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Lisa Nadler

Kaukauna, WI - United States








Lisa Nadler

Kaukauna, WI - United States

Lisa Nadler - Fine Artist

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About Lisa Nadler

Hello, my name is Lisa Nadler! I am a self-taught artist, having sold several sketches/paintings in the past, some prints of which will not be seen here as I was not always in the habit of scanning my art. And a few which will never be seen again due to a sad mishap which destroyed 9 years of sketches. Right now I am 25 years old and I have loved and pursued art much of my life, from sketched portraits and pen illustrations to acrylic/oil painting and leather work. My latest quest is the fine small-detailed art involved with ATC(Artist Trading Card) art. Keep an eye out for more of those in the near future!

God has been generous in His gifts in my life, and that includes a loving husband, our adorable little girl, Maggie, and a new baby on the way! My passions? Family, horses, wildlife, cooking, and of course... art! Although my art has slowed for the moment, due to motherhood, pregnancy and helping to finish the inside of our newly built home, I am eager to provide more art for sale very soon!

Thank you for stopping by, drop in again sometime, I'll put a proper biography in here someday! In the meantime, see more of my art at

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Graceful Leena by Lisa Nadler


My Girl Maggie by Lisa Nadler


Silver Shadow by Lisa Nadler


Neptune by Lisa Nadler


Snow Queen by Lisa Nadler


Fairytale by Lisa Nadler


Coloring Page 2 by Lisa Nadler


Coloring Page 1 by Lisa Nadler


Coloring Page 3 by Lisa Nadler


Protected by Lisa Nadler


Whispering Touch by Lisa Nadler


Swift by Lisa Nadler


Warrioress by Lisa Nadler


After the Hunt by Lisa Nadler


The Impossible Dream by Lisa Nadler


The Captain by Lisa Nadler


Resting on the Sabbath by Lisa Nadler


Alert by Lisa Nadler


I See You by Lisa Nadler


Daisy and Nutmeg by Lisa Nadler


Brothers by Lisa Nadler


Lady's Man by Lisa Nadler


Graduation by Lisa Nadler

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