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Mayhem Mediums

Reno , NV - United States

Mayhem Mediums - Fine Artist

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About Mayhem Mediums

Welcome and thank you so much for the kudos' and enthusiasm of my artwork. It has been a lifetime passion to design and create works of art that touch the soul and peak one's sensuality.

From the time I was born and raised you could find me hiding from the daily , chores clutching a pencil and paper! I was raised on a ranch and it was chores during the day and painting at night. From job to job growing up the obsession never stopped. I have done many things from cosmetology to Realtor to Nuclear Medicine. Some things good some bad and some names changed to protect the innocent LOL

I am self taught thanxs to my aunt and cousins that would give me my first paints and brushes and canvas. I had been painting with oils and acrylics since age 12. When I am in the middle of a portrait or picture with meaning, my adrenaline flows the whole time I am creating it. And when the person I do the portrait for or the animal or scenery, cries when they look at it. I know and feel as though I did my job. :)

Every single piece of art has a story that touched my heart and a typical creation takes hundred of hours to manifest itself into its ultimate reality. I enjoy doing the same picture in many different mediums, Hence ' Mayhem Mediums' . I will do a picture in a graphite drawing for every one of my pieces that will generally take 100 hours. Then from there take it to pointillism or a pastel or a white or black charcoal or a oil or an acrylic and or a digital enhanced piece of one of my originals. Usually if I turn it to a Pointillism or pastel it will take another couple hundred hours at least.

I am honored and thank each and every one of you who proudly hang an original Helm and for those of you who haven't yet 'discovered' me, well.....come visit! Capture a piece of seduction and passion in your life - you won't regret it!

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Golden Buffalo by Mayhem Mediums


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Oliver by Mayhem Mediums


Pardner by Mayhem Mediums


Black and Blue Boots by Mayhem Mediums


Dirty Dog Dirt What dirt Hole What hole by Mayhem Mediums


Blue Boots by Mayhem Mediums


Green Boots by Mayhem Mediums


Horses by Mayhem Mediums


Fighting Horses by Mayhem Mediums


Red Diablo Horse by Mayhem Mediums


Naughty Rottie by Mayhem Mediums


Dogs by Mayhem Mediums


Copper 50 Caliber by Mayhem Mediums


Casper by Mayhem Mediums


Sambo by Mayhem Mediums


Copper and Turquoise Illuminating Cow Skull by Mayhem Mediums


Pearl Bulldog by Mayhem Mediums


Cowgirl Cadillac by Mayhem Mediums


Steer Goggles by Mayhem Mediums


Glassy Eyed by Mayhem Mediums


Electrical Longhorn by Mayhem Mediums

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   |   Images = 469





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