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Lauren Hunter

Port Townsend, WA - United States








Lauren Hunter

Port Townsend, WA - United States

Lauren Hunter - Fine Artist

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About Lauren Hunter

Five years ago, I began to really explore the art of photography. Creativity and design
feel very natural to me, so the process of composition was a captivating way for me to
express myself. I learned to look at the world differently. To be comfortable with asymmetry
and explore the odd angles and perspectives that are overlooked. It becomes a lyrical concert for the eye that never ends!

I particularly love the art of the minimalist, although my camera takes me to many places and design styles, I have learned to focus on things I love the most. The creativity of nature, the accidental, random handiwork of man, the amazing array of processing that can take one photo into extraordinary realms. These are all part of the fascination photography holds for me. This is what fuels the passion to continue to go beyond my own expectations.

Photographs captivate. They are markers of our memories and emotions reminders of lives lived. Transformations, barely perceptible, occur everyday. Photograph those moments and time stands still - a sort of immortality. Life is a legacy of change that makes the world fluid, not static and it creates a wonderful medium called photography.

Currently residing in Port Townsend, Washington with my artist husband and love of my life, Newel Hunter. We spend part of the year in this beautiful, Victorian seaport town and the rest living off the grid in the wilds of Montana. We love to travel and adventure. I have a special passion for France - I can never get it out of my soul. I enjoy the art of writing and poetry - It awakens me in the night with stories.

My life influences and mirrors my photographic point of view, which is quirky, earthy and full of beautiful and oddball perspectives that are unique to me. I hope you enjoy the photographic journey through my eyes!
Please feel free to contact me with inquiries. Contact information below...

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