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Marie Bulger

Largo, FL - United States

Marie Bulger - Fine Artist

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About Marie Bulger

I will start out by saying that Gramma Moses and I have a lot in common. Now, having gotten that out of the way, I can say that I believe I am the world's most excited artist. I has all happened so fast for me, even though it took me a lifetime to get here.

I was a business woman all my life and although, looking back on it, I did tend to enjoy decorating, paintng and anything that had to do with creative change, but I never thought of myself as artistic.

One day, standing in my laundry room with a black paint-filled paint brush in my hand (I was always painting something around the house) for some unknown reason I decided that the wall needed a tree on it. From there I painted all four walls with the four seasons. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to try my hand on canvas and thus began the latest primitive artist on FAA. You see, I have rhumatoid arthritis and I had to give up many activities, but still keep my hands busy and painting fit the bill. Don't feel sorry for me because I have never been happier. I want to paint day and night and I have found a second life. It came when needed and appreciated and I expanded my abilities. They say we never fully enjoy all we are capable of and I do believe I am proof of that in part

I then had the privilage of joining Fineartamerica with so many talented artist. After that I asked for and received membership at the 7Arts Gallery near my home. There I am involved with professionals who are so generous to me with suggestions and help.

I want to thank some people in my life who have kept me inspired by their constant encouragement about my painitng.

First, my Husband Dave who reminded me while looking at a scene I was doing that when someone is standing in the water they have water in back of them as well as in front.

My son Dave and his wife Julie who are great fans. Julie is a 'one-word' admirer, that is: 'Wow', 'Amazing', 'unbelievable', etc. and I love her 'one words'. Dave tells me he will wait until I get better before he takes a painting. He now has four up in his house.

My two extraordinary granddaughters, Nicole and Shai, who are so talented in their own right and who have two of my paintings, never stop raving about my art. and who can bring me to tears in an instant with their compliments about my art..

And .there is one more person, my dearest friend, Mary who has gone out of her way to make sure I keep painitng. Who else but a good friend would drive for an hour to see my paintings in the gallery when she has already seen them in my home.

I love you all and thank you.

And I want to thank Faa for this wonderful website for artists to spread their wings. And then a thank you to 7Arches Gallery for putting my artwork up next to people who are professionals and take my breath away with their abilities.

I will end by saying that II will never stop painting and I will never stop taking lessons and I believe I will never stop be excited. .

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