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Mariam Pare

Naperville, IL - United States








Mariam Pare

Naperville, IL - United States

Mariam Pare - Fine Artist

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My name is Mariam Pare' and I am a visual artist and painter by mouth. My paintings and other works have been exhibited internationally and are in numerous private collections. I am also a six year member of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists.

My artistic interests and subject matter are varied, ranging between traditional still lives, semi-abstract motifs, colorful landscapes, and contemporary figurative designs. I attempt to reflect my passion for painting through bold, colorful expression. My intention is to inspire the viewer with images that feed the heart and soul, instilling a sense of surreal playfulness and joy.

You may ask, how is it that I came to paint using my mouth? When I was 20 years old my life changed drastically after I sustained an injury to my spinal cord that left me a quadriplegic. At that time in my life I was going to school to be a fine artist. But after becoming disabled, I was not sure I would have the ability to ever paint again. The paralysis left me with very little fine motor function in my hands and fingers, so it wasn't until I discovered I had more control holding brushes in my mouth than with my hand, did I really start to believe I could still develop my artistic talent. It was amazing to see how much precision and steadiness I had using my mouth to draw and paint! It wasn't perfect by any means, but it was a lot easier than my hands. So I decided I would continue to develop my new found skill.

Painting by mouth was very different from what I was formerly taught to do with my hands in art classes. I taught myself through trial and error and incorporated my previous artistic knowledge and education when I could. In the long run all those challenges were worth it because being able to paint again gave me the renewed purpose in my life which I very much needed at that difficult time. Through that experience I have broadened my idea of what I thought was possible for myself. In many ways I am no longer limited by my physical capabilities, or lack there of, and have even begun to find many different ways to bring my creative ideas to life.

Now painting with my mouth is like second nature for me! Many years later I am still painting and creating art and I feel as though I have come a very long way. I am excited about what the future may bring! Art has given me so many things on so many levels. My hope is that I am able to continue to share my work with others for as long as I am able.

There are many practical reasons to buy art, but my hope is that you may experience a deeper appreciation for my artwork whenever viewed not only for its beauty but because it brings you good feelings for supporting the artistic future of a uniquely talented mouth painting artist. Thank you for supporting my artistic vision.

Please visit my website to see my current work.

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