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Nikki Criel

Chicago, IL - United States








Nikki Criel

Chicago, IL - United States

Nikki Criel - Fine Artist

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About Nikki Criel

'You don't take a photograph, you make it.' ~Ansel Adams~

When I was 10 years old I asked for a Polaroid camera for Christmas. I proceeded to do 'trick' shots with my sister and dress up our dog for photo shoots. I had a Disc camera (remember those?) I am the one who kept every single shot I ever took in many albums...all in order. I asked for a 35mm Canon AE-1 for my 16th birthday so I could learn to develop my own film and prints in high school. I fell in love with black and white photography, but sadly the art of film and print developing is being lost with the digital age.

Happily, I thoroughly enjoy the digital age as well!

I was taught to fill the screen with my subject. This was wonderful when printing from film, but the dimensions are off a bit when printing from digital. I adjusted.

I was taught to look at things differently. There will be shots of regular, ordinary things from a different perspective.

I was taught to play with light and exposure. There will be fun images because of this.

As far as portraits or photos with people in them...I do my best work when things are candid. People are most relaxed when they are not posing and it makes for gorgeous images.

Do enjoy poking around my that is what you are doing when you browse my photos!

In peace,

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Listening Hunter by Nikki Criel


Ripe for the picking by Nikki Criel


Facing the Sun by Nikki Criel


Fresh Asparagus by Nikki Criel


Wall of Water and Flowers by Nikki Criel


Standing proud by Nikki Criel


Beneath the Weeping Willow by Nikki Criel


Behind the waterfall by Nikki Criel


Always Hunting by Nikki Criel


Firework by Nikki Criel


Koren War Memorial by Nikki Criel


Through the wine glass by Nikki Criel


Fire Escape Icicles 2 by Nikki Criel


Fire escape icicles 1 by Nikki Criel


Bamboo Forest by Nikki Criel


Bike and Roll Chicago by Nikki Criel


Lily's Drum by Nikki Criel


Sunshine Perseveres by Nikki Criel


Mount Rushmore My Way by Nikki Criel


Peek a boo by Nikki Criel


Forgotten Sandcastles by Nikki Criel


Watery Footprints by Nikki Criel


Forgotten Swing by Nikki Criel


Winter Berries by Nikki Criel

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   |   Images = 44





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