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Liz Aya

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Liz Aya - Fine Artist

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About Liz Aya

Liz Aya has studied and practiced oil painting over the last few years. She was mentored in 2008 by two renowned art masters in drawings skills and oil painting, then studied at Dubai Community Theatre and Art Center.
“Art is a language in itself,” Liz says, “It is a challenge now to translate my thoughts into captivating and emotionally-charged paintings that bespeak different aspects of life.”
Grace, power, romance, and beauty, to name a few, define her paintings, two of which are among her favorites: “The Lady with the Umbrella” and “Splendor in Youth”. She tackled these portraits with a thrill of delight and passion, and most importantly the belief that the minutest brushstroke makes a difference in achieving the exact likeness when painting a portrait. “Each individual is unique,” she asserts, “I am grateful for the Creator who shaped us with great precision, otherwise we would all look the same and consequently lose our identity.”
Liz admires the 17th century works of Jan Vermeer, who is renowned for his uncannily realistic paintings like “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, 19th century works of Vincent Van Gogh known for his frenzied animation and rolling energy like “The Starry Night” and the impressionist movement of Claude Monet depicted in “The Waterlily Pond.'
Group Exhibition: The Gallery of Light, Dubai, 2013

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A Portrait of Milana by Liz Aya


Endless Wonder by Liz Aya


Splendor in Youth by Liz Aya


The Lady with the Umbrella by Liz Aya


Graceful by Liz Aya


The Powerful Gaze by Liz Aya


Purity by Liz Aya


The Mexican Barn by Liz Aya


The Reading Hour by Liz Aya


The Japanese Garden by Liz Aya


Antiques by Liz Aya


The Rose by Liz Aya

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