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Nathan Vanderbilt

Omaha, NE - United States

Nathan Vanderbilt - Fine Artist

Nathan Vanderbilt

Member Since: 04/04/2013

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I've been drawing since the age of five. I started out drawing level and character designs for eight-bit video games. These were crude drawings, but I had fun doing them. I eventually moved on to comic book style art when my small group of peers and I started collecting comics. I mostly learned how to draw by copying my favorite comic book artists. It took some time before I felt confident enough to move on to my own designs. Eventually, I made a few comic book series of my own, the longest-running one being 'Super Cranky Old Man'. In the end, I gave up on comic books and just started drawing characters for a saga that I eventually named 'The Insignifigance Saga'. It is meant to be a movie saga someday, though I doubt Hollywood would accept an original science fiction idea with a big budget. I even went to a college that is too embarassing to name to try and learn computer animation so I could create my saga sans Hollywood. That didn't work out. For the last several years, I have drawn mostly ideas depicting scenes and characters from my magnum opus, though I have also drawn some portraits, erotica, and other miscellaneous things. I've also created a lot of abstract stuff that may or many not fit into my saga or any of the other stories I've come up with. To sum up my artistic endeavors, I am all over the place, and have drawn myriad depictions of many things. I'm not sure what I'll post on here, since I don't own the highest-quality equipment to scan my works, but I'll post anyway. Professionally, I'm a janitor. I'm not complaining (it's one of maybe a few ideal jobs for an artist, I think. No stress and whatnot), but I think it's time to move things along in my life. I'll start here and see where things go.

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Nathan Vanderbilt - Gods

Gods' Plans Gone Awry

Nathan Vanderbilt

Nathan Vanderbilt - Suicide Girl Ember

Suicide Girl Ember

Nathan Vanderbilt

Nathan Vanderbilt - Cacophonous Nightmare

Cacophonous Nightmare

Nathan Vanderbilt

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