We categorize our artwork three tiers:

Tier A Artwork ($100,000 & Up) - This artwork is for the collector that has the budget and knows exactly what they want. All artwork in this category is priced at minimum 50% under current retail value.

Tier B Artwork ($10,000 - $100,000) - This artwork is geared for the collector/ investor that wants to collect an exceptional artist, at the peak of their career at a investment price. This category is geared for first time collectors with budget, and matured collectors that understand the benefit of owning named artists from this category.

Tier C Artwork($10,000 & below) - This artwork is from less known, yet still exceptional artists. This is the perfect collection to start from for those just starting to collect, with limited budget, yet desire the benefits of investment art that appreciates.

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Path to Olana by Robert Scott Duncanson


The Field by Frank Russell Green


Botanical - 1888 by Maurice B Prendergast


Bakers Cart - 1931 by Frank Russell Green


House near stream - 1847 by Thomas Doughty

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