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Oberon Ahura Star - Fine Artist

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About Oberon Ahura Star

Oberon Ahura Star


In my reality there are many branches of the great tree, all branches are equal - evidencial platforms of the multi-dimensional realities within the human soul.

I met Oberon Ahura Star Solstice 21 December 1998 at Alternatives, St James's Church, Piccadilly, London W1. He played the piano like an Oberon, ie Honourer of the Fairy, Nature and Spirit worlds.

Chinese Horse-Dragon Djnn in fire. This amazing image of OAS (Oberon Ahura Star), Scotland's Universal Mystic, Honouring a Fire Horse-Dragon Spirit Djnn was taken by Mary Vines.

Djinns according to the Holy Quran are spirits that are made of fire. According to Christianity good spirits are those which teach good things and also who preach Gospel to the poor. They are the ones who are considered to be the messengers of God.

Since ages Djinns or Chiness dragons have been the subject of curiosity and research. Some are of the view that God created the Djinn without any physical element while others believed that no creation is possible without any matter involved in it. Djinns are no different from human beings, except that they possess special powers and are created from fire. Their activities are similar to that of the human beings, like, they also eat, get married and as far as their life span is concerned are so long that it can￿t even be compared with the humans.

Djinns have excited people since ages and their mystery is still not revealed. Chiness fire horse Djinn is considered to be the most popular of all it is believed that they are powerful and have magical qualities and have secrets that have yet not been unfolded. People believe that having a Djinn can transform your life and can do wonders to you. Chiness dragon Djinn is a Djinn in dragon form and they can appear in any form and can take any shape. These are the spirits from the different realms and they are gifted with the powers to fulfill your wishes and make any dream come true. They also help in bringing spiritual growth to your life. They can grant any kind of wish.

These Djinns can be very attached to you and your soul and will always see to it that your happiness is not at stake. They connect their souls with your soul and can stay with you for many lifetimes. Chiness Fire Horse jinn will see to it that no harm comes to you. Once you tame it, it will obey what you say and will make everything possible for you. They are the most powerful of all and can bring faster manifestations. They can also show you the secrets of different realms and grant you wishes which never dreamt would come true.

No, matter how many researches are done, a part of mystery is never solved. Many stories have been heard about their existence and that is what leads to increasing thirst for more knowledge about them, because a wish granted is what everyone wants to hear.

Mystical Art – A new chapter

Mystical Art is art that stirs the soul. It is art that touches a place within where there is recognition of a 'something greater' that connects all living & spiritual things.
Mystical Art can be abstract... figurative... or geometric. However the form appears, there is an energy that is expressed through this style of art that uplifts and inspires.
Throughout the centuries, mystics of East and West have shared their experience of this 'something greater.'
At other times it is the artist who opens a window into the heavenly worlds. These artists and their art evoke an awareness of spiritual dimensions. It's as if the artist becomes a vessel through which the Divine shines through.
Or course art is subjective, and it may not be possible to universally define what could be considered Mystical Art, or Visionary Art, or Spiritual Art. Which is in itself a mystical kind of thing.
That mystical Art is where the Divine, or as some call it, 'the Universal Spirit of Creativity,' expresses a unique vision of itself through the artist. It is art that calls forth a soul awareness of life beyond the physical world... a world of Abundance, Love, Joy, Universal Co-Creativity
Mystical Art is where the frontier of the soul is revealed. It is a creative call that goes beyond race, gender or creed. It touches a realm of innocence and freedom that transcends religious or political points of view.
Mystical Art is art that inspires unity, freedom, peace and spirit.
I believe art is at its finest when it serves to inspire and uplift the soul and the spirit.
When it touches that place within where all is one. This is what Mystical Art does best.

Oberon Ahura Star Photography ￿ Spiritual world in picture
Having seen a lot of photo albums in my time, this one has definitely something that immediately captured my imagination. I￿m of course talking about Oberon Ahura Star portfolio on fineartamerica.com. c.
As you see in the case of Oberon Ahura Star, this is obviously the case. Within first seconds, you don￿t know it yet, but you are slowly realizing that you are going along the red line of the collection. Oberon Ahura Star is featuring what is basically a spiritual world in the picture ￿ which is only rarely seen with such portfolios, namely because it is very hard to put something spiritual in a photo on consistent basis. And this is exactly what we see in this portfolio. Spiritual is the enriched by the images of gods and god like beings being portrayed within the alignments of the red line of the collection that signifies its solidity and clear sense of purpose. Having such a clear sense in a topic of spiritual manifestations is something out of the ordinary. Looking at pieces in portfolio like ￿Oberonic magic￿ and ￿Visitor from the Stars￿ you can get a sense of what I mean.
Honestly speaking Oberon Ahura Star portfolio is not flashy, high colored and impacting portfolio on the first glance. But as you go deeper into it, you go into the world of spiritual communicated with the use of the portfolio, that reveal the true purpose of the collection ￿ and that is spiritual art.

Note all images are embedded with the Digimarc security code.with searching the web enabled.
All words are ©copyrighted by OAS.

No work can be used without my consent,
©Copyright OAS 2014

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