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Lil Taylor

Lithia, FL - United States

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I'm proud to say my painting 'Tu Can Toucan' was on the cover of a wonderful ex-pat magazine called 'Oasis' in Cairo, Egypt. They do fantastic work and the magazine is gorgeous. I hope to work with them in the future but I know they have kindly agreed to do a page or so on me and my art in the September 2015 issue. I'm so excited and look forward to working with such great people!

This is the link:

Also, many of my paintings are inspired by photographs taken by my friend, Larry Handal who I've known for a long time. His link is:

Ever since I was a small girl, I have always loved, nature - felt a part of the beauty and order which surrounds us everyday. The intricacies of colors in nature astounded me. I remember a starling that had been shot and I found alive back when I would nurse animals back to health. Starlings are known as ugly birds but as I looked at it in the sunlight, I was amazed with the myriad of colors reflected back at me. Blues, purples, reds all invaded my senses and truly opened my eyes to the beauty in everything our world had to offer, if we just looked hard enough.

When I went to college, I learned my skill as a writer and studied Journalism but got away from that. However, even when I was little, I was always drawing, sketching and coloring animals, especially horses since all girls love horses but I loved the musculature and flow of proportion, the intricacy. Much later, I decided to try my hand at acrylics and painted wall murals from landscapes to fantasy/cartoon figures. Then, about 7 or 8 years ago, I decided acrylics were too easy and I wanted to challenge myself. I took a watercolor class but I hate to say it, the results were just too tepid for me. I stopped for a while and started watching Terry Madden's watercolor classes on PBS and that's when the inspiration hit. I started painting and after working on 'Serenity' (which took me 5 times), I felt like I was energized. I also took a watercolor workshop in Jacksonville, FL over a weekend. After that, the sky was the limit. I knew I had to take what I had learned from the tepid class and the workshop and paint MY way. Bold, brash colors dominate my works and I love nature scenes. It's pretty easy to know one of my paintings when you see it because It will be 'in your face'. If you love bright, strong expressionistic art and extreme contrasts in your paintings, my watercolors are for you. I find the strongest pigments possible and there are times I use it like acrylics with actual textures so I don't water it all the way out. My painting doesn't follow the rules and I'm proud of that. I want to be different and I've learned it's best to follow my own heart without worrying about what others think.

Paint on!!!


Lil Taylor

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After the Rain by Lil Taylor


Dogwood in Spring Colors by Lil Taylor


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The Swallowtail and the Pagoda by Lil Taylor


Tu Can Toucan by Lil Taylor


Tulip Explosion by Lil Taylor


Holding On to Summer SOLD by Lil Taylor


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Through My Eyes by Lil Taylor


Fall Magnolia by Lil Taylor


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Duck Glide by Lil Taylor


Behind the Grasses by Lil Taylor


Bad Hair Day by Lil Taylor


Spoon Dance SOLD by Lil Taylor


Night Flamingo by Lil Taylor


Two Pelicans by Lil Taylor


Left Alone by Lil Taylor


Calm Waters by Lil Taylor


Windswept Reflections SOLD by Lil Taylor


Florida Sailing by Lil Taylor


Memories of the Beach by Lil Taylor


Memories of Clearwater by Lil Taylor


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Dogwoods in Pink by Lil Taylor


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Old Red Barn by Lil Taylor


Color Your Wagon by Lil Taylor


Hunter in the Marsh by Lil Taylor


Blue Abstract in Flight by Lil Taylor


Picture Window by Lil Taylor


Gentle Sandhills by Lil Taylor


Red Lily by Lil Taylor


Blackbird in a Tree by Lil Taylor

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