Kris Mercer - Fine Artist

Kris Mercer

Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire - United Kingdom








Kris Mercer

Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire - United Kingdom

Kris Mercer - Fine Artist

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About Kris Mercer

My paintings evolve and are not necessarily completed with the same concept with which they were started.
I paint in different styles.

The paintings that I produce may be representational, others more abstract An inspiration from the colours, textures and shapes, or a feeling experienced by the nature of turning an imagined image into a painting.

I work from what is around me, where I have been, snippets of conversation I hear. Emotions that are tumbling around with the thoughts that fight their way into my consciousness are all amalgamated into the work.

Is it abstract or is it representational ?
The title may give a vague clue as to the specific location that the painting derived from. Sometimes though it is a fleeting memory of a moment in time, a sentence spoken by a stranger or maybe even, a poem written by myself.

Photography on the other hand is very much a personal reflection of the places I have visited and my love of animals, nature and macro.
(Photography can be found here.

I have used the name Kris since my school days.
In the early days it was used without the surname as a pseudonym for writings and poetry.
It gave me a touch of anonymity.

Later when signing paintings or poetic works it became amalgamated with the initials CM.
This is still in use today for paintings, poetry and photography.

It also came in handy when doing distance photographic work as the clients presumed I was a guy.
As they never met me it was never an issue.

Christine Mercer
Born in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. 1959
Educated at Sherwood Hall Technical Grammar School for girls.
Have twin daughters.
Was employed doing various clerical jobs before saving up enough money to enrol at Mansfield College of Arts.
Spent a few years in Cyprus after completing the course before returning to the UK due to ill health.
Have had one solo exhibition of paintings and had work included in various other exhibitions.
Sales of work internationally.

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