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Martin Andrade

Richmond, va - United States

Martin Andrade - Fine Artist

Martin Andrade

Member Since: 07/25/2013

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I am who life says I am, because life is me, you and everything around is one. I Believe we/us/me/you are within thy self, and need to wake up to further understand our self's. -martin andrade

i am nothing but another simple human, my goal is like anyone elses goal to succeed in ones life. i belive i have ,my mind is open to anyone and to everyone because i love thy self, i never had a school education to bring me to be who i am today, life i guess has done it on its own. Society will always try to judge me by my looks my talks and my walks, but who are you to judge one else when you havent begun to realize and accept who ones thy self is first!?

Thank you to everyone who is loved them selfs before loving anyone else, by doing that you have showed you are able to show love.

my name is martin andrade, i live in R.Virginia ,i am not much but always pray to be something bigger ,please help me in fullfilling this dream, today is me ,yesterday it was you ;)

if you wish to email me and ask anything be my guest please.

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Martin Andrade - Deep In My Own Mind

Deep In My Own Mind

Martin Andrade

Martin Andrade - Within Thy Self

Within Thy Self

Martin Andrade

Martin Andrade - Lifes Light

Lifes Light

Martin Andrade

Martin Andrade - New hights

New hights

Martin Andrade

Martin Andrade - Many Sides To Life

Many Sides To Life

Martin Andrade

Martin Andrade - Within the Egg Shell

Within the Egg Shell

Martin Andrade

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